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  1. Twin Turbo

    Project A72V

    Good luck bro,.. TT.
  2. Twin Turbo

    Mazda Demio Door Visors.

    Chk Darley Rd, you might bev able to find a generic that fits.
  3. Twin Turbo

    Toyota Land Cruiser Prado LJ 78

    Congratze on ze nu toy,..I'd get a turbo timer for safety,..ND GET YOUR T, BELT CHECKED !
  4. Twin Turbo


    Kick the planning stage and start action,..you should've applied for next year,..
  5. Twin Turbo

    Fiat Grande Punto - Correct Radiator

    You can get a replacement made with metal tanks from a radfd specialist.
  6. Twin Turbo

    Toyota vitz 2018 - rear Speakers silent

    Fader stuck in front only?
  7. Twin Turbo

    Nissan cefiro A33 gier box issue

    Sorry to hear of your problem, any idea when if ever you car's transmission was serviced? At nearly 2 decades, it looks like it has had enough of abuse. start by checking the level and condition of the ATF.
  8. Hope you don't regret your choice,based upon the data you already know.
  9. Check if the tank is vacuuming when you have the starting prob,..
  10. Twin Turbo

    Soltron Ezi badu

    If you believe all of that, you'll believe in anything...🤣
  11. Twin Turbo

    Help with my 1998 AE110

    what'is your idle speed? when was the transmission last serviced?
  12. Twin Turbo

    Engine oil for Toyota AE110 | Please share your idea

    Hi, for a car more than 2 decades old, yes , use a 40 weight oil and keep the oil level in check and topped up,.. And change your air filter.
  13. Twin Turbo

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    Good show, but why didn't you consider a duel master cylinder with a fr-disc conversion,..
  14. Twin Turbo

    Vanette c22 (A15s petrol)

    Replace the arm,..