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  1. That's 120km per month. Why do you need to own a car, may I ask?
  2. Happened to me some time back (GP5). Had to spend a whole day in court as well later on. Never park open public spots for long now.
  3. Go for a vehicle loan instead of personal loan (lower interest, slightly) If you don't have any other liabilities, it will be possible. As maersk said, bank to which you remit your salary is the best place to ask.
  4. Won't the book be updated when it gets condemned or have the insurance company as an owner?
  5. check 12V battery as mentioned. clean the terminals first and see.
  6. FIt GP5 due to the weight might be having the best pulling out of the three that share the same engine. What you say seems normal when compared to a GP5. I think it happens when on EV mode usually. Any you can check for recalls with below link (but yours is a newer version so maybe there aren't any. http://recallsearch4.honda.co.jp/sqs/r001/R00101.do?fn=link.disp There's an FB group where you can find more owners. From what I read there were few older Grace s which had clutch issues but maybe due to maintenance issues
  7. NPP

    Ceypetco FUEL REFUND

    credit card companies charge a 2% fuel surcharge. But nowadays most banks refund it. If you pump 3000/- you would see 3060/- on your statement and later a 60/- refunded.
  8. Why not let the buyer decide if it's time to change? Give a discount for it and sell. Do people look at new tyres and assume it's "well maintained"?
  9. Where exactly do you drive? Few years ago I got 8-9kmpm in some heavy traffic and above 13-14kmpl on long drives. If you drive a lot in heavy traffic areas where you idle long times (it's getting worse), I think that figure may be normal.
  10. @kirala2 - thanks for the detailed explanation. slightly OT here, but do financial institutions here actually give better rates if we have a clean credit history? Should we negotiate hard for it and how much of a reduction can we expect from normal board rate?
  11. Free education creates a lot of graduates who think they are the best (note I said 'a lot' and not all). I came through the system and I know it to some extent. Luckily I and quite a few others realized this early so did not fall into the same category. Yes, these graduates, depending on the field have better technical knowledge but mostly it stops there. Some know only what they learnt and are not updated on new developments, do not bother about soft skills. Those who thrived and made it far excelled in those and also did their own research. Not even fraction of these jobs in the country require those top technical knowledge. Take the maintenance booklet that was published - does that even look like a professional document? Does the job complete with only giving contents and no finishing? Just an example. @gayanath IESL is a very active organization but as a percentage of total engineering graduates, how many are active with it? How many actually work in their respective field doing work using knowledge acquired by their free education? How many of them have made it long way up the ladder? And how long did it take them to get there? You need not ask for examples from others if you actually have the understanding of common corporate organization.
  12. Content aside, the words used and formatting of the document itself seems to be from a early stage student and not from a professional body. Further, instead of compiling data from websites, why not do some actual research/lab experiments for some of the points and come to a localized conclusion? Remember Mr Sylvi? His rants aside, the gent did some experiments (as far as I remember) on certain things - why not a professional body do something like that?
  13. Most three wheelers that are not running via a taxi company charge 40/- per km and are unattractive now given some nanos charge as low as 40-42/- with better safety, AC and better capacity. Some tuk companies charge as low as 30/- too. Generally people are unaware of the per km charge (in addition to tampered meters) and think if it has a meter they are charged fine. coming to the point of diverting the funds to improve public transport, it's only a section of the population that uses tuks regularly. Car owners (exc those who bought to impress the neighbor) will be willing to pay more for better quality public transport, but the majority who use these (specially trains) as low cost option will protest. But I agree this is something that must be done - charge higher and provide better service. What happened to the AC bus service by CTB and Micro? Are they still running?
  14. NPP

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Now they got traffic lights working there. They were installed and functional long time after the area was made one way etc., These accidents happened during that window.
  15. Strange you didn't find anything here. http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/7857-nissan-cefiro-uncovered/?hl=cefiro http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15765-info-regarding-nissan-cefiro-a-33-yom-2000/?hl=cefiro http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15474-corolla-121-vs-nissan-cefiro-a33/?hl=cefiro http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/11026-would-you-recomend-nissan-cefiro-as-a-day-today-car/?hl=cefiro http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/14802-which-cefiro-a33-is-better/?hl=cefiro http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/14779-2003-2005-nissan-cefiro-advice/?hl=cefiro http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/11848-nissan-cefiro-a33/?hl=cefiro http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/11263-nissan-cefiro/?hl=cefiro http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/7912-nissa-cefiro/?hl=cefiro I was interested in one recently so these do have some good information What I learnt is that it's a good car. Fuel efficiency is not so great compared to the 'popular' ones. If you are traveling a lot and can't afford the fuel cost, better look elsewhere.
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