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  1. Single light models are MC14(Bobby Sport) & MC17(Hurricane). (1987) Early Dual lights are Hurricane MC19. (1988-1989) Dual lights Gullarm is MC22. (1990-1993) Fireblade is also an MC22 (almost identical to gullarm). (1994-1996) The above description helps a lot & thanks for that, but when looking for a bike its hard to rely on these cosmetic features like the on-light option, graphics on the body kit, holes on disc breaks etc since most of the bike have gone through a long life in Sri Lanka and been replaced with many parts. Most of the bikes have lost their original identity. Will someone please be able to post a picture of the gull shaped swing arm & the regular so that it would help people like us to identify the difference. For extra reading : http://www.nostalgicsportsbikes.com/honda-cbr-250rr-mc22.html
  2. I collect Hot Wheels, we do have few active facebook pages with gang of Hot Wheels + diecast model collectors. You can meet a lot of friendly chaps and few guys selling die-casts. FB Pages: Model Car Lovers of Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Hot Wheels Collecotr (SLHWC)
  3. Simply avoid the Indians - sorry if it sounds racist. Only meant for cars
  4. Superb , all in one answer! Thanks a lot Davy ! By the way, I am still bad in using the AL Search
  5. Dear Friends, There was a very old topic which already discussed about modiying a 1978 Lancer A72. Since thats too old, I want to get some information according to the current situation. Lancer lovers, owners, enthusiasts, please be kind enough to write down all usefull information & advise on below areas. The versions, model numbers and unique features to identify original lancer flat light / tube light models ? How reliable are these today, specially to be used as a daily runner & for frequent long drives ? Maintenance & availability of parts (Body parts / mechanical parts) ? How much should I pay for a decent looking car ? Suggestions, advise & useful information would be greatly helpful. Thanks in advance!
  6. whats the banner size ? ot really needs a good change.
  7. HAPPY :party: I always thought it would be better to have a price rage search & I remeber asking for this a long time back. Then a that time I got some loku talks from a senior member who I consider as an idiot. Anyway good to have a change which was much wanted and a lot of fine tuning seems to be required at the moment. There is a post on FB stating about stolen website icons etc, not sure how far true it was. What dissapoints me is the new layout which seems to be extremely common as any other car dealer website, in other words it looks boring :sleeping-smiley-008: . I also would like to request you guys to keep the 'keyword search' option enabled in any page which makes searching easier. Cheers Auto Lanka !
  8. Hello experts.... I am tired and confused reading the gov websites & other various procedures which didnt help me. My question is Suppose I want to bring down parts of a dismantled motor bike, can i just get someone to ship it to Sri Lanka ? Is the customs going to screw me up ? What are the points I got to be aware of? How do I do this? Please help me out !
  9. Hope you are aware of the full-face helmet ban effective from 21st of march. Many riders have a concern on public safety. There is an event happening on the 15th of March at Galle Face Green. https://#####/1560056307586891/?fref=ts
  10. The fluctuating RPM also can be sometimes solved by cleaning the Idle Air Control Valve .
  11. I own an EK3 ViRs and I hve been going to Wasantha - Dehiwala for few replacements & minor repairs since I bought my car. So far no issues with him and he isnt in a hurry for money. It is bit surprising to see his name under the culprits in the market. But I am happy to see AL memebrs giving more information about these guys who we really dont know. I am hoping to visit the garage during the weekend to check my cooling system. Now my mind has changed to visit Rohan - Kebewa. Please let me know once again, is Rohan ok for this?
  12. NOOB, now whats your decision ? what are you going to buy ?
  13. Ok, the Vi-RS is beyond budget and according to my knowledge it is always 2.2mil or more. Answer the question 'How can i find out original Vi-RS' ? Note that most the cars advertised are fake, just a sticker or a body kit doesn't make a car Vi-RS. Look in to ALL of the below features. 1. Original Body kit 2. Original spoiler (with the name engraved underneath) 3. Sports mesh in the grill with RS emblem. 4. VI RS stickers in both rear doors and boot lid. 5. Original 7 spoke alloy wheels. 6. Original rear windows & windshield tint. 7. Body hugging seat set with Blue & Black texture. 8. 'Vi-RS' marked on the dashboard 9. 'RS' marked on the speedo-meter 10. Carbon fiber/sporty texture in the panels of power shutter buttons/gear/dash 11. D / S1 / S2 buttons in the steering. 12. All four disk brakes. 13. Front Strut bar. 14. Open the bonnet and look for the Blue colour vin tag for the exact model. Hope this helps you bro Still if you are looking for a car below 20/- go for a Vi. If its manual, no worries about maintaining the gear box.
  14. The Honda Civic EK3 Vi could be a good start for you. The 1999/2000 models look good with the rear crystal lights and all. You may find a decent car from 17-19Lakhs. Only thing when buying this, look if the CVT gear box works smooth. After buying you need to take care of it too. If you are looking for something sporty go for the EK3 Vi-RS which is slightly higher in price but worth for the chaps who really love it. Your choice of going for a Honda is great, you drive a Honda & you will feel it Happy motoring!
  15. Very helpful article. I need to do this for my civic.
  16. Go for a good EK3 1999 or 2000 with G* or H* series registration numbers on plates. Such car would be more or less 2.0mil depending on the condition and model. Good luck !!!
  17. Yeah... Autolanka needs some enhancements... it would be better if the development team can consider on these requests.
  18. Hello experts.... I am looking for a EK3 Vi-RS (1999/2000) and I got few confusions on identifying the real Vi-RS as most of the cars are dressed up to look like Vi-RS models. As far as I got to know following are few thing to identify the Vi-RS. Meter gauge should be 'White' in color Vi RS sticker in the boot door RS badge on the front grill Original bucket seats Kindly tel me if these are correct and if there are any other options to check and identify a proper Vi-RS ? Cheers!!!
  19. What a wonder, this thread seems as if it was opened for me. I am also in the same situation, looking for a car below 2mil. I am stuck between the Civic KE3 with VTec & The CS2-Lancer / CS2A-Lancer Cedia. After all these comments from experts, I feel going for a Civic EK3 with Vtec would be better than the CS2.
  20. Hi AutoLanka Team, The 'budget' has become one of the main concerns when looking for a vehicle now a days. I got a suggestion, it would be great to have a search option according to the 'Price'. This can be implemented in few ways like... 1) A drop down list with fixed price ranges for the user to select (below 500000 / 500000 to 1Mil / 1Mil to 1.5Mil etc etc ) 2) Having 2 text boxes where users can enter the least and highest prices. There could be better ways other than this... so AL Team please consider on this point, I feel it would help out many users who concern about the price limits when searching for a car. Thanks!
  21. I got the pump replaced and the problem is solved. Thanks a lot friends for your help !
  22. Thanks a lot... But the engine was fully repaired few months back & the van was running perfect.
  23. 1. It starts in the morning and never again within the day. Sometimes starts up after a long break of many hours. 2. No heating up issues.
  24. Hi experts.... Please help me out with this problem with our Townace CR27. The van perfectly starts in the morning. Once stopped after a drive the van doesn't start again. No use trying to start it even until the battery is dead. The only way to start the van is a 'Thallu'. Will anyone please advise on what is the issue and how to fix this ? Cheers!!!
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