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  1. Twin Turbo

    New toyota yaris ATIV

    BY permit you mean Duty free to SL? The manufacturer has different names and specs of the same car for different markets it is sold to. the local dealer of this car will bring a model with the approved speck/branding for this market. Agree with vag2 as it is the model destined for the EU. JDM models can be got with a 3 cyl engine.
  2. The bonnet has an air vent, factory fit? would like to see engine bay,..the wheels are not factory fitted for this year of paj
  3. Twin Turbo

    Japan alto 2018

    HI and welcome to AL,.. What is your current mileage?
  4. Twin Turbo

    Corolla 121 - Engine Oil Issue

    When was the last time (ifever, ~) the transmission was serviced?
  5. Run-in the engine to at least 10.000 km.
  6. Hi, welcome to Auto Lanka, can you post a pic of the paj? TT.
  7. what's the current mileage? use synthetic engine oil, keep the tyres pumped up, and the air filter clean,..and you should get a decent efficiency to what our fuel stations call a liter,..# TT.
  8. Twin Turbo

    Nissan Cefiro A33 gear box problem

    Looks like you got a dead 'box from the 'heap do a system flush and see what it does,.. goodluck,.. TT.
  9. Twin Turbo

    Which octane for Premio 2018

    I've seen dudes riding Indian motor bikes p;umping the 95 oct. something i'm missing here?🤣
  10. Twin Turbo

    WHICH octane for VITZ?

    An in-depth discussion has been made on local fuel . pls refer older threads.
  11. Twin Turbo

    [HELP!!] Wrong CVT grade

    Now that you've identified the wrong grade of ATF was used, in your CVT, You might want to get a slight improvement if you flush the system from the wrong fluid.
  12. Just select auto mode for general every day getting stuck in traffic jams.
  13. Twin Turbo

    Slim Type Sub Woofers

    Aint nothing like the real thing, !
  14. Twin Turbo

    Maruti Zen 2006 Exhaust Smoke

    As Davy mentioned,.. the white smoke at a cold start is normal .Is the engine oil reducing?
  15. Twin Turbo

    Project A72V

    Fit disc brakes ?