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  1. daihatsu terios 2007

    Possible slipping belt?
  2. A new car is always a new car, no matter how you look at it.
  3. Your idiot greese monkey will be the death of your autobox. Turning on the engine with no fluid in the transmission is a recipe for disaster.
  4. Can disable get driving licence

    Sad to hear of your prob,.firstly, use a handle pictured above, for safety. and get a medical certificate clearing you to safely operate a motor vehicle. Good luck. TT.
  5. Go back to the stone age and start walking,.. Before emissions laws are set up, the sale of non standard fuel should be stopped. (Spiked with kerosene and diesel.) It's just a matter of time when we go back to the drawing board.
  6. EG8 engine conversion or upgrade

    Your car is 23 years old, and the odometer re clocked as many times,.Therefore it is acceptable to have a slight reduction in your oil . no amount of mods' will; re-grow a worn engine.
  7. EG8 engine conversion or upgrade

    That's a sign of your engine running at the correct mixture. Good show bro! TT.
  8. EG8 engine conversion or upgrade

    Just get a simple tune up before you re-invent the wheel.
  9. Timing chain noise

    Did you replace a new t chain of the same length? what's the engine?
  10. recomended oil

    The local; agents have it.
  11. Burning of gas

    You may have a prob with the emissions control system,.seek qualified help. TT.
  12. Engine Life span

    A lot depends on maintenance , and usage.
  13. Audi, bmw or benz ?

    Audi's are got by those who want a BMW OR Merc, but can't afford one.
  14. Sad to hear your story, The car may have sustained further damages to major parts like the st.rack. Were the rack/tierod, joints replaced? Was the car entered into an off-roading event?