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  1. Montero V6 Montero V98 what are these types ? pls... 🤔
  2. I have an idea about gls and glx packages ... If you don't mind how about 3200 and 2800 ones..
  3. What are the avalable engine capacities of montero center spare wheel model and what will economical? And what are the grades or PACKAGEs of the montero ?
  4. Dear experts Previously i have owned kia sorento 2012 model. the next I planned to buy 120 Prado , Centre spare wheel Montero(2013-2015) or 2015 sorrento. I prefer diesel vehicles and my budget is around 10 million. what are the recommendations of these three types. Furthermore when I am searching the Montero there is a v 6 model. I need to know the economical side of V6 model. Thanks to all
  5. Dear Friends, What is the highest grade of Nissan Navara.(In Toyota HILUX it was "INVINCIBLE") And what are the differences and features of both. I got to know that INVINCIBLE is not coming to Srilanka and can import from UK or USA (Correct me if i am wrong) I am interesting about Navara cz it is the only one coming under the "japanese cab". Also If some one can compare the both with price and running cost it is highly appreciate. Thanking You, CHAMAL
  7. You mean don't sell the car ? ANd keep it with me ?
  8. Dear Friends I owned 121 diesel 2002 brand new (Domestic X grade 3.0C) vehicle.I feel its time to sell it and buy a new premio.Most of the friends of mine saying its a stupid thing. My car only done 70000Km.And I buy it 4M. Experts if you don't mind please help me to select what is best to do by considering the new tariffs. CHAMALPS
  9. chamaps

    Toyota Corolla 121

    Thanks Bugatti ! for your reply..... thx lot ! CHAMAL
  10. chamaps

    Toyota Corolla 121

    Friends, I have read all the threads under corolla 121's in autolanka and got huge idea about the differences and details of 121 and its grades. And decided to buy a (1500CC) 121-G or G-Limited without worrying about the 1.Color 2.YOM 3.Auto or Manual since I am using it in MATARA 4.Srilanka registration no:(i.e.. J,H,K or other...) of the vehicle. After the above decision my friend pushed me to think about the MAZDA 3 or AXELA (jdm or export mazda one).again I'm confusing, if both (121 and Mazda) have VVTi engine.Because my main target is the fuel consumption of the vehicle rather than the budget. Experts please help me and giv comments regarding the above. thx CHAMAL
  11. chamaps

    Toyota Carina Si

    Hey Who the hell told you that the Si is better than the Ti. Si has 1800 CC and the Ti has 1500CC engine.(Petrol AT212) Carina Ti Myroad is the best market vehicle. Diesel Carina comes with model CT210. Thx
  12. Yes I' ve decided it mate.
  13. Dear Friends! According to the remote keys, the keys are coming with various ways.I mean ... * Only lock and unlock buttons *above both buttons with alarm *both buttons coming with the key (Key Head) *both buttons coming with the key tag. And also the lock function executes inside the vehicle in various ways.I mean... when we switch on the vehicle by the key 4 doors are lock when we use the brake for the first time of the journey 4 doors are lock when the vehicle coming to the speed 20-40 K mph 4 doors are lock So what is the best way to use the remote key without the alarm system.(I mean only the remote key) thx friends CHAMAL
  14. chamaps

    Toyota Premio

    Dear Friend MINIACE Not clear about the manual toggle timer.Still I am confusing of the auto timer and the normal timer.From where can I buy this one friend. normal timer - can adjust only 0-1 minutes to stop the engine. Auto timer - automatically adjust the time accordance to the revolution of the last run of the vehicle. CHAMAL
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