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  1. well if you modify and customise to your taste you can forget about ever selling it mate as no one will buy it
  2. @ Sylvi how is the temperament of the boxer and fox terrier cross? when cross breeding you need to do it carefully as some breeds are aggressive and some have genetic diseases, i would like to see their pics do you mind uploading when time permits
  3. yes things like the attempted mugging attempt is deadly serious and i hope the cops are alert to prevent any more occurences
  4. FD wont do him much good due to low interest rates but he can try trading in shares in the stock exchange and earn handsomely if he plays his cards well with that money!
  5. rman2000

    Engine Misfiring

    Well if its anew car then the chances of a breakdown in Mannar is less machan,but then again I wont rely on getting it repaired there suprised that Batticoloa does not have a good mechanic to do this,im sure DIMOS must be having some dealers there neda?
  6. You can get the Ford Laser or Mazda 323 for that budget and if your ok to spend around 8.5 you can get a Lancer CB series which is a very good car PLEASE FORGET ABOUT THE MARUTI
  7. This type of scams are common ,the chances are that if they send 100 emails there might be atleaset 2 people who will fall for it! please reply and ask that asshole why he wants to buy a car from you in SL when he is an American and based in Iraq !
  8. Well Im glad that I was not born in that stupid era it must have been like hell to live those days!
  9. Sylvi thats an interesting array of cars i think Jaffna had a lot of A40 Devons till recently when they were bought by collectors now i hear there is not many left
  10. there was another thread on this please go through it
  11. i wish you luck in your search hope you find that treasure trove
  12. still having plastic hubcaps on the bumper is poor taste in my view makes it look like a gaudy pandol!
  13. superb car mate and worth every Ruppee you spent on purchasing it,which part of Sri Lanka did you find such a classic? only think apart from the bumper job would be to fix a decent stereo set lik pioneer or jvc and the car will complete!!!
  14. Hi Guys I want to knwo the current market price of a a Lancer C12 GLX car (YOM 1985) 14 sri in good nick but AC does not work might need a service and gassing or more,whats the price for that car now
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