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  1. Only few Lux's affected but majority of the Prado's, let's see if anyone share the experience or this might be too late since this is i am posting after 3+ years later.
  2. Hi all, Unsure if this is something that owners of the Hilux and Prado's to be worried in Sri Lanka but thought of mentioning this since I found this official letter from Toyota about the recall on a Prado that I have traded today. looks to me recall was around 2016 for trucks fitted with a 1KD-ftv engine. I might be raising something that already discussed on AL forum (i have tried my best to find any duplicate details before post this) regards, JC
  3. john cooper

    Isuzu wizard Thoughts??

    It is your call mate, money is your everyone here try to help you or indicate potential issues you may face. Body permit issued to get Apple replaced with Apple, not lemon. good luck! regards, JC
  4. john cooper

    Isuzu wizard Thoughts??

    Is this the same model on the picture or the model after? Reason for the question, Gen 2 4JX1 is not known for problems, unlike the previous model engine. Gen 1 used the 4JG2 turbo but I am sure no intercooler as you see on bighorn's but 4JG2 is a reliable engine. Look for the steering box excessive play, rare hatch door surrounding beading condition, make sure 4WD engage (i have had 2 Bighorn's with faulty vacuum controllers) Overdrive - If the truck is an auto gear then let the engine warm up to the operating temp, Try to find a free road that you able to speed up to 70KM/H, just between 55 KM/h and 60 KM/h OD should engage as a direct drive gear. good luck with your purchase! regards, JC
  5. john cooper

    Kia Stonic offerred by Kia Motors Lanka

    My old PJ IO wasn't happy at all with 91 octanes, it is ok with 95 and with 98 it is much happier (but I am not as it's expensive) In my understanding engine manufacturers design the engines to the worldwide market now where it was bit different back then. My RX450h (2GR-FXE D4 type engine) takes any patrol from 87 octanes onwards and I usually fillup using regular 91's and 95 some time, engine adjust to the fuel automatically and EUC adjust the setting to avoid any knocking. Sales staff give you a lot of bull when they try to sell the car, always worth check what's on the manual. regards, JC
  6. john cooper

    Isuzu bighorn VS Hilux surf

    Post a pic when you have your new ride. regards, JC
  7. john cooper

    Isuzu bighorn VS Hilux surf

    To it's as below. Part time - you do get the option to run as 2WD and you need to select a switch or a lever to engage all 4 wheels + some comes with a separate transfer box and set of gears for low range. Full time - all the wheels ready to get the power when it detects a slip or losing grip, you may get a lever or a switch to change between low range gears and an optional switch to lock the C.Diff or the rare and/or front diff. Below link explains more about this Question about A-trac = I am not sure so will wait for someone else to shed lights about that.
  8. john cooper

    Isuzu bighorn VS Hilux surf

    Mine actually came with front nudge bar but i have crashed into a concrete fence soon after purchase the truck, so it was a bit expensive to find and later I have replaced the front bumper with MCC bull bar. If I am not mistaken mine is Outdoor Sport or something, came with Toyota Conlight, adjustable shocks (soft, normal, hard) guess this is a Limited feature from SSR-G and rare view mirror mounted compass unit.
  9. john cooper

    Japanese Car News

    Hmm about 54k + 15% tax + freight so it probably starts from 60k in that case. If this is a limited production then I am sure it's worth investing.
  10. john cooper

    Isuzu bighorn VS Hilux surf

    Honestly, SSR-V's bit hard to find here since it's lower trim level and you might be correct on that. This is my actual truck prior to mods and the gear stick of my truck This particular truck is SSR-X Limited trim. I wasn't aware lockable diff was an option attached with the trim level
  11. john cooper

    Japanese Car News

    This is very good news for all the NZ AWD car lovers. not sure the price yet but maybe it's worth investing on a one. https://www.driven.co.nz/reviews/previews/revealed-four-wheel-drive-toyota-gr-yaris-hot-hatch-confirmed-for-nz-market/
  12. john cooper

    Isuzu bighorn VS Hilux surf

    I have had few of them from both the model here in NZ and used Surf for a reasonable period as my off-road truck here. My mate had a Bighorn back in SL which we use to drive around and it's a Gen 1 when it comes to the spare parts it was near impossible to find them so I guess Gen 1 out of your list anyway. Gen 2 Bighorn bit sluggish compared to Gen 3 Surf regardless of manual or auto. I would recommend the Surf over Bighorn due to below reasons based on 3rd Gen diesel surf KZN185, 1. It's Toyota 2. Plenty of off-road mods available for Surf compared to Bighorn 3. Lockable centre diff 4. Surf is little cheaper on gas Isuzu engine's on Bighorn's shared with Isuzu commercial trucks (ELF, NKR, NPR) so they have a mode for heavy-duty but KZ shared with the light-duty lorry or van (Hiace or Dyna) but KZ's not bad as I have seen some of them done near 400k KM's before any major works. KZ's does have own issues especially the head problem but later models it was resolved by adding slightly larger exhaust valves but never heard such an issue from Isuzu engines. Turbo issue is common for both so I would say you look after them they look after you. Good Luck and please share a snap once you have your new truck with you. regards, JC
  13. john cooper

    40-,56-,251- number hilux surfs

    Not really! Had few diesel 130's and 185's, ride quality is way better on 185's I am sure 130's are not the coil-over at the front. Tranny is a massive improvement from A340E (on 130's) and A343F (on 180's) if you into off-roading you will appreciate the lockable centre diff on 180's At the end of the 96 180's received the 1kz TE top mount intercooler engine which is much gruntier than the previous 1KZ-TE's but looks to me it just an option as I have seen lots of 98's without IC engine. (i might be wrong here) 130 never fitted with airbags where 180's fitted with airbags and ABS since the 1st production in 1995 regards, JC
  14. john cooper

    40-,56-,251- number hilux surfs

    I go with the chaise number KZN130, KZN185 or RZN for Patrol I am not sure if I have seen much of 2.7 vvti's but heaps of 3.4 quad cam, whatever it is they are good trucks for daily use and weekend campings.
  15. john cooper

    40-,56-,251- number hilux surfs

    Recently I have seen a post on FB for an emperor assembled Hilux Surf KZN185 asking 6.5mil they are good trucks.