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  1. Vitz is the most practical car in the list! Proven reliability, second hand value etc. Swift has better room inside and gxtra options comparing to vitz especially the 4 way cam etc but for some reason doesn’t look reliable as vitz. Interior is very plasticky Audi is yes looks nice, european brand etc but the most impractical rear seats! Im not sure about the fuel figures but i think it will be the hardest to sell in the list after use. Audi 2016 is pretty old too in terms of product lifecycle. Vitz will be the typical Sri lankan choice but I would go for the Swift RS.
  2. Show off A3 Practicality Premio
  3. Lets be practical as possible without the slide, glide and hyper milling. afaik GP1 does 12kmpl in cmb around 20kmpl on highway gp5 does 14-15 in colombo aqua is the best with 16-18 in colombo wagon r/ hustler- 13kmpl in colombo
  4. I dont think it will last 300,000kms. Taxi apps are a scam afaik!
  5. Obviously because its not a hybrid but a1.2 turbo.
  6. Ideal for cab service, uber, pick me etc is wagon r. gp5 has enough issues and you are looking forward to use it for next 6 years.
  7. GP5 or Honda is having alot of issues lately. Suzuki xbee is also a good option for that budget.
  8. Suzuki swift or Toyota Vitz. sure by 3 years the 1000cc tax bracket will be revised and you will be able to sell at your purchasing price.
  9. Meanwhile, any assembled or unassembled diesel motor vehicle of which cylinder capacity exceeds 2,300cc or a petrol motor vehicle of which the cylinder capacity exceeds 1,800cc or an electric vehicle of which motor power of the engine exceeds 200 kW will be liable for ‘Luxury Tax,’ which should be paid at the time of importation to the Director General of Customs. This one-time tax will not be applicable to vehicles imported by diplomatic missions and dual-purpose petrol vehicles with the cylinder capacity not exceeding 2,200cc. A tax called ‘Vehicle Entitlement Levy’ has also been slapped on every importer of motor vehicles while a ‘Carbon Tax’, as proposed in the Budget 2018, will be levied on motor vehicles based on their age and fuel type. Electric vehicles are exempt from the tax. The vehicle owner should pay the tax for every year other than for the first year of registration of the motor vehicle to the Divisional Secretary, on or before the due date of renewal of annual registration. http://www.dailymirror.lk/154182/Govt-gazettes-new-revenue-proposals?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  10. I have a feeling Honda doesn’t test their cars lately. so many recalls and bulletins recently
  11. Apparently it has a better pull. Less fuel efficient. rest the same except cruise control. if you can afford go for T coz the pull will be more rewarding since its a 660cc engine.
  12. Afaik no. There is an Android app apparently to pay your parking tickets so you dont have to walk to a machine.
  13. Did u get a parking violation ticket? if yes, every hour from the violation was sighted x Rs.60. how to pay a fine? calculate your total and get a parking ticket from those electronic machines. eg: 5 hours x Rs.60 = 300. automatically the system cancels your fine. But keep a copy of both incase something goes wrong. After 24hours, every passing day Rs.1080 per day upto 14 days. After 14days, Rs.15,000 Per month The rates are for Cars/Van category
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