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  1. Hi, you must get a second opinion before starting this kind of complex repair,. just show the vehicle to a suitably qualified + experienced tech,. and you might get pleasantly surprised. cheers, TT.
  2. You may check all fluids under the bonnet +battery water and the tyre pressure every time you fill up. TT.
  3. Hi, Are you having a loss of power and / or increased fuel consumption?
  4. After all the work, the van will be a convert. with lower resale value. TT.
  5. Hi and welcome to AL, Yes both generations share the same hardware under their bodies. look at re-sale value at these suv's you'll see the older mdl steadily going up in price. But keep in mind they're decades after their scrap-by date. TT.
  6. Hi, you may check news papers which need work or non - running vehicles sold at low cost. Alternately, insurance right offs could serve you nicely too. Cheers. TT.
  7. Great detailed work , now the car should sing when started,.. I expect to see the exhaust water after this carb is fitted.😊 be sure to upload a vid. TT.
  8. Hi, welcome to to AL. you may find many of this vintage at independent specialists. Just make sure you get some maintenance records. Good luck. TT.
  9. Start by checking the vacuum hose connection. the electric actuator electrical connector,
  10. Simple answer, replace the entire unit. As a failure of this will damage the Tbelt.
  11. Take the car to a transmission specialist mentioned here, TT.
  12. HI,looks like you're going for an overhaul. best used a monograde oil for the engine. ad yes the oil may have contaminated to o2 sensor and cat. but keep the oil to the max line only as over-filling makes it worse.
  13. Simple answer, replace the entire unit. As a failure of this will damage the Tbelt.
  14. Hi, As your vehicle has a turbo, better use the higher octain fuel for daily use and only use regular for topping up in places where high octain is not available. Wishing you happy motoring, ! TT.
  15. the battery indicator is to indicate charging system probs,..
  16. Hello and welcome to the forum,.. you are best to tackle the job with an engine and trans kit. the most difficult thing will be to dispose the existing engine and trans kit. and also get a t.belt kit replaced on the new engine for good measure. TT.
  17. Hi , there, Good show with the jap car . pretty much everything which can go wrong in our operating conditions has gone bust.with your car,. might wanna check the cooling system checked for potential headaches in the Colombo heat. You are good to check the ATF level, The pan gasket may be leaking due to it being removed and a bad job of refitting./ before you get help,.. check the fluid level and top up and do any driving,.. get a pan gasket + filter (service kit) for your trans BEFORE removing the existing kit. TT,.
  18. Congratz on the new toy,.. you might wanna check the charging rate with the lights on.
  19. Your car may have a compression leak into the cooling system causing the over flow.. TT.
  20. Sad to hear the prob, Do a compression leak-test on the cooling system,.. TT.
  21. Hi and welcome to AL,.. My sympathy for your loss ,.. You may have a blocked pcv causing excessive crank case pressure resulting in the leaks TT.
  22. When did you last replace the air filter? if you can't remember, just get a new one,.get a full tank of regular go juice, It's call'd an adaptation run, just normally drive the car up to a highway and nail it,.. TT.
  23. Check with the independent Beemer specialists,.
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