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  1. GuruG

    Mazda Service Manuals - Free Download

    I thought u said u can help us with "Russians" my bad
  2. GuruG

    Engine Overheating Mazda 323

    Dude be cool. Its normal. Unless of course the pistons didn't get stuck. Anyway it better to flush both coolant and oil(specially if discolored). Its good that you've kept your eyes open. There r few who drives till the engine gets [email protected]#$d up.
  3. GuruG

    Average Lifetime Of A Car Battery In Sri Lanka

    In recent years 2xPresident (lasted bit more than a year) 1xGlobal (Lasted abt 1.5yrs One of the chambers did not do its job right so had to discard the entire thing) 1xExide (Going on 2nd year n so far no issues - Gahapu gaman start ) Last time I checked Amaron has 3yrs warranty. 2yrs replacement n 3rd year some cash back system. Never used it but they boast that "Amron battery is having a highest cold cranking Amps" No matter how good the battery is, if u don't look after it properly it'll do the same to you. Then again it applies to everything
  4. GuruG

    Unwanted Writing By A Member Of The Forun.

    Dude must have got it all missed up. PM = Personal Massage/Private Message (Not Public Message)
  5. GuruG

    In Loving Memory Of List Member Sylvi

    OK, this is getting creepIER.
  6. GuruG

    In Loving Memory Of List Member Sylvi

    You should say "Sorry Mr. Sylvi" or he'll crush ur marbles....
  7. GuruG

    Our New Baby, Fiat Grande Punto

    Ohhh! power slide + truck + 121 = 666 (i dont feel soooo good) Congrats on ur purchase VVTi. mFoc (F = Ford, Fiat) When do we get to drag it or take it for a test drive at Mirigama?
  8. GuruG

    Window Tints-what's The Deal???

    Thanks machn for the info. Did u manage to get her number btw... AFAIK this is temp like most of the rules. 4months ago only i tinted the front shutters, invane.............
  9. GuruG

    Enviromental Polution

    Bugger me!!! we are wayyyyyyyyyy OT. Sir Sylvi has a point but is there a solution for this? Some solution that came to me mind. 1. If we can meditate and increase our mental capabilities we could use telepathy to inform the bugger infront to move or pass what ever thought we need to say. 2. Fit a horn inside of every vehicle and fit a device where u can dial the registration number of the vehicle so that the horn will be activated. 3. Replace all the horns with enjoyable music or "bana"or "pirith" for an instance. Dont worry dear Sir Sylvi I know your value. What do u rekon we should do to prevent this issue? *Hope you forgive me if u locate any spelling or grammer mistakes in my post.
  10. GuruG

    Non Original Alloys!

    Its just luck mate. Unless if you r planing to buy a well known brand like Oz, bbs etc. IMHO lighter the better. 14" - 15" with high profile sound more practical on our roads. Dont forget to do the math if your changing the stock rim size. Click HERE to calculate
  11. GuruG

    In Loving Memory Of List Member Sylvi

    @ VVTI LOFL :grinning-smiley-007: Oii! u made every1 at the office stare at me. Tried soooo hard to controll it but Me just burst out laughing. Ha haaa good one bro EPIC. Cant quote dunno y? U guys r in sooo much trouble. Wait till Mr. Wijeysinghe sees this thread....
  12. GuruG

    Topgear - Season 14

    U lucky bugger.... ur getting paid for watchin movies. LOL I only get 2 download....
  13. GuruG

    Toyota Mark 2 Grande

  14. GuruG

    Most Powerful Japanese Car Under 1600cc

    OK now y is my name displayed here??? Is it another plan of Bugs to put me in trouble! We should be talking about stock not modified.