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  1. Nissan SB 13

    Q: Where do you live? Yours used to be a fairly common car to find parts for. you can try PKW, Samarasdinghe Windscreen House or LP Goonarathne Darly road, who will fit it for you with a warrenty. TT.
  2. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    Better run-in the engine and do a consumption test. try driving without a/c TT.
  3. Engine start up failure

    Clean the battery posts and terminals and refit.Fit a charger and charge tyhe battery, if it fails, you might need a new battery,.. Good luck. ! TT
  4. AC vacuume pump and gauges

    The cost of the equipment may cost much more than the cost of the spares,...
  5. AC vacuume pump and gauges

    Better let a trained pro handle it bro, But if you must, DIY, go to A+co Nugegoda.
  6. AC stopped working

    As my colligues have diagnosed , you have a leak, and the smell comes from the oil and the refrigirant leaking from the evaporator . p.s. Just out of curiosity, what is your car? TT.
  7. Does anybody in SL that you know of do BMW coding?

    The local agent?
  8. Car Battery

    Increasing the amp rating is not the cure for your prob. What year is your vehicle? Does it have an electronically regulated alternator.? To what voltage does it chargeat? Kindly refer previous discussions on this sub. TT.
  9. Car Battery

    Q: how old is the battery?
  10. Rough Idle On 4G12 Engine

    Kindly upload a vid of the engine idling,.. thanks. TT.
  11. Good tyre for Premio 195/65/15

    Price not being a determinant factor, I'd go with Michelin, Theyill give you long tread life and good handling. And for shocks, better replaced in pairs, TT.
  12. CV joint life time

    What is the condition of the c.v. boots now? Are they broken? if so, they must be replaced with new grease immediately to avoid wear on the joints. I'd measure their lifetime on the distace travelled without grease with broken boots. - the higher distance run without lubrication, the lower the lifetime of the joint. TT.
  13. Car stereo not working

    Software currupt?

    Cheers,.. TT.
  15. engine oil reduction

    This topic has been discused before. Local operating conditions and fancy low viscosity ultra-thin engine oils don't go togeather well on the long term. TT.