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  1. john cooper

    Shipping internationally 1950 fiat car

    A few years back we were trying to get out 1955 MM tourer from SL to Japan. Since my brother doing export to SL getting the shipping sorted wasn't the case. I am sure Trico agreed to take it from SL. We went to Import/ Export controller to gain the permit and it was a BIG no. So I guess this is still a no. Do let me if any changes as we keen to take the car back to Japan. regards, JC.
  2. Sorry mate, I wasn't aware that it is that expensive to get extra 500cc regards, JC
  3. Hello Izza, How about getting an RS model, instead of chowing extra money into 1.0CC. You get more power, enhanced suspensions to handle the low profile tyers. regards, JC
  4. john cooper

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV : 2013-2015

    Thank you for your reply kush. We are not into Honda so CRV is not an option. We looked at the RAV4 hybrid (Launched month ago in NZ) that model uses the same engine as the camry and it's overpriced too. Outlander only had a few facelifts but the price is attractive and we get 5 years warranty regards, JC
  5. john cooper

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV : 2013-2015

    Hi all, I am really sorry to take an old thread again! My wife thinking of changing the Camry Hybrid to a Outlander PHEV and i would like to see your experience with that since it's new to NZ but i am sure it is not that new to Sri Lanka. Camry gave us "0" issues for the last 3 years and it has done 150k now. Please share your experience with Outlander PHEV about the reliability, things we should aware, any tips or tricks regards, JC
  6. john cooper

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    When you do DIY safety is 1st as I haven't noticed anything related to safety above list. - Disposable rubber gloves - Safety glasses - Some plasters or FirstAid box - fire extinguisher (Better be prepared) My favorites: - Cordless impact wrench (love it) - Mini cordless drill - Laptop or a IPAD with internet (without youtube video to explain how we all lost) especially when I removed the 4JG2 alternator sure I looked at the same video 15 times. Most important, "beer" Hope you like my list or at least the last on the list :-)
  7. john cooper

    SUV's : Old vs New (Montero-Montero Sport--Land Cruiser)

    Mine is a B/N purchased here in NZ just before Toyota planted the 1GD engine. mine has done high k's (close to 200k) but full-service history. I am the 2nd owner prior to me this use to be a company car done long runs (about 40k annual) This was fitted with a catch can when I bought (stop clogging EGR and manifold) I have installed the remap kit and I have done about 50k and never missed the beat. DYNO test indicates about 500Nm at 2000rpm and I am happy about that, as per the manufacturer this is safe to push about 550NM but I am ok what I have got. Pre 2012 1KD's having the injector issue which caused some of the engines to fail so advise to change injector seals every 40k. regards, JC
  8. john cooper

    SUV's : Old vs New (Montero-Montero Sport--Land Cruiser)

    150 with 5L ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ With the 1KD i have remapped the ECU get power to pull the trailer. unsure which Japanese engineer decided to plant 5L into the 150.
  9. john cooper

    Toyota Gorilla....:)

    Early 2000's that's the only car we could afford to drive as A/L students. 5 of us did a trip to Katharagama and back with RS 1000 diesel (with out A/C) and still little left in the tank. For the 6 years, my mate had no issues except replacing the engine. regards, JC
  10. john cooper

    Toyota Gorilla....:)

    This reminds me of a mechanic who said about Isuzu เถœเทเถธเท’เถซเท“ (where he was referring to Isuzu Gemini) regards, JC
  11. john cooper

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Hello mate, Interesting project! I grow up with them since i was a kid and inherited the 1957 MM convertible which is our family pride. Good to see someone is doing a MM project. PM me the parts you looking, i might be able to shed some light. regards, JC
  12. john cooper

    mini pajero or jimny

    Hello simpleman, It is going to be the Jimny! Reason why, it's 1.3cc where mini pajero 1.1 or 660cc Solid front and rare axle where Pajero with front CV's Jimny, great power to weight ratio. G13A engine is common (Swift, Chev Cruze) so parts are common Body parts easy to source for Jimny compared to Paj mini as the same body style continued for 20 years. Lastly, my personnel guarantee, had few and they like mountain goats when it comes to 4WD Happy hunting, regards, JC.
  13. john cooper

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    Good choice mate! unsure what's wrong with BS's in SL?
  14. john cooper

    Ugliest/ cool car.

    Took the X90 to the beach run and can't complain about the performance with a road tyers. Lots of people were interested in this wired looking ride.๐Ÿ˜
  15. john cooper

    Ugliest/ cool car.

    Plan is to keep this as stock. (wheel set is after market)