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  1. Jayathu

    Happy Birthday Vvti!

    Happy birth day machan.. Have a blast.
  2. Jayathu

    Help Needed

    Done.. Best of luck with your research.
  3. Jayathu

    Open Papers - Need Your Advice

    Noticed the cameras at Narahenpita junction last night. Seemed all of them were looking at the cut over lines and not exactly at the congestion building up. Don't know if they are functional yet. But better beware.
  4. Jayathu

    Open Papers - Need Your Advice

    And recently a cop told me that with the new security cameras being installed, even for a offense such as jumping a red light, the registered owner has to appear in courts.. According to him there soon will be or already are cameras installed at Narahenpita junction and Lipton circus. I wonder how they will capture the number of the vehicle on camera in a clear enough manner, specially at nights..
  5. Jayathu

    Dialog Tv Test Transmission Of Discovery Turbo

    Don't worry machan. It is not about which channel wins, but about each channel gaining enough viewership to justify the costs and the business case. So as long as Discovery Turbo has sufficient following, it will be included.
  6. Jayathu

    Dialog Tv Test Transmission Of Discovery Turbo

    Actually, I may be able to help getting the message across to the people monitoring the feedback But we have to hurry since AFAIK Discovery Science seems the more popular choice as of now. So lets create a poll or something and pile up the comments.
  7. Jayathu

    Charitha19, Many Happy Returns Of The Day!!!

    Happy birthday machan... and hoping to get through tough times unscathed
  8. Jayathu

    Nissan Primera P11

    Well, my address is not in Colombo 7 but in an ultra modern city called Kalutara and I drive frequently along the silken road called the Galle Road. Therefore I do not have any issues with my under carriage brushing over every bump on the road. I pump about 40 litres every time which vanishes even before I leave the fuel station. But miraculously I do not need to fill up again until I reach about 350kms. Shouldn't I get some green award or something for running a car for that many kilometers on an empty tank...? and Oh yes, I have a dedicated employee to clean my engine every day due to the excessive oil leakages due to the "under compression" Well, there are some who prefer the cheap who*es while some prefer the sensual angels.
  9. Jayathu

    Nissan Primera P11

    I don't think he even did a test drive.. According to him the owner couldn't get the car out of the garage
  10. Jayathu

    Happy Birthday Devinda_z!!!

    Belated birthday wishes buddy.. Hope you had a blast to last.
  11. Jayathu

    ### Happy New Year - 2010 ###

    Best wishes for a fantastic year ahead
  12. Jayathu

    Breaking News

    Just got the news alert, Petrol prices will be reduced from tonight: 90 OCTANE is Rs.115/= 95 OCTANE is Rs.133/= Maybe the election is doing something good
  13. Jayathu

    What Docs To Check When Buying A Car ?

    It is 7 years for cars as well and applies to petrol cars above 1800CC.. 50% penalty for late payments
  14. Jayathu

    Happy Birthday Pericles!!!

    Wish you a fantastic birthday Peri. Have a wonderful time
  15. Jayathu

    Wipers Skipping, Chattering!

    THanks Ripper.. Have been having the same wiper screeching problem for the past few weeks. Seems it has been a simple DIY job after all.