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  1. Fornasari is an Italian Brand and Italians are famous for their Automotive Styling im not really happy with the tender either and i agree with Supra & Nexus on their comments The tender for me looked like an love child of a Ferrari & a Porsche Cayenne but boys have a look at their Other Projects like the Thor and the GIGI 311 GT i loved the GT design with the 0 / 100 in 3.5Sec it looks very authentic old school GT car it reminds me of the Old DB5 my all time Fav. car for me the GIGI is an stunner and The Thor has a lot of potential as a quick deployment vehicle for the Military 0 / 100 in 3.8 Sec thats awesome if you are in a hot zone have a look at the Design & spec's and if you ask me i will Def. buy the GIGI & the Thor GIGI 311 GT http://www.fornasaricars.com/index.php?a=auto&id=9#gallery AstroBionix Thor http://www.fornasaricars.com/index.php?a=bionix
  2. TENDER Extremely elegant, with a yachting style, Fornasari Tender is designed to be a unique car. The use of materials such as the solid teak and the finest genuine leather underline the exclusivity of this vehicle, ideal for people who want to stand for class and charme. The heart consists of the latest generation of engines by General Motors as reviewed by Fornasari in the U.S. The car is available in different motorizations, from 500 to 750hp, 6.2 or 7.0 liters 8V cylinders. Recently Fornasari introduced also a new 3.0 liters Turbo Diesel V6 – 250hp. The gearbox is a 6-speed manual or automatic. The traction is integral all wheels drive (AWD): 2WD traction can be requested too. Power gets transmitted to the wheels in three different ways: by a central viscous joint 38/62, standard 40/60, or with reduced gears. Standard rims and tires are 20”, but customers can choose from 16” (races) up to 23”. PERSONALIZATION Customization is a must. No colour range is taken for reference. Both interior and exterior views are determined according to the clients’ taste. The most exclusive and even the most eccentric materials find their right place. INTERIORInteriors are inspired by the luxury yachts style: the use of wood, leather and aluminum creates a classic and prestigious atmosphere inside the car. The hand-wrought aluminum, the seats and dashboard’s seams, the carpet in pure wool are some exclusive details which only an hand-made car may have. FRAMEThe car’s skeleton consists of a special steel piping chassis in molybdenum-chrome that means a real space-frame in a 4-5 users’ model adaptation. More than 450 pipelines go across in order to obtain stiffness and torsion capability with a weight of less than 150 kg. The suspension triangles are equal on the four sides and allow the perfect control of the geometrical work. The suspensions travel of 240 mm has been studied so as not to affect or change in any extent the geometrical configuration, as it had been set. ENGINESThe heart consists of the latest generation of engines by General Motors’ as reviewed by Fornasari in the U.S. The result is a light but reliable complex all built in aluminium. Sparing of consumption, in compliance with law about gas emissions puts no limits to power exploitation, which comes to be underlined by great values of torque. DIMENSIONSLength / Width / Height: 440Cm / 206Cm / 167Cm Wheelbase: 300Cm Weight: 1650Kg Seating: 5 PERFORMANCEMax speed (self): 280KM/H Acceleration 0-100Km/h: 3.8 sec Km time trial: 23 sec
  3. now after becoming a grease monkey for a while i have ventured into the field of automobile diagnostic's using the computer ... i learned the basic's quickly but the problem is when it says about the errors of the sensors it gives a certain number and i have no clue of where some sensors are in some car models ... and i have no clear idea on the original values of the sensors which are adjustable .. i asked few people and ended up clueless i know some of you guys are pro's of this so any idea on how to get my hands on the layout maps of the sensors of car models as wel as the original values of the adjustable sensors i heard there is a software called alldata or something like that in the market for sale where when you type the sensor number displayed in the computer it shows you where the sensor is located and what are the recommended replacements ..?? any idea on such software's ... kindly appreciate your professional expertise as earliest thanks in advance cheers
  4. BLu3HaZe yes machang all the options which came with the RB engine specific to the Skyline which made it stand out from the crowd was dropped cos the 2J couldn't support it that included the 4 wheel drive system ... the gauges like the G meter .. and the skyline now became a real wheel drive drifter we are based in the sultanate of oman which is between UAE and yeman still not sure on which path we are going to take with the Silvia cos the client never came up with a number that he wanted to put down to build the drifter this is what comes to my mind as the Spec. list for my buddy Complete motor set/clip EVERYTHING: - engine - tranny - shifter - full harness - tranny harness - ECU - ignitor - CAS - Oxygen Sensor - Intercooler - Intercooler Piping - bov - vaccume lines - SR radiator or custom upper hose - KA harness - Heater hose - Turbo manifold - Turbo - wastegate - down pipe - intercooler and brackets - intercooler piping - bov - fuel pump / regulator - engine management - oil lines - misc vaccmues lines - couplers and t-bolt clamps If we are going to a 2J swap I would do something like this I did some homework online and came up with this setup so any one who Actually did such a swap is welcomed to share his or her comments Engine: 2JZGTE Turbo and parts: Precision GT35R and Synapse external wastegate: Gearbox: 5 Speed 1JZGTE R154 from 1993y JDM Toyota Supra MA70 with 1JZ: Clutch kit: Spec Stage 3+ clutch kit + DW lightweight flywheel: suspension and wheels Eibach springs and 18x8.5" and 18x9.5" Gold Work VS-XX Wheels Add on's Apexi Super Ground System, Apexi N1 Exhaust, Injen Shortram intake, limited slip differential I'm not a pro turner nor a mechanic to recommend such work im also doing a lot of homework online and asking fellow car lover on how to do this right so I would really appreciate what kind of suggestions you guys have on doing such a job and what path you will take if you were in my shoes so please feel free to drop your comments so I can talk with my friends and the crew and see if it's going to fit our budget P.S here are some pic's of our tune up shop the garage is not so far from here
  5. BLu3HaZe machang the main reason we took out the RB engine and dropped the 2J was maintenance because over here skyline was the forbidden fruit you can say because there was a to import by the Gov. due to some reason i dont know it was one sort after exotic by the locals so what came down here stayed here and the bann on conversions meant even thought that bann on importing was lifted after a while you couldn't bring cars and register them most of the skylines here ran on Dubai plates and local mechanics due to the lack of speciments never knew on how to properly take care of a RB engine so swaps were done al the time to avoid the headake of travelling up and down to dubai for minor tuneups and given the circumstances the 2J is much more rugged and will withstand abuse than the RB series so people preferred it over the RB series the main reason for us was lack of knowledge on how to properly take care of a RB so that pushed us to do the swap to a 2J yes it is a 240SX and no we are not going to put the old RB of the GTR into the silvia we are just going to rebuild the engine from ground up by trying to be as original as we can be no crossbreeding here we are trying to keep it light as possible and to do some grt professional work cos we have plans on competing in the dubai autodrome soon and we have found some good technicians(one srilankan in specific) who is good with the RB as wel as the K series engine the bugger worked in hongkong before coming here a hidden GEM now working for us so keep you guys posted on what happens ....
  6. BRAVO .. would love to see the HKS godzilla buddy ... never seen one yet .. so what are the MOD's done by HKS ...??
  7. Supra/VVTI I totally agree with you mates what he did was wrong no dought about that and I stand by you guys all the way when it comes to that that’s the fact and you cannot runway from that nor I'll ever try to white wash the guilty party as mistakes done by some kids. They did it wrong and they had to pay for it you are right BTW : Supra if it wasn't for the coconut tree it would have been a far worse tragedy than it already has been the people are very lucky in that house what im trying to highlight is the way people interpret it when you say it wrong As responsible members of the AL we shouldn't make the poor dood who already lost his life look even bad by spreading rumors and giving false judgments because he used his dads Benz and smashed it and got himself killed if you smashed into a coconut tree in that speed in a CIVIC the results would be the same but much worse because he is a rich kid that doesn't mean he should have a bulls eye painted on his back so critics can blast him left and right by saying spoiled brats im not rich and im not from a rich family but this is the way i see it when you read the whole tread where Some people make this a punch line to use against the guys who are rich in a very filthy way hitting under the belt for a mistake one individual did .... the guys dad was a rich person who could afford a 30 MIL car and who didn't mind what his son did with it .. if I had a Benz when I was that age I would always taken it out to show off cos I can afford it and its his right and none of our business to talk about it … Imagine if a normal dood like you and me did the same thing in a normal Honda CIVIC with a beat silencer that can wake up the whole village what the reaction would be over here people would say a ricer who is a wannabe racer screwed up big time and not this much of heat would be generated in this topic What im trying to say is some they say the truth but the way they say is very bad and without knowing the person personally giving out wrong judgments about his personality because he is out of our leauge is unacceptable
  8. BLu3HaZe - yes machang we did the GTR 33 Supra Engine swap & its in dubai these days getting fitted with a turbo kit theres a potential buyer for that car and he wanted it modded up a lil bit more with twin turbo rather than the single turbo we had deffa will keep you posted on the improvements ... making the order list these days and planning on how far we are going to go with this this time .... thinking of not to send it to dubai for the serious MOD's this time around cos we have some mechanics in hand in town to do the needful at our place MrCat - first of all the silvia we have is a LHD so first you need to convert it to a RHD before you think of bringing it to SL and on importing to SL i have no clue about that cos i have never tried it we bring down what we need from California, USA theres no restrictions on bringing down old cars to the middle east from anywhere from the world the only thing is if its a RHD you need to convert it to a LHD before bringing but thats in very special cases .... for the normal bloke its banned to run conversions from 2000 i guess im not sure when the rule came to effect cos then i was not here i was doing my O/L's in SL ... a very strict inspection and a shakedown is given to every car when its imported before it ever get registered in the local RMV .. where they check everything before they issue the annual registration permit so if its registered that means its allowed to drive no one cares on the manufacture year
  9. Read almost everything everyone wrote till i posted this and devaka I know how you feel cos even I have lost a friend on a earlier incident like such … May the departed rest in peace and the deepest condolences goes to the family who lost a loved one our thoughts are with the families There no point in crucifying someone who is already paid his price for his mistake with his life And im not trying to be a saint here by telling i'll only have 2 beers and i'll never drive if im shit drunk and someone had to lift me and drop me in the drving seat and after waking up that you cant remember shit on how you ended up far far away from home with sets of cloths which dont even belong to you but most of us we did the same run in our life's with worse conditions but fortunately luck was in our side what you should learn from this is to respect the roads the road rules and to be a lil bit more realistic, practical and conscious when you step inside a car with a drunk friend as a driver or if your overly drunk thinking of driving to a after party when you barely can see the road Hikka runs after midnight mixed with CMB club music and booze is always deadly cocktail .... but everyone who did the runs they know its one hell of a after party to be at hikka till early morning sipping some margaritas with some senioritas around you butt naked in the beach or a pool .. and any party animal will always do it again and again despite what happened to these poor chaps .. and what everyone says I guess this is not the first accident in hikka runs and deffa this won't be last if you sit at the corner of the road on a weekend or a holiday you will see the rush ... but this is one fatal accident no doughts about that ..... lucky no bystander got hurt due to this incident im not trying to become a promoter of drunk driving ... personally I dont approve it and I will never advice anyone to do so if your drunk dont drive or let someone who's not drunk to do it for you what happened, happened you cannot reverse it i guess alot of ppl who knew the departed would love to turn back time and bring back their love once back to life missing a friend who you used to booze with, a brother who used to makes you want to kill him at times when he pisses you off, a boyfriend to someone special, a son who will shout ammaaa mata badaginii at home is something you cannot buy for 25Mil SLR end of the day it’s a piece of metal made in Germany which had 4 weels on it and damn the guy would have bought everyone who is critising him a toyota corolla If he lived after a wreck like that ... life is priceless metal is worthless on a side note can't really approve some comments some people have left by trying to show the poor guys like some rich boys with a death wish guess it feels like it’s a very jealous comment made by a person who couldn't reach to the highest point in his life as he expected and is just bitching about everything he doesn't have in life grow up ppl there are lot of rural doods still falling from their standard bicycles with there mates when they are going home after they had their daily dose of kassippu ...…ending up all bruised with broken teeth
  10. in the process of becoming a grease money

  11. Working on the newest project car for an car enthusiast at the new garage premise Vehicle cost : 1500 US $ Shipping cost : 2000 US $ Model : Nissan Silvia S14 – 1996 model Engine : 2.4Ltr K series Transmission : 5 speed manual 100,000 + miles done (the clock said 112,480) Stranded US domestic version no modifications done future Plans : making a Drift car out of this from ground up
  12. much needed entertainment ... after a busy month ...
  13. did i miss something ....
  14. H3 why the hell did some one screwed up a already screwd up car ... if it was done with an H2 then its a whole dif. story
  15. :LOL supra bro you have done a grt job before the upcoming elections ... this list is like the candidates list you get at any srilankan election .. so many options to select from and one to vote ... after voting i have seen most of the ppl loves a certain person in specific .... luckyly i have voted to the same guy .... janatha kemethaaa .... i guess by looking at this we can see why MP Mr. vimal werraavansha has got so many votes in the last election ... like our own Sir Sylvester 'Sylvi' Wijesinghe with is own unique way of entertainment has fired up a voting wave for him seems he should enter politics tooo
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