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  1. Thanks a lot for the great explanation....!!!!!
  2. Hi, I have a Japanese Swift 2008 with nearly 42K Milage. No issues with the car and maintained well. I hope to sell it and move for a Hybrid Like Aqua or Fit GP5.(with fuel economy in mind) But, after reading some posts; it seems that Hybrids may not be that economical in long run. Hybrid battery issues Fuel economy is not that much, etc Can somebody enlighten me on this issue: Is it really worth ? Please help me Dear experts !!!
  3. Thanks a lot for the reply. So, it seems the 'expensive' thing is a myth. So, wheb do we need to replace this. e.g. every 20,000 KM ?
  4. Normally at services we only replace the oil filter or air filter. When do we need to replace a pentrol filter ? If so, what would be the cost ? I have heard that it is very expensive. Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. There used to be a LUCAS PREMIUM SERVICE CENTRE at No 64, Dutugamunu Street, Kohuwala. Does anyone know where it moved to ? Thanks in Advance
  6. Latest Tyre Price for 185/60 15 (Swift 2007/08 Original Tyre Size) Maxxis MS800 - 11,450/- ( Olympic Tyres, Near Red Mola , Kirulaponne) Bought a set yesterday.. and it feels better
  7. I was able to renew using the same one (before the expiry date of the emission test report|)
  8. I recently renewed my revenue licence online using the Government Site = www.srilanka.lk The facility is available only for Western Province (currently). And I think its very convenient ! Steps: 1. Go to www.srilanka.lk and register for an account. You will need an email address to register. 2. Then Log-in using the created user account; and you will see a box with heading 'eRevenueLicence'. Before you process your application online, please ensure that you have a valid Insurance Certificate and a Vehicle Emission Test Certificate from any of the supported companies listed below. Insurance Companies: Asian Alliance Insurance PLC, Am#na Tak#ful PLC, AVIVA NDB Insurance PLC, c******o Insurance PLC, HNB Assurance PLC, J********i Insurance PLC, SL I******* Corporation, Union Assurance PLC Vehicle Emission Test Companies: Clean Co Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, LAUGFS Eco Sri (Pvt) Ltd A convenience fee (Rs. 80/-) will be charged for using this service. Please click `First License` to get your first revenue license online, `Renew LicenceĀ“ to renew your existing revenue licence or click `Check StatusĀ“ to check the status of your online renewal request.
  9. What's the maxis Tyre model ? MAP-1 or MS 800 ??
  10. Hiran_j

    Tyre Prices

    Has anyone tries Maxxis MS800. ? http://www.maxxisgre...glish/MS800.php I got a quote for Rs. 11,280/- for size 185/60 R15 (Made in Taiwan). Has any of you bought it ? If so, please share your feedback . Hope someone can help me out. Thanks!
  11. Suzuki Swift Japanese (2008 or later) would be a good choice. City Fuel = 10 -- 11 KM/L Outstation > 15 KM/L There is a Swift 'Style' Variation which has distinct interior colous; which might be appealing to you. Good Luck!.
  12. Are cars good if they are JAAI certified? or it's an unreliable thing JAAI is a mandatory certificate if a vehicle is exported out of Japan. It is quite reliable unless forged It's better if you can view the 'Auction Sheet' of the car; which shows the auction grade. If auction grade is above 4 ; it's a good car with small issues (e.g. paint scratches, minor dents, etc)
  13. Yes, I once had such an issue. It dissapeared after I replaced the bearings.
  14. Swift Tyre Prices (185/60 R 15) Yokohama A-Drive(Philippines) 16,700/- Bridgstone B250 (Thailand) 12,770/- Maxxis 13,500/- & 11,000/- GT Super (Indonesia) 11,000/- AV Touring Mastercraft (USA) 13,750/- I am not keen on changing tyre size. Thus, Dunlop doesn't have this size.
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