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  1. NeroX

    Japanese Car News

    They seem to have gone with the 'Rocky' brand for the daihatsu. Both Raize & Rocky higher grades seem to sport a 7 inch TFT instrument cluster also. This will definitely sell like hot cakes here. Next Vezel invasion is coming. The era of the crossovers 🤑🤑 https://www.daihatsu.co.jp/lineup/rocky/04_interior.htm https://toyota.jp/raize/
  2. NeroX

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    I'm guessing because you don't get the same fuel consumption as opposed to the standard stingray. Given the turbo & it's extra torque you end up using it most of the time lowering your fc. That's mostly because ppl who bought this didn't buy it for it's intended purpose but rather hoped they get the same fc from a more performance oriented model. Sadly it's not a rebadged vezel RS with the same internals like any other grade. Plus the added fear of maintaining a turbo & engine wear pushing ppl away from this. A good chance for anyone looking for a kei performance model not a cheap as xxxt fuel miser.
  3. NeroX

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    Performance wise Stingray is much better. Easy to maneuver with lots of torque in the lower rev range to easily overtake when needed. Its got almost similar power output from its 0.66 L engine compared to the 1.0L unit in the Vitz (64PS vs 69PS), while torque is much better & available at a lower rev range (92Nm @ 4300rpm vs 98Nm @ 3000). Given its 100+kg lighter than the Vitz it'll feel much more nimbler to drive. Also this better power-to-weight ratio is also causing it to have better fuel consumption. Maintenance wise I'd say both are similar given the CVT drive-train. Standard maintenance is enough for both. If you buy this car brand-new/recon & don't intend to keep for 10+ years I'd say the hybrid battery is a non-issue. Plus even if it comes to that given its a mild-hybrid having a smaller battery compared to a fully blown hybrid can get a recon one for around 100k. There's plenty of expertise locally given the sheer volume hence no reason to be fearful as sometime back. Interior space wise stingray is actually more spacious than a vitz (interior length 2450mm vs 1915mm) but what you sacrifice is rear boot-space. Comfort wise not a massive difference but the vitz will have an edge given that stingray has a bit more smaller, stiffer setup with low weight. Unless you travel in really bad roads it won't be noticeable. Looks wise the Stingray falls in the Kei category whereas the Yaris is a traditional hatchback. Compared to a standard stingray the Turbo model has more road presence given its 15 inch wheels with diamond cut alloys. There will be lot of peer pressure calling out the Vitz a step up model given it looking larger outside but this can be quite misleading. In terms of bells & whistles the stingray T would have more features given its the top-end model. Features such as x8 air bags standard, cruise control, lane departure warning, radar collision warning/brake, auto stop/start, heads-up display, LED headlights/fog lamps/DRL etc, 4-way camera & top spec Harmon nav unit speakers with Android Auto/Apple Carplay. Landing all these options on the vitz is a bit tricky as these are mostly individual options you pick. Eg the standard Jewela doesn't have the stop/start system its a add on package. So is the bi-beam LED pack. Unless the car you pick had included these options you'd miss one or two here & there. Cost also naturally goes up considerably when these options are included. End of the day you really can't go wrong with any of these cars just that you need to decide which is more important. If lower TCO (Total cost of ownership), driving pleasure, fuel economy & tech gadgetry is what you prioritize go for the stingray. If you're looking for a comfortable hatchback with the known reliability & resale value of a Toyota badge go for the Vitz but you'll be paying north of 1Mn+ compared to the stingray.
  4. NeroX

    Ist 1.3 Vs Fit Ge6

    No experience with the IST but GE6 I can recommend without a doubt. Very spacious car in the hatchback segment. Drove it for more than 2 years over 40k never had any complaints. The 1.3 VTEC engine was thrifty yet good enough to push when you needed to. Typical Honda DNA. Comfort wise really good compared to some other vehicles I've driven. Economy wise did 14-17 km/l under mixed driving conditions. Try to find a well maintained specimen. Especially check if the CVT transmission serviced regularly with oil changes every 40k or less. Didn't experience any oil burning issue.
  5. NeroX

    Fiat Grande Punto or Peugeot 308

    True enough. Just be weary it may have repairs taking you upto the normal selling price. Dnt assume a 308 owner to be tht dumb
  6. NeroX

    Fiat Grande Punto or Peugeot 308

    Hope you're referring to below, There's actually not much of the above brought down to the country. But believe almost all of these cars came with MT & 1.9 diesel tc. Haven't driven one but ppl say the clutch is a bit on the heavy side. Should ride much better than a punto n looks classy as well. Also given it's a manual hopefully no dualogic pains for you. Fc should be good as well. Hard part is convincing a current owner to part with one. Dnt think they'd do for the amount you're suggesting. These were originally quoted for 9mn. Dnt know anyone personally but knw there's one car being used by the original guys who brought down these babies. Beige colour model that is. Also another grey daily driven exists belonging to one medical professional. Sadly haven't seen a dark green model yet.
  7. NeroX

    Fiat Grande Punto or Peugeot 308

    If low running costs are what you're after a diesel grande punto would be the better option. These cars are well depreciated by now hence won't be loosing much in 2-3 years. Only problem being due to the low price may not have been maintained properly. Most are hacked to death with cheap parts & labour. Find a good specimen & you should be sorted. May not to do great in bumper to bumper traffic but mixed driving conditions will give you good 15-18km/l.
  8. NeroX

    WagonR Stingray X vs T

    Turbo model in mixed driving conditions does 19km/l. But you have to drive with a moderate foot. The usual RPM<2,000, no sudden breaking, good use of stop/start system etc. Pulling power is adequate. Always available on tap. No need to press any 'S' button or gear change. Also even in 'D' mode you can downshift with the paddle-shifter. Also in my opinion the T looks slightly better than the X model with its diamond-cut alloys. Tyre size is one up at 15" compared to 14" for the X grade. Safety is also better than X with Side & Curtain Airbags.
  9. NeroX

    Fiat Grande Punto 2008 AirCon Issue

    Best bet is to check the part number in your car. Failing which check here, http://eper.fiatforum.com/ Last time i checked the 99rpm part numbers were quite different from the italian-made cars available here.
  10. http://www.ft.lk/business/Light-Rail-project-to-kick-off-in-December-2018/34-643868 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colombo_Monorail https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colombo_Light_Rail
  11. @matroska I don't think the whole owning a car mindset can ever be shaken off Sri Lankan mindset. I've seen migrated Sri Lankans having like 3-4 cars in one family rather than using the much better public transportation available over there. The majority of Sri Lankans start with the dream of owning your own car with the first job you get into. Then once you get the money you'd think of getting your wife a car to take the kids around, then buy the first car for your kid when he turns 18 etc etc.. My dad had it & I might do it even albeit a bit differently. Actually there's nothing wrong with that mindset as it drives you to work hard, be happy when you've accomplished it, have some pride showing it off etc etc. Heck just look around & see the number of car owning clubs this country has. People do take pride in owning vehicles here & as long as they do it responsibly I'd say it shouldn't bother anybody. Asking people not to buy cars because you can't put your own car to the road is the kind of privileged thinking we need to get rid of in this country. No wonder the majority is thinking like this as it is the same sentiment echoed by some of our appointed leaders in public. The funny thing is until you buy your car this same group of people are on the other side but as soon as they've got theirs they put down everyone else who comes after! Rather than discuss why so many cars are on the road, what we should discuss is why there's so much traffic. The most visible or surface level cause people assign blame is importation of too many cars. Rather if you dig deep the real root cause is majority of daily commuters to city centers start driving themselves to work. This puts more cars on the road during specific time slots of the day. If we can reduce this & remove reasons for people to flock to certain places we could easily control this. Just putting more buses with A/C etc & asking people to leave their cars is not going to solve the issue also. Whats needed rather is higher capacity networks such as trains, subways, trams etc developed having access to larger # of areas in a city. Problem doing that in a city like colombo is the existing infrastructure is so unplanned any development activity will have to shoulder huge costs in terms of reclamation, demolition, alternate route development etc. The more feasible option for an economy such as ours is to do things like, Move/Spread out high traffic operations outside of city limits -> Already some good work happened in the past like fish market moving out/establishing sethsiripaya/sowsiripaya (gov offices)/plans to move out manning market etc. Need to analyze data on spread of people coming in for work in major cities & continue these kind of improvement work. Planned cities in developed countries have separate business districts/shopping districts/recreational districts etc. with dedicated transport modes/routes. Manage Access time to the city -> Welcome change in this regard by moving school start time to 7:30am. Need to do more by segregating businesses & have staggered start times. Can banks or groceries etc.. start at a different time slot? Or even government can encourage work-from-home for applicable industries by giving tax benefits to employers who clock more such hours. Create more shared work spaces with video conferencing, remote access facilities etc at strategic locations for companies to bring in people only when needed. More Frequent Shuttle Services with Multiple routes in the city -> The rise of U*er/P*ckM* service increase the number of small cars, three wheelers etc doing their runarounds in the city. It is a known fact that majority of small car owners & three wheel driver travel daily to city center like colombo etc as they have much more business than the suburbs they come from sometimes 30-40 kms away. Rather if the government had a proper shuttle kind of bus service available every 5-10 mins with min cost with right facilities (A/C, wifi etc) 15 cars driving 15 people can be replaced by one bus. With the right technology & teams behind to manage these buses can have arrival/departure times visible for commuters accessible on their smart phone/displays on bus halts etc. One huge attraction for buying these small cars for people nowadays is the good money they make by running it on these services part time. I may not be favoured by many for saying this but the unless controlled this will skyrocket into something else. Already this companies are making big money & more parties are showing interest to enter the market. Meaning more people who ideally keeping their cars on the road are insentivized to drive them to work All in all if the right thinking & leadership is present we can change the situation drastically by thinking on the above lines. If at least one person of influence read this & step up to make a change we all can enjoy a much better lanka. I'm a full on proponent of car ownership & only advocate the proper management of the system which ensures that right for generations to come.
  12. NeroX

    Fiat Grande Punto 2008 AirCon Issue

    Yes the part is sourced from denso. Didn't come across any matching models available locally though. Its a sensor type early model & most of the Japs ones of the era are clutch type. You could modify a clutch type Jap comp by putting in some matching brackets & modifying the pipes but wouldn't recommend as that might effect your engine pulling power & economy. Try to buy from a local shop cause if something goes wrong you could get it replaced or refunded. eBay has that but you have to pay return shipping. Go for it if you can find one for dirt cheap & know someone to carry it through. Saves almost 2/3rds the cost on shipping & clearance.
  13. NeroX

    Fiat Grande Punto 2008 AirCon Issue

    Recon comp would cost around 20-30k. Stock might be available. Check with the usual places. If not eBay or hand carry through someone. If it's a recon he has replaced with good it has run this long.
  14. NeroX

    Fiat Grande Punto 2008 AirCon Issue

    The radiator fan doesn't engage with the ac switched on like in most Japs. It'll come on when the heatload increases beyond a certain point. If the fan activates when you race the car that means nothing wrong with it. Most probably your compressor is bust. Will have to replace it. When was the last time you serviced or replaced it? Could be that it's reached it's end. It's very hard to diagnose electrically if it's gone or not. If you do come around to removing it, check if their are silver metal particles coming out when you purge some air into the compressor. If a clear liquid/oil only is coming out could mean it's something to do with the sensor. Still replacing the sensor would cost almost half of what a whole recon compressor would cost. Safer bet to replace the whole comp esp if you can't get the sensor refunded in case it's not the issue.
  15. NeroX

    Real-life fuel economy of WagonR?

    MH55S Stingray Turbo -> Mixed Driving (50/50 urban/non-urban) -> Avg 19 kmpl Full tank 2 Full tank method.