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  1. john cooper

    Land Cruiser 100/105 worth the money?

    Hi all, I like the idea of using this as "touring vehicle" rather a off road, you will see lots of off roading in SL now out of control, every single town got a 4WD club and killing the mother nature and handful of nature lovers battling to keep the nature as it should while enjoying 4WD. I am sure not all the 100's came with height adjustable suspension as kmeeg pointed above, my understanding VX grade added with the air suspension, i don't think any of the B/N imports fitted with this option. In my idea don't worry too much about the fuel if you interested about the truck, only 4L different for 100km when compared to LC Prado 1KD engine. Unsure if you looking for auto or manual, if you looking for AUTO try find a truck with A442F (5 speed) tranny instead A343F (4 speed) This trucks made to last so they hold the value, i have seen few that had crossed half a mil mark but still sounds like a old clock. good luck with your hunt but be careful as it's gamble to find a good truck in SL with genuine Km's regards JC
  2. john cooper

    Carina gt engine

    Good luck finding a 4AGE black top in SL - I don't think you will see much luck out here, so start searching at shops. regards, JC
  3. john cooper


    They have not made for comfort, if you decide to use for family, they are small van's design to carry goods. My mate in SL use few for his business, had a chance to drive one of them. For a VAN they handle well and 1.5 or 1.6 engine give enough power. Gearbox is bit funny as they CVT and my mate already replaced the tranny on one of them. A/C was very good A pillar annoyed my visibility. Sound proof was pretty bad. My mate claimed 12LM/L outstation For the price you pay it is a good business vehicle but not sure if they are good for family use. regards JC
  4. When you ask "What's better" in terms of what?
  5. john cooper

    small japan car with good fuel economy

    Would recommend you to go for 1.3 if you do lots of outstation travel, bigger the engine less stress. Lots of city driving 1000cc makes a small different. regards JC
  6. john cooper

    Suzuki Escudo Computer Box needed

    Hello, I am in NZ and this is one of the famous model in here, I do have a Grand Vitara (J20A engine) shorty as my club truck. I'll give a try find the part with my club contact or local wreckers. regards JC
  7. john cooper

    Buying A Nissan X-Trail

    I was wrong on T30 CVT, T30 wasen't made with a CVT box, they introduced CVT with T31 model, hats off to iRage. regards JC
  8. john cooper

    townace cr27 251 vs hiace 56

    you can turbo charge pretty much "any engine" I have seen turbo charged Indian ALTO in SL - pretty impressed with that. Adding a turbo kit doesn't mean you have done everything, most of the cases piston's design to handle the pressure and the rest (rod, pin's, crank ect) including the cooling system. If you really need turbo, recommend you to change complete "kit" engine + cooling system or a possible AL thread "My CR27 overheating after engine swap or My hiace overheat/ possible crack head) "Do it properly or stay away" regards, JC
  9. john cooper

    Buying A Nissan X-Trail

    T30 started in 2000 as the 1st gen, up to 2003 they fitted with conventional auto box, then they start using CVT. Nissan CVT boxes are common in faults (even if you maintain them with recommended specs) would recommend to stay away from them. lots of plastic so check for cracks or damage, cloth trim pretty cheap quality so check for rips, i have seen few with dislocated seats cushions. chain driven QR20 or QR25 engine, look for chain noise at idle, expensive to replace if it kaput. if you checking the 4WD model X-trail, take time to test them on a loose ground (don't forget to check "lock") As a soft off road car X-Trail is far better than the other model in it's class so you were in the correct choice. Good luck! JC
  10. john cooper

    Honda C90

    Finding a good one is a hard part, Good one hardly for sale. I had a C90 Black meter as a A to B back in 2000 and my dad got that for me from a seaman who hardly in the country to use and paid 40k. unsure the price mate but guess they won't be that expensive. I can tell one thing, they are the best reliable thing that i have ever had after Nokia 3310 good luck with your hunt. post us some pics if you found a good one. regards JC
  11. john cooper

    Nissan FB 14 Car Shutting down issue while driving

    This indicate "check engine" so in my idea for fuel pressure issue won't indicate the check engine light on FB14, as they won't be fitted with a fuel pressure sensor (i might be wrong) This car need a "proper" scan by a "proper" scan tool with experienced tech not a bas who is doing the garage for last 40 years. without correct facts it is no point to go around different areas or come to conclusions. regards JC
  12. john cooper

    Nissan FB 14 Car Shutting down issue while driving

    Run with scanner attached.
  13. john cooper

    Nissan FB 14 Car Shutting down issue while driving

    Recommend to test with a scanner - would be good to drive while the scanner plugged in, don't think this is an issue related to fuel as you can let it run on "P" with no issues. regards, JC
  14. john cooper

    Suzuki Escudo Computer Box needed

    Give me the car specs, Model of the engine? Auto or manual? Diesel or patrol? I can give a try to source from here. regards, JC
  15. Hi All, I was doing bit of home works about wheels for my new Suzuki Vitara "Suzi" found the below site and i am sure it is really useful, if you thinking of changing the wheels from original to aftermarket http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp regards JC