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    Shock Absobers

    When I gave the model, thats the part that was recommended by kyb (taas). And the guy in the workshop refused to install it saying that it doesnt fit with the coil's rubber ends. But the guy from taas told it might work removing the rubber insulation bit. So I said I dont want to entirely remove the rubber part which was used to retain the coil from slipping. That's why i opted for the Showa one even though it was a tad different. All the slots were identical, but only the coil retainer bit at the end was different. I have to admit that it is not the exact same model number as the one I had, but namaratne guys said they have sold this for many fd chassis. Best is to go to stafford and they will get you the exact part obviously but I didnt go because honestly I didnt have the money for it. And even when I went for a cheaper options kyb also didnt have the exact part number mentioned in their part finder catalogue. They just claim that the one they had works, but the workshop guys said they had few issues with hondas previously. "Replacing shocks shouldn't be this complicated on a Civic." this is very correct when the specific part is available and when you can afford it
  2. Dasun Perera

    Shock Absobers

    I recently replaced my shocks and I want to share the experience which might help you guys. And my vehicle is a FD4 2006. Symptoms : nose dive when it brakes (compare with car with good shocks, when you brake the nose dives a lot in worn shocks) interior too much rattle when hitting potholes bigger potholes it hits the damper and a thud sound comes overall very uncomfortable ride Decided to get KYB (japanese gas and cheaper than Showa which was stock) Bought KYB and didnt fit (the fronts didnt fit the coil and exisitng rubber parts, but the rears worked cz that wasnt so complicated) Returned the fronts and bought Showa (comes in honda packaging) from namaratne motors (cheaper than teckmotors or access) And adjusted the rubber to fit the strut mold but fortunately there is a coil spot cut in the new ones (no other option) There is an online KYB shock part find if you give your make model and year, so you can check with them if they have the correct part. They said for toyotas its all fine, but for hondas they dont get the exact parts. So better be mindful about this.
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    Warranty And Free Service

    I have had a very bad experience with this hybrid warranty people starting with k***. They are not willing to bring down and replace parts that come under the power-train warranty. The worst service ever I would say. This was given to me by the car sale where i bought a Honda fit gp5 and they pretty-much sold this as a hassle free warranty. Well, its attached to a famous service chain as well, which doesn't really give much value. The first few times they attended to it, but it was such a hassle needed to carry the vehicle to the service center, and then they take it to their repair center in negombo. And once they fix it temporarily, they send it back, but then again its dusty and not clean at all at return. I had to pay for the petrol they have tested the car and all that. But then again the same problem comes back. But, the guy who works at the workshop in negombo which seperately operated also seems to be quite good and he makes sense. Just that when the warranty company, service agent and the workshop gets together it becomes a bad soup. I had to contact each and every person to get something done. And at the end they suggested to do quick fixes as well and i felt that they do not want to bring down the part required which made the car stall from time to time. And also, when you try to contact the warranty company, the guy who is in charge does not pick up the phone. I doubt anyone else had a good experience from this place. So this is m two cents about this joint and avoid is what i suggest. Hope this helps.