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  1. Toyota Vitz

    Short answer to your long question- yes. but rest assured all replacements and cleanups are good for an engine to run efficiently. have you checked the ATF (taking into account your milage) Cheers,.. TT.
  2. RPM vs speed

    Good, your o/d is on,..ride to the sun set without fear!
  3. Oil level drops

    You can use a thicker oil but , not recomended for you, and don't get caught on to cunning grease molnkeys who will advise you to overhaul the engine. - the idea being getting the most of what you have for the longest. Cheers, !
  4. Oil level drops

    It's either leaking, or burning -or both. An elevan year old car with un confirmed milage,.. well that says it all, I'd go to say 'if it ain't broken,don't fix it.' Just keep a check of your oil level and drive like normal.
  5. Mercedes C 160

    1. Congrats on your new car. 2.Any work done to the wiring/electrical system will void the warranty. So no cutting/splicing or altering of the wiring. 3.Seek the vdealer's assistance for your need.
  6. Prius 2007 Hybrid Battery Life Span

    Even if the battery pack was ok, it would have lost some capacity now.
  7. Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    Not unless you're a heavy 4x4 enthusiast.That way you'll ignore the slightly thirstier engine, and lower re-sale value. Plus,all tyres need replacing at once.
  8. Problem With Toyota Ist

    Loose exhaust hitting the under carriage?
  9. Was the engine running at idle? on 'P' ?
  10. BMW E38

    Welcome to AL. 1. GET THE MONEY READY. 2.Get a car maintained at the agent.This is the best bet as you are less prone to end up with a car held together with chewing gum 3. If you are planning on getting a BMW with a 4000cc engine, Dont ask of the efficiency.! Good luck.
  11. What ever you do, Don't wash the engine,.. If your car is an Auto ,as modern auto's don't have a dipstick you might want get the fluid level/condition checked. but it's best to let someone qualified to do the job.
  12. Tropicalisation - German Brands

    You are correct,UK has no tropical climate. Therefore tropical climate versions are not sold there. Same goes for the rough road version,..
  13. Steering Wheel Too Tight

    Low fluid can cause your prob,..
  14. Importing a Brand New vehicle from UK

    Specs for UK vary from models ending up in SL.. plus getting warranty will be a problem.
  15. Car Polishing & waxing tips

    All body panels should be cool - to stop wax baking. wash and dry in a shady ,well ventilated aria. start with a small area at a time. keep all plastics + beading clear as the drying wax will make them white.