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  1. Fast compact car

    Hi dantoddd, Are you talking about about Sri Lanka city or another country? coz i am not sure you can do fast driving in Sri lanka cites, specially in colombo. Get a Prius, you get the power mode to do fast when you can. regards JC
  2. Hello NFC, I have no experience with a defender (It's so expensive here), i had few PRADO's (LJ78, KZJ95,120 and KZJ150) and still using a 150 face lift as a daily drive. compared to the pajero vs prado it's way better build quality in prado. 4M40/41 sound bit of a canter lorry compared to 1KZ-TE or 1KD. 1 KZ you need to change the T belt every 150,000KM but 4M40/41 timming chain but still need replace every 250,000KM. PRADO no known issues also had no issues with Pajero too. Put a turbo timer so you can avoid a risk of blown turbo which is a big cost to replace. Do the correct service with correct parts for 1KZ and you get a good life with it. Prado would be the best out of all 3 but others may have different ideas. regards JC
  3. Pajero ( mahattaya model)

    Hello Sam3449 Pajero V5x series (AKA Mahaththaya model) share the same characters from V46 model AKA inter cooler with a face lift + and added safety (dual SRS airbag, 4 ABS) use the same 4M40 Mitsubishi 2835CC engine in diesel model and 3500 CC patrol engine. Fuel figures should be same as V46 I am not sure if you could find a well maintained one but good luck. regards JC
  4. 32- isuzu trooper

    Hello Chand Welcome to AL, Trooper AKA Bighorn they are nice trucks, I am not sure if still able to find a decent truck below 2.5mil???? May be if you referring to UBS55. As per my knowledge if you are referring to UBS69 model with 32- number i am sure all of them should have a body permit as they manufactured from 1991 onward so they should start with 61- or 64- plate. One of my mate had a UBS55 Trooper (Previous owner transplant a flat roof) to make it as a Bighorn also put a bighorn kit including Recaro seats and interior. Which is fine as this is still with original chassis. I have seen another truck same body fitted to a same model chassis. I can't see anything wrong with that as no one could prove that's a new body or old body being repaired and repainted. They are good solid trucks 4JB1 intercool turbo engine has lots of power yet economical as your C90. Good luck with your hunt. regards JC
  5. Fuel station strike

    Still the good old neutral gear to use at extreme situations.
  6. Heard previous Govt press pause for this, any one aware about this? Still need to sorted for wife. Let's not to worry about lands, how about vehicles if it's under your name and you loose the citizenship in SL? regards JC
  7. Toyota BJ 40

    Hello Jeevs, Have you got your budget ready? How much you willing to spend? Lots of demand for 4WD vehicles in SL. regards JC
  8. Best sedan below 2.8 Million

    I think still you can go for Corolla 121 which is a decent car and come with toyota reliability. How about that?
  9. What suits my need

    Need some help to source the top glove box lock, It's next to impossible to find a good one. Wreckers asking $$$ for the lock and the lid. Brothers in AUS please do let me if you could find a one for me. Here in NZ it is bit hard and most of the models fitted with an passenger airbag making it even harder to find. regards JC
  10. What suits my need

    41, i think still a good deal coz this is what i was looking
  11. What suits my need

    It is, We have checked few trucks to find the correct.
  12. What suits my need

    Here you go..... Hood line Driver side door card
  13. What suits my need

    Hi All, Finally manage to get what i was looking for, https://i.imgsafe.org/eea1c9e0a1.jpg 2005 LN166R in most original condition with full Toyota service history. regards JC
  14. Where to buy Plastigauge..?

    Try ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Plastigauge-precision-bearing-clearance-Gauge-Auto-Motorcycle-engines-kit-car-/300895468211 regards JC
  15. What a neat work hats off to the tech. Very hard to see such a neat work in SL