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  1. ccm

    Soft 4Wd

    Why do not you consider Suzuki Grand Escudo which is the least costly rear wheel drive + optional 4 WD SUV. Very reliable vehicle but thirst on fuel.
  2. ccm

    What To Buy

    Yes you are correct. I also have 2003 Alto for last 4 years. No any trouble, just the routine maintenance like changing tyres, filters, .. only. Mazda carol is the same car which is manufactured by Suzuki; but it looks better dur to the front mazda shell and the rear badge. very reliable car and very easy to drive, specially to a lady..
  3. ccm

    Diy Scan Your Own Car

    Dear Crosswind, Thank you for sharing the info. I have this ELM 327 bluetooth scanner. It works with Toyota Passo with out any issue. But I tried it with Toyota Vitz and Suzuki Alto, it gets connected but not communicate with the ECU. I tried even with the paid version of the Android Torque, but no help.
  4. ccm

    What's The Fastest You Have Gone?

    Photo worth more than thousand words.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  5. ccm

    Japan Alto Fuel Consumption

    This fuel figure is correct. The Japanese Alto auto transmission car does arround 12~13 km/l. There is no much difference between city and long distance travels since this is a high revolution small engine of a small car with less inertia.
  6. ccm

    Toyota 121-Problem

    Do not be much worry on coolant product name as this is not much critical point for this region. If you add water to coolant please take care to use pure water with out any contaminants. Do not use tap water which will have chlorines and salts which will ruin your system. Toyota motor oil is made for Toyota by Mobil.
  7. ccm

    Tata Nano

    Not worth for money. Better to go for old VW beetle.
  8. ccm

    Air Bag Light On

    When you doing the steering repair, if the mechanic disassemble the connection from steering wheel and rotate it beyond the limits, this can be happened. In normal Japanese cars there is the spiral type electrical connection at the steering wheel for the air bag. This spiral can be damaged. So extra care required when carrying out repair at these components. If you connect a diagnosis kit this can be traced.
  9. ccm

    Scp 90 Vitz And Ksp 90 Vitz

    Better to go for SCP90. It is a 4 cylinder Toyota engine (2SZ/ 2NZ). The KSP90 version equipped with a 3 cylinder Daihatsu engine (KR). The 4 cylinder engine has less vibration and less noise. Better to go for 1300 model as the 1000 feels bit under power. But the price difference in Sri Lanka between two models is not so worth. The 1000 engine has special oil filter cartridge for the engine when the 1300 model has normal oil filter. Filter cartridge kit is bit expensive than the normal one.
  10. ccm

    Perodua Viva Elite

    It is better to have self judgement on this matter. When we visit to the agent they say majority of parts are Japanese and this is the Daihatsu engine. But it is not mentioned on their leaflets. Due to this doubt I searched on the site of Dai & of Peraduo and managed to find that 90% of parts made in Malasia. Do not rely on the verbal facts provided by Sri Lankan agents. It is very difficult to make this decision to by a car at this price range. Good luck!
  11. ccm

    Automatic Gearbox

    Dear Friend, Changing ATF will be a temporary solution. The possibility get the filter is not that easy under normal circumstances and that is not a normal filter, it is a strainer. Your problem can be resolved up to certain extent by using a AT treatment. But it is not recomended as it solves the problem by making the existing worn rubber parts swell. In this case there is no limit of swell can be defined. A recon gear box will be atleast 50000rs. Hence the decision up to you.
  12. ccm

    Gtr Arrives In Sri Lanka

    Today afternoon, one more GTR with same spec and colour cleared through customs..
  13. ccm

    Best Car For 9lks

    Nissan presea is a nice and good choice. there are several versions, if you buy the one with 1500cc engine, it will be same as the nissan sunny. Body parts are not so freely available. parts are not so expensive. It is a nice reliable car which is worth more than the money you spent.
  14. ccm

    Nissan Presea

    Some of the body parts difficult to find, but it is a nice reliable car. If you buy 1500cc one, the maintenance cost is very low. With the options available, it has a good value for money spent.
  15. ccm

    Worst Vehicle Insurance Company In Sri Lanka

    Hi guys, According to my experience also Uxxxx Asxxxxxxx is the worst.