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    MINI Cooper

    Hi All, I was planning to get a MINI to be daily driven in Colombo but unfortunately most of the vehicles I checked were in good condition but had dodgy documentation. Some were cut buds and did not even match up with the doc. I am very enthusiastic about MINIs but im reluctant to buy one in this condition According to the homework I have done its is not legal to run..obviously, is there a way to get a MINI which is road legal in everyway for a decent price other than Harbor Auctioned cars which are sky high. I’ve heard that Police is on the hunt and if you face an accident you are in for court time, bound for fines and probably the car will be confiscated. Some were high priced but had irregularities in the CR itself. Heard its the general case. Need your exprertise on this.
  2. GajaYa

    Toyota Carina Gt Body Kit

    yes well mine is a Ti , does well on fuel but i wanna get the same look as a GT, it did come with teak panels but...they broke off due to the brittle nature can you please let me know where in kurunegala I could find the kit I could go for the whole setup, since kurunegala is one hour away from kandy I could go and have a look thanks btw ur carina looked awesome...ive seen it for real and i saw ur restoration thread as well
  3. Hi guys, Where would I be able to find an Original Toyota Carina GT (1999/2000) Body kit for sale ? and also a teak dashboard ... please let me know thanks
  4. GajaYa

    Toyota Carina At212 Teak Panels

    I havent been able to find the panels....so only option left is to get it done from the guy in Dehiwala
  5. GajaYa

    Toyota Carina At212 Teak Panels

    still no luck....:/
  6. GajaYa

    Toyota Carina At212 Teak Panels

    very hard to find a person with good craftsmanship in kandy.....
  7. GajaYa

    Toyota Carina At212 Teak Panels

    yes i found a place which does these teak dashes in dehiwala, i think thats the option left now.... Does the stickering option work well?? My panels are teak but they are cracked :/
  8. GajaYa

    Toyota Carina At212 Teak Panels

    Hey Guys Can you guys let me know a place to get the all the Teak Panels of the Dashboard of the CARINA AT212 1999 Thank you
  9. GajaYa

    Known Sti's In Sl

    saw a a dark blue STI9 at SSC few weeks back with a custom spoiler....wonder whose one it is...
  10. Well the YP60 is very thirsty and its defa out of ma list..........a good trooper with tdi engine is a n option... and im looking into cabs as well......RAV4s and Terios seem too small for a long ride well what do you guys think of the land rovers... the discovery old versions and the DEFENDERS???
  11. well i dont mind a good cab like the d22 or the ln107SSRX/106
  12. well thanks ppl .....well let me explain a bit more on this...........well the vehicles got to be obviously an SUV no doubt........with really reliable 4x4 capabilities......this is to run on journey all around the country.........well ill be planning to do so....covering east west north and the south so im really concerned about the fuel consumption.........so the vehicle should be able to cope up with all terrain.....and BE economical......... well it should be a bit large as well im considering about the NISSAN Petrol YP60 MITSUBISHI PAJERO Palathsaba MITSUBISHI PAJERO 1992 Isuzu Trooper/Bighorn
  13. GajaYa

    What To Buy - For Between 500k-900k?

    id defa go for a good honda EG8..........
  14. Hey Ladies and Gentleman What is the most fuel economical 4wd SUV Currently in SL.......... i know its tough to guess but give it a go........ i prefer mild price ranges......between 20k-70k.....
  15. GajaYa

    Fb-15 Market Value

    well 1.9 seems a bit too much for a 2002.may be 17 18 would be the max id give........