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  1. Best Tyre Brand and its price for a Toyota IST

    Hope you did'nt get the alignment checked by them.
  2. Need advise on replacing tires

    Get the alignment checked, wheels balanced, and maintain recommended tyre pressure with periodical wheel rotating. TT.
  3. Battery light

    .Check the alternator belt for slipping, and bat posts for loos connectins and oxide/salt build-up. You may have a prob with the charging system, to comfirm, get a volt meter and hold to battery terminals with the engine on , at slow speeds with the bat warning on. And see what the reading is,.. TT.
  4. Accelarator doesnt work

    Did you give your car to clean the interior? or get flooded?
  5. BMW E90

    1.It's a used car,so you'll be left to fix probs the previous owner/s have left ,for another day. 2.Recommended services by the local dealer is 10.000km or one year, whichever occurs first. 3.If you are concerned about fuel, dont buy one. Cheers, TT.
  6. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    Waterpump leaking ?
  7. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    Is the expansion tank filled to the MAX level and no higher? an overfilled extank will spill coolant as th engine warms up. TT.
  8. First, the parking br, works on the rear wheels .
  9. Gearbox - Lancer C12

    I'd change to a better quality multy-grade gear oil as our country is heading to it's cool season.
  10. Transmission Fix

    Local agent for lucas will not be of help. Try the net, but postage to us may be a prob,.. TT.
  11. grinding noise from front wheel while driving

    Front wheel bearings?
  12. Lifespan of Radiator Hose

    Not forgetting the cooling fans. make sure they are working and at the right speed.
  13. Lack of maintentenance will leave any transmission resting in pieces.
  14. Power Steering Conversion - Honda Integra '87

    Finding the parts may be a bigger challenge than getting them fitted /.
  15. Xenon lights x trail t31

    Che3ck the net, you can find ow cost kits. TT.