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  1. There are two sheds at Kotahena. Which one is this?
  2. KIA Sorento and Hyundai Santa fe are more or less same. Both vehicles are worth buying. What ever You buy. Check the conditions and after that maintain properly. I am using a Santa Fe 2013 model and so far so good.
  3. jaga

    Civic Fd1(1.8) Vs. Fd4(1.6)

    All JDM FD1 are EPS. You may see the steering wheel sign on the dash board. Brand New imported by Stafford version FD1 is hydraulic.
  4. jaga

    Reliability of Honda Civic FD1 2007

    It is a good car. I have used a fd 1 for 5 years and had no any major issues. As Supra said , go for a well maintained car and have a good driving pleasure. Wish you all the best.
  5. jaga

    Perodua Axia is it a good car to Buy ?

    My wife one does only 11.5 km/l at moderate traffic though agent says it will improve after the first service yet to experience. Other than that it is a decent car for the price.
  6. Hi bro.

    can you give me a complete detail about the honda fd1?

    i need details about the comfort side more.how does it compares with an allion 240 or axio??

  7. jaga

    Perodua Axia

    I could do only up to 105 km/h on high way and no control after. Also it vibrates at idle.
  8. jaga

    Good Place

    no any other place.
  9. jaga

    Home Painting

    Not really faded but condition was not so bright and some mechanical damages was there at interior and some fungus on exterior(In some locations).
  10. jaga

    Home Painting

    painted my house exterior with DULUX weather sheild and interior some parts with DULUX and some parts with ROBIALAC in 2006 . Repainted in 2013.
  11. jaga

    Alternator Belt Keeps Breaking

    Check 1. condition of the pully. 2. Allignment 3 .Quality of the belt.
  12. jaga

    Inner Cv Joint And Ignition Problem

    New CV joint does not cost 10000 Rs it should be less than this amount(Japaneese). Repairing CV joints wont last . Better do a replacement.
  13. jaga

    Help Me With My Mazda Demio De3Fs 2007

    Try at Asiri motors at Panchi. May be cheaper.
  14. jaga

    Egr Valve Honda Fit Hybrid

    If the culprit is valve, You may clean it and try. If problem exists, You have to change the valve. It s bit expensive. I got my one changed at the agent(FD1) and cost me 25000 Rs. about a year a go.
  15. jaga

    Hyundai Santafe

    Does anybody know from where I could buy a floor carpet set for my Santa Fe 2014 please.