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  1. Twin Turbo

    Toyota Aqua Radiator fan not working

    Open rthe bonnet with the a/c on,.. and check the cooling fan is working,.. and the free flow of air is not restricted,..
  2. Twin Turbo

    Home Air Conditioners Help ....

    more cost effective to get central A/c, and cheaper to run,.
  3. Hi, Start by lubricating the door lock
  4. Twin Turbo

    Toyota mark 2 speedometer not working

    Hi and welcome to AL. Looks like the sun exposure finally has taken it's toll on your car. You'll have to look for a re-co dash instrument cluster.
  5. Twin Turbo

    Project A72V

    What ever you do, you'll need a carb overhaul kit for that . Also note your carb is off a Toyota. Also keep in mind that what ever you do, you'll have to get your car tom pass the emissions test when you get it on the road,..
  6. Twin Turbo

    Rear Wiper not working

    Hi, start by checking the fuse,..
  7. Twin Turbo

    Type of petrol good for Japanese honda crv

    Hi, and welcome, Congrats on your new car,.. Yes, you have been advised,.. use regular petrol get a fill from your neighbourhood station and drive,.. although Ethanol increases the RON of petrol, your vehicle may not need it. Disclamer,..do research on previous posts on fuel quality and contamination in SL. Wishing you Happy Motoring,.. TT.
  8. Twin Turbo

    Daihatsu Terios

    WELCOME TO AL. Congratz on your first car,.. If you want efficiency, get a Mira, but you should get some decent consumption when compared with a regular SUV. Good luck. TT.
  9. Twin Turbo

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Cut the existing ones and re-thread?
  10. Twin Turbo

    toyota passo key problem

    Hi Welcome to AL,.. The blinking light indicates the car is immobilised. Try starting with another key,..
  11. Was your ignition system checked ? clogged injectors could also cause rough running.
  12. Twin Turbo

    Under Bonnet Heat Shield

    Hi, Heat insulation material ca be got by the meter and cut to size.
  13. Twin Turbo

    How To Buy A Car?

    HI, wherever you are, go online and do a search for used cars,..
  14. Twin Turbo

    Project Moggie - Initial Status

    Cool br, \Add pic s of work,.. TT.
  15. Twin Turbo

    Project Moggie - Initial Status

    Good show, Has the car been converted to negative ground 12V? Check the fuel system - tank to carb, for geb condition and leaks.- fire hazard. Most importantly, get the brakes checked,.. Cheers,.