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  1. I'm attaching a pic of the vehicle. pls advice.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Yes I also thought about the price. But only thing is there is no jeep for a lesser price. only newer SUV available for lesser price is Rexton. Most of the people not recommend Rexton. Even Palathsaba Pajero is closer to 3M. I appreciate you can advice on this.
  3. Thanks for you speedy reply. I'm really sorry. I don't have a pic of engine. according to the CR its 4M40. seller said its intrecooler non turbo.
  4. Dear Friends, I'm willing to buy a Misubishi Pajero Intercooler 2800 (Non Turbo) 1995. Registration No. 64-97xx. This is a brand new model with 4M40 Engine. Is this advisable to buy? how about this model's performance? is it worth 3.5 million?