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  1. Pajero Computer body

    I got to know this from a well known car dealership owner back in SL who happened to be the person to call with that name at 1st because it was looks like his Son's new computer. regards JC
  2. Pajero Computer body

    This is epic, if you ask the manufacturer about computer body i am sure they replies "We never made a one call computer body" or "Palath saba" I am sure pmanu referring to V3x series (possibly V31) f**k s*ake, if you look at from the side of 1992 Pajero you will see the a look of the monitor as the high roof start from 2nd raw seats onwards so for SL grease monkeys computer is = monitor so they start calling this computer body. Check the below link for the correct computer + body https://ibb.co/k4aJrn
  3. Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    AWD - function use as a safety feature in my opinion and it's works really well, Safety come last in the list for most of the SL motorist. Last time when i was at SL few said to me about the seat belt law and they were pissed about that, they only follow that because of the law not because of the safety. How much your life worth? most of you struggle to think of a number. So don't worry about the extra liter of fuel that you burn for safety. Any money you spending for safety is an investment. regards JC
  4. Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    Turn the traction control off, if stability won't go off turn that off too, but don't quote me on this if something serious happen
  5. Transmission fluid level at cold position

    Hello Ted My gut feeling this won't blow any seals in your tranny, but i would go back to the place the oil change done and get them to remove the oil. Ask them to remove and give it back to you as you may need to top up the oil regards, JC
  6. Current influx of cars and point of saturation

    All the systems in SL need a good review from "top to bottom" - but i don't think this will ever happen. If the vehicle is not road worth then they should be off from the road this is the system most of the countries use unlike the "Eco test" you check the engine performance but don't give a s**t about the reset of the car. ie Don't check if seat belt lock work brake performance on all 4 wheels. Some argue what happen to the classic cars - if you maintain them up to the standard then you have no issues yo can keep it. This "System" need a change regards JC
  7. Steering Wheel Too Tight

    121 with the EPS, so worth checking the EPS motor and rack itself, it should be one or the other.
  8. Importing a Quad bike to SL

    No, but i heard last week Cabinet paper for quad bike import to SL to improve the tourism, unsure if this is to do with the Bajaj 4 wheeler Any one got any update? regards JC
  9. Suzuki SX-4/IST vs Mazda Demio

    Agree with Crosswind on this and if you could find the 4x4 model that would be a added bonus for better traction.
  10. This explain a lot about build quality, my fidget spinner ball bearing lasted longer than this.
  11. Defender 90/110

    Have a search on AL forum, i bet you will find plenty of discussion about "model's and pro's & con's" Price: Depend what you happy to pay, it's your money, have a search on AL classified Be aware: Please check the CR with RMV before make any move. regards JC
  12. Toyota passo vibration problem

    If your car had no fault with electronics please read the answer given by @Davy at the top of this tread regards JC
  13. What aqua does with this button?

    Get google translator app into your mobile and just move your mobile camera over the words that you wanted to translate, simple as that. regards JC
  14. Speedometer Glass restoration

    DIY at it's best, good job mate.
  15. Suzuki swift ZC11S engine misfire

    Good to see your car back to normal, happy and safe motoring. regards JC