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    How To Buy A Used Car In Sri Lanka

    it worth the time spent to read. bravo saturn! good job.

    406 Vs Gen 2

    thanx harsha and shintaroX for the comments. about the ground clearance.. that'll not be a big issue the regular route of mine is ok generally and im using a ceres which does have a low clearence. any way im in the process of hunting THE tec and the car at the same time. wil see my luck! thanx guys

    Best Car Owned

    this is very very subjective. one would say maruti 800 is the best car ever ha..

    406 Vs Gen 2

    thanks all of you guys.. still i'm worrying what to get. the main problem for me is to find a good chap to do the little little things when in need. the time is the biggest problem for me as a medical person. i live some 50km away from col and wont be able to drive (or toe) all the way to colombo like twice a week. pls name if yo know of a sound person(s). tks

    Toyota Ceres

    thanks varunatech, early in the morning when i start it does not appear but only after 5, 6km(?after the engine heated enough). it doesnt come all the time, but when the load is high. but when i give a bit gas more the "krrrr krrrr" sound fades. once used a 95 octane fuel where the knock seemed dissappeared and appeared again when using 90 octane. that's how i can explain it. pls help me elaborate. thanks

    406 Vs Gen 2

    i agree don, my budget is around 1.5 to two mil. i love the looks,. bit of performance, comfort and a tinge of elegance. 10km/l is ok for me. the problem is the spares and maintenance. thinking of the D9, i never used to a euro car. so the mechanics im not that familiar with. i saw in one thread d9 is not a good car for daily running, is that because of the maintenance cost? of course im hoping to keep it for another 2 yrs. some say d9 is inherited with some electronic malfunctions and sensor problems where he expenses are very high and not exactly mentioned the common ones. need to know a reliable place for repairs of a Peugeot. i live in awissawella. thanks for helping me guys.

    Toyota Ceres

    thanks don. ya there's no obvious leak. i'll do the test then. can you pls tell me wht is causing the knock and how to get rid of it. thanks again.

    406 Vs Gen 2

    hi all pls tell me pros and cons of 406 d9 executive mannual petrol and a gen2 . hoping to buy one or the other. currently usin a ceres 93'. im a daily runner about 60km/day. thanx.

    Toyota Ceres

    hi, i own a ceres (yom93) which maintained well. use 90 octane fuel with regular services. used to ride this for almost a year with no hassles. recently got a ignition knock while going thru 3rd 4th and 5th gears. and the oil level is geting down between 2 services about 3/4(which i think, has been when i bought). i use SAE 40 oil. odo186k. pls advise me for getting rid of these problems. im a daily ranner(60km/day) thanks.

    Corona Premio At212

    hi all, i'm new to this and going to buy my first car. hope for a toyota corona premio AT 212 or a 406 D9 face lift. i'd be very grateful if some one can advice me on, 1. current price range. 2. fuel consumption. 3. re sale value. for above two models. thank you...
  11. hi dear all. i got a tercel EL40 car. when i bought the the power supply has been given directly to the radiator fan, so that when ever i turn on the car the radiator fan starts to work. the heat indicator also rise not mre than 5 degrees roughly. can you please help me in this?

    Toyota Tersel El40

    hi all, my steering wheel is shaky when i ride on bad roads. do any of you know why please reply.