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  1. john cooper

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Hello mate, Interesting project! I grow up with them since i was a kid and inherited the 1957 MM convertible which is our family pride. Good to see someone is doing a MM project. PM me the parts you looking, i might be able to shed some light. regards, JC
  2. john cooper

    mini pajero or jimny

    Hello simpleman, It is going to be the Jimny! Reason why, it's 1.3cc where mini pajero 1.1 or 660cc Solid front and rare axle where Pajero with front CV's Jimny, great power to weight ratio. G13A engine is common (Swift, Chev Cruze) so parts are common Body parts easy to source for Jimny compared to Paj mini as the same body style continued for 20 years. Lastly, my personnel guarantee, had few and they like mountain goats when it comes to 4WD Happy hunting, regards, JC.
  3. john cooper

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Good choice mate! unsure what's wrong with BS's in SL?
  4. john cooper

    Ugliest/ cool car.

    Took the X90 to the beach run and can't complain about the performance with a road tyers. Lots of people were interested in this wired looking ride.😁
  5. john cooper

    Ugliest/ cool car.

    Plan is to keep this as stock. (wheel set is after market)
  6. john cooper

    Ugliest/ cool car.

    I do agree with you, this is a complete failure for Suzuki, Low range gearbox with road tyres won't go together and a targa top 😂
  7. john cooper

    Ugliest/ cool car.

    Hi all, Thought of sharing this with you guys, I just manage to secure one of the ugliest cars (as per Clarkson) Share the same platform from Vitara and use the same 4WD drive gears. Production ended in 2 years as the sale didn't go well. soon it's going to become a collector's item (my guess), I am going to use this for promotions & beach runs as it's catching lots of eye's (maybe because it's cool, wired looking or ugly) Going to take him to the beach this weekend and going to have some fun.
  8. john cooper

    High pressure washing of engine bay ok or not?

    Change the power steering fluid, change coolant and change windscreen washer fluid on regular intervals (when was the last time you change this?) you will get more out of them but still climate play a major role and deteriorate the plastic which you can't avoid. regards JC
  9. john cooper

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Ado, congratulations!! i can see you still holding the old Lancy, will put a evo kit into that??? Rish able to find a kit for that aye. 😀
  10. john cooper

    Charging battery while connected to the car

    Guys, I took the risk and plugged the charger for 2 hours and that was enough to start the car luckily. No effect to any electronics 😊 Thank you for all your valuable information. regards, Sheran.
  11. john cooper

    Charging battery while connected to the car

    Davy, I have parked this out side my garage and access to the front of the car bit narrow and the car inside the garage parked to the forward facing. jump leads about 2-3 meters i guess but they were not enough length to reach out to the other car at the back 😥 i am sure i should be able to locate the output of the charger to see it is with in the safer range. regards JC
  12. john cooper

    Charging battery while connected to the car

    I am worried about resetting all the settings (not the clock or radio stations) but the values related to throttle (fitted with a aftermarket throttle controller) and car is chipped so worried about those. regards JC
  13. Gents, I am in a situation that the jump cables not long enough to jump start or no jump pack to borrow, but i do have a battery charger. Do you think it is safe to charge the battery while terminals connected to the car? Car model: MK5 VW Jetta TDI regards JC
  14. john cooper

    DSG Gearbox

    Yes it is TDI model CBA engine. It is DSG, 4 Motion. Simply DSG box is a manual gearbox controlled electronically. You are correct, later i found this is normal for the TDI range due to higher low end torque and i found the electronic system smart enough to sense the throttle and the load when starting from a hill, so the it start from 1st gear and love the down shift as you get gear control as you drive a manual gear. Heard the Hyundai start using DSG recently. regards JC
  15. john cooper

    DSG Gearbox

    Thank you for the update kush, My experience with DSG pretty good, for last 5 year i had trouble free motoring with my 06 Jetta TDI i have done close to 100k Always serviced the DSG box on every 40k (Long runs) recommend 30k if you do lot of short runs. I have gone to Tiguan and i was wondering why the GSD always starting from 2nd gear instead of 1st gear so i was searching on forums and AL, then i found there is no tread on AL about GSD box. regards, Sheran