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  1. Hello Upeksha, You will be looking at G16A engine which is very reliable, love to rev engine. I had couple of Zuk's and current X 90 got the same motor with AUTO trans. Fuel is about 12km per/ L Not much different with auto and manual. Parts, i am sure body parts going to be bit of an issue as they are 20 - 30 years old cars, specially it is not that common in SL, engine parts some may interchangeable but still you may might not have lots of room to play. They are very capable off road vehicles, you could do lots of mods to make it even more capable if you doing some serious stuff. regards, JC
  2. I can see lots of discussion about Forester, I have picked up my very 1st Subaru and it's a 2015 Forester XT Premium, done high km. I had many many cars over the years and never had something like this, i mean it handles like go cart and very nippy. Can i convince someone to buy a Subi 😝😜 everyf4 unsure how many original Vitz RS's in SL (My auntie got a one) i had a one and sold it not long ago, stiffer suspension, 1NZ FE 1500cc engine, not the best with the CVT but can't complain, less body roll and good steering respond but bad turning circle. regards, JC
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Yes doesn't make any sense but that's how it's works if you try use the correct process to import a quad bike.
  4. A few years back I was in the hunt to import a one for our land. We have checked with SL customs for import duties and for some reason they wanted to charge under motor car category 😝😜 Later I found plenty of Jap import 50cc - 125cc's available in Kurunegala but they weren't fit to our purpose which we need 4WD due to the soft sand in the land. I have seen a few 4WD ATV's at some off-road events, I wondered they paid the full custom duties or landed differently. RMV got no issues with the registrations as you can't use them to go to Handiye Kade, I mean you can just to show off but it's a no brainier thing. What they should have done, class them as land vehicles and let people import them not for fun but real use. We ended up buying a 4WD Kubota small tractor, it is slower but can't complain. :-) regards, JC
  5. I am thinking of holding on to the future classics.
  6. Ado by how many inches? For sure it's going to be a bumpy ride in SL, I know you like that anyway 😄
  7. This week we start replacing worn bushes (All of the front bushes) and replacing ALL the fluids including a new thermostat to the B16A2 Found the Black and polished silver Advanti 15" for $300 including rubbers (good deal) Next task is to repaint the car waiting for all the other mechanical works to be completed soon so I can send the car to the paint shop. regards, JC
  8. I am sure that's a turbo fitted in SL. I don't think it is as much as fun as a Glanza V coz the glass roof is so heavy. Anyway Sera is another model to hold onto.
  9. Gen1 Honda Beat's and Daihatsu Copen they all in the same class as AZ-1. If i am not mistaken Jay Leno had done a video about his AZ-1 How many Toyota Sera's in SL, i don't think many??? regards, JC
  10. I do have a Suzuki X90 which is one of Clarkson's most ugliest vehicle and only few surviving at the moment. S13's and S14's already off the budget and as you said it is near impossible to find unmodified car.
  11. Yes mate, same model, G201 chassis I have only got the photo's now 😞 On the 2nd photo we were changing the engine mounts (They had a common issue of failing the front engine mount)
  12. Plenty BZ-G Levin's with black tops, BZ touring Corolla wagons I have had a Alex Z and a RUNX Z with 2ZZ coupled with 6 speed and again they are not hard to find NX coupe, really?? Noway of finding a AZ1 and prince for Toyota Sera already gone over 10k I do have a Colt Ralliart but it's a Plus. lol Cultus Turbo's also very hard to find. I use to own a Daihatsu Detomaso and now they are very hard come by. regards, JC
  13. I found a E30 same as your's on the phone, i mean it is the same car but with chrome bumper model, done 270k and need a bottom end replacement as it's noisy. owner asking 5k let's see. :-) regards, JC
  14. Last owner (Lady owner) replaced the factory Bilstein's with KYB due to the cost but let's see how things get unfold.
  15. Yes you are correct, i am in NZ. Colin was the winner, unable to access any stock 555 Subi anywhere below 20k
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