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  1. hello!🖐️
  2. 35,000km in 6 months? Are you saying you travel about 200km a day? is this a rental car? If you know you travel that much, was it wise to choose something that big and heavy? Goes back to my very first solution of taking a threewheeler for the exceptional case where your prius can't make it. ohh well; i dont think this is something wrong with the vehicle. It's about the vehicle being the wrong choice for the type of usage
  3. The logic still applies unless you spend over 600,000 on fuel every year (50,000 a month)
  4. But you said you have a prius that does well in city traffic! Why drive the xtrail then? You could have bought an older X-trail for 1/3 the price, and used that for your matara trips. And I bet it would depreciate WAY less than the new x-trail... And Imagine, if you put the 6.0 million you saved in a FD at a 10% interest , the 600,000 interest would have paid for your whole' year's fuel spendings and not to mention the savings on your insurance premium every year! It's called being penny-wise-pound-foolish....
  5. I've been told I have the mental age of 8. There is nothing to fight about dude. Just string of illogical decisions you've been making that I (and probably others too) find hilarious...
  6. I would think the 4m41 would be a better engine than the 4m40 considering it's newer and bigger. Am I wrong to assume this?
  7. WTF!!! This is the first time i'm hearing an x-trail (or any SUV) driver comparing fuel figures with and without the aircon on. If you loose sleep over fuel wastage for having the aircon on! Seriously!??!?! If anything this is sh!t you read on a Alto group. That being said I have a perfect solution for you!!! Drive your Prius along the highway to Matara; soon after you get off the highway pull over look at your fuel consumption meter and have your mini orgasm. Then drive straight to the nearest food city. Park your car there and take a three-wheeler to your mother's house in Godagama. Repeat process in reverse when heading back home. You're welcome!
  8. Well, if you're retired I guess you dont need to worry about reliability or office commuting on a daily basis.. So if you want to just enjoy a Mercedes go for it. Clearly you aren't buying it with rupees and cents in mind (if you were you'd still be driving a toyota) Just go for it, but be aware that ownership wont be as economical as a toyota, but you'll enjoy it a LOT more than a Toyota. You probably know that the car's huge, right? Alternatively you can look at a W210 which would be a bit newer, a bit smaller and a bit cheaper to own/run. Plus i think there's more vehicle's in the market so you can be a bit picky. Good luck
  9. my dad made a custom trailer few years back to lug around camping gear on wildlife trips. basically a big box on a frame which sits on a Corolla rear axle. Yes you do need to register the trailer with the RMV; but i don't think the cops are very picky on them.
  10. Funny how the prius is your benchmark for performance. you may have caught a bit of frog in a well syndrome. if you go along that line of thought the BMW i8 must have some voodoo magic going on cos it claims over 360PS (230+130) out of a 1499cc engine. Btw your skepticism is invalid! Unlike in sri lanka where people measure engine power using their butt-dynos, manufacturers actually have standards and machinery that measure these quantitative figures.
  11. Story seems plausible but i find it funny that it happened just moments after you left the tyre shop. I'm guessing you were by your car the entire time? odd indeed. That being said you do realize that there's no "reconditioning" done of vehicles coming from japan right? And it could just as well have had an accident in japan. Only difference is that instead of a sweaty black ass sitting on your vesel seat it was a Japanese ass. or rather "new to sri lanka"
  12. Yes. If basic maintenance like checking tyre pressure isnt done you would have driven on an deflated wheel and the tyre could be ripped to shreds. If basic maintenance like making sure your lugnuts are not tight, the wheel can come off and roll away If basic maintenance like attending to a completely worn out bearing isnt done wheel and hub can come off. we can go on, but why dont you just tell us the story; it will save everyone the time and hassle of guessing
  13. I'm asking you why you sent me a PM... Did he PM anyone else too, or was it just me?
  14. Dude, No-one can tell you how the condition of this exact car is based on what you said. And next time you don't need to PM people with a question if you're going to ask the same question on the forum
  15. Now that Davy has told you the correct word/ter why do you continue to use the incorrect word?
  16. yep the preseaLover has put the Presea in the same shoes as the LR Defender and the BMW F10. Both very nice vehicles but the owners are total D-bags you just don't wanna be associated with them
  17. Your question is very generic. How trailed are you willing to be? It can range from replacing the larger components to stripping it down to the bare shell and replacing everything. On the topic, would there be concessions made for some form of 'body permit' for flood-damaged? It might make sense to buy a similar vehicle in japan, and bring in all the parts except the body shell and fit them onto your dead car. edit: makes me wonder how Tsunami vehicles were restored. And that was salt water!
  18. Some vehicles seem to have a way of doing that. The older (red) NSX, the H1 hummer, are 2 other similar cases.. it's like yeti sightings And that's an impressive number indeed, but there seem to be only about 4 or 5 which are regularly seen on the road. Anyone care to update the "skyline register" with the new additions?
  19. Dammit! I too read the entire 1st page before realizing this was an old thread! And curious to know, is the total number of Evo 9s in Sri Lanka still 5?
  20. I know it's getting less of a rarity than when this thread started, but how many R35s are running around Sri Lanka? My estimate is about 10-12?
  21. Bumping an old thread; but does anyone have any news on the R34 GTR that was imported last year? There were some photos of an R34 on a car carrier on one of the usual FB groups..
  22. Those are cars you can easily find in SL. If you're that worried about the tax bill, buy a 2nd hand car. And correct me if i'm wrong a early/mid 2014 car cant be imported (>2yrs). And even if you can, those cars have been through 2 winters worth of salt-sprayed roads. So you'll see a lot more rust on that than a car bought locally or imported from japan.
  23. I'm not currently part of this discussion, but I'm interested in knowing
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