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  1. Smiley

    Bmw 316 1980

    Hey Dude... First of all its nice to hear that you love BMW's... But if you love them so much, why would you want to buy BMW with a Corona Engine...??? The whole point of buying and loving a BMW is lost right there... its not only the good looks, but its also about the power, performance and superior technology. Secondly it doesnt matter if the vehicle is a 19 - XXXX or a english number... I bought a E30 316i which is a 16-XXXX and it does great on fuel, its trouble free and most importantly its a comfortable and safe drive... I would never go back to a Jap car ever again The most important thing about buying a car is being patient my friend, coz you get only one chance and you need to make the right choice when you do... You really dont want to end up with a crappy car that sits in your garage or in a mechanics shed... Trust me you will regret your choice and it'll be too late, coz it wont be easy to part with it. It took me nearly 6-8 months to find the right BMW for me (Im no rich kid, I had to save up and find a car that suited my micro budget ), but now im enjoying the outcome of my sacrifice, coz Im driving my dream car and I have no issues to deal with. Ask yourself the question why is this guy selling a BMW for 500k??? Would you, if it was your car... Also try to find out who maintained the car, the number of owners and it's mileage... when buying a Euro car, its always good to know its history... I really do hope you make the right choice, coz eventually it is your call so all the best mate, hope you find the right car at the right time.
  2. Smiley

    Bmw Owners Clubs In Sri Lanka ?

    Any space for a ever dependable E30 ?
  3. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Ahhh... I see I know what you mean, Im good with faces, really bad with names.. I most probably will remember you if I see you machan... lol
  4. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Yes Devinda... I had the priviledge of donning both Jersey's... how did you figure it out it was me???
  5. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Yup he does have a E36 318i, but I'm not sure if he resides in Mattakkuliya. Milroy checked it up last week... no repairs except the windscreen washer jet motor had to be replaced... The baby is in excellent condition! Milroy claims the odometer is not working coz the wheels are probably cracked, and that the parts are not available anymore :( Is it connected through a cable, coz Milroy said this model isnt... ??? Its a freaking headache and I want to get it sorted out as soon as possible.
  6. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Saw a couple on eBay machan, was wondering if it was reliable??? Any places in SL?
  7. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Sorry Machan the cam cable was busted, found a replacement and uploaded some pics... Please post your comments/suggestions. Im going to Milroy for a check up on Monday eve so I need a couple of clarifications from you EXPERTS out there before I meet up with him... 1. My Odometer and Trip Odometer isnt working I suspect its the fuses, but the guy who sold it to me insists its the cable. If so, would it be costly to repair it? 2. Seems to be a leak in the silencer pipe, i hear a slight humming noise coming from near the rear left wheel. Should I consult Milroy or a regular Silencer Repair shop? 3. Windscreen washer jets are not functioning, is it due to age? Is it costly to replace? 4. Rear BMW emblem is slightly faded? Any place I can buy one and what would be the rough cost for it? I really appreciate your help on this issues... I'm a poor boy trying to maintain my dream car. It would be great if I know the costs involved so that I can prepare myself and prioritize accordingly... Thanks in advance.
  8. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Hey GTAm... My ride has been maintained by Milroy since the day it was imported to SL. Im taking it for a check up next week, coz there are a few faults which I need to iron out... I think the silence has a small leak, plus I was hoping to get the engine tuned up, coz it revs a bit too much when the car is on idle. Also do any of you guys have a Fuse Box diagram for the E30 316i model? If you do please share it with me... [email protected] Tx! One last thing... Please give me a heads up on the costing for a Tune up and service...
  9. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    http://e30world.com/ This is a brilliant site...
  10. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Hey man... do you know the color and number of the vehicle your friend was using?
  11. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Hey MiniAce, Thanks for the quick pointers bro! The car has been maintained by Milroy right throughout, so I guess I'll be taking my baby to him. I do need some advice regarding the following things though: 1. What type of Fuel do you pump for ur E30 316i? 95octane or 90octane? 2. How and when should I get the car serviced? 3. Is there any specific coolants, oils that I should use? 4. Any tips to improve fuel consumption on a E30? Once again I'm grateful to all you guys who shared their experiences and knowledge on this topic... Please keep posting
  12. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Hey Dude!!! Thanks a million for the info... The ride I picked up is in mint condition, and is an awesome drive! I've been a BMW fan all my life, and funnily the E30 is the first car that got me hooked up on BMW's... Never thought I'd end up buying one... at least not right now! And its so great to hear from people who know the real truth about these magnificent cars, most Sri Lankan's dont see past their shabby Jap cars. There are a few minor things that I do wanna replace in the car, for example the emblem on the vehicle boot is a bit faded and the the front shell has a teeny weeny crack on it... Is it possible for you point me towards a shop that I can buy these things or should I consult the ever famous BMW mechanic from Kelaniya? I will post a couple of pics next week
  13. Smiley

    Bmw E30 316i 1989 Model - Maintainence And Care Tips

    Thanks Machan, and No.. its not the one advertised on AL!
  14. Hi Guys, I'm a proud owner of a classic BMW E30 316i. Would appreciate it if you guys could share your experience with this model and any maintainence and care tips that would be helpful in keeping this baby in good condition. Thanks!