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  1. Hi and welcome , check the t, belts. it's a good comfey car a little thirsty when pushed. Good luck. TT.
  2. Try and get a pro to check the car give you a quote on the job. and see what warranty the repairer gives on the job. and most importantly the price,.. TT.,
  3. any disc br system self adjusts.
  4. Pretty much every sub system that can go wrong, does,..
  5. The car needs a T belt service to start with, get the ecu scanned for codes.
  6. The binding brakes will make it harder for the car to freely move causing the over heat condition.
  7. Better get a second opinion from a battery shop.
  8. You may have over tightened the tie-down clamp,cracking the case.
  9. Better luck looking 4 a reco engine.
  10. Your car will keep on chugging along till the end of time. ! and make sure you keep up with the services. 👍 TT.
  11. just check the front sus joints and check alignment. more worth if you spend the money to get a front disc conversation. TT.
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