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  1. <blockquote> there is a difference AT pumps out 265hp (4speed) and MT does 280hp (5speed) 0.6sec difference in 0-100km...will keep a look out mate edit: little bit of a correction here it should be hp and NOT bhp, my bad. Thanks Davy for pointing this out </blockquote> Don't expect to get anywhere close to original numbers from most of these old cars. Especially the old Subaru twin turbo has a notorious reputation for shedding horses over the years. So much so that even Jehan recommends single turbo conversions if you are into performance in a legacy of this age. I had a year 2000 manual that Jehan claimed had no engine troubles at all and I currently have a friend who has an automatic that is maintained extremely well and I can assure you that neither cars can keep up with my existing car with 100 less horse power on paper!
  2. E46 320d has a notorious reputation indeed and as per my research it's down to Diesel of ages ago and the engine technology back then being not quite as matured and mostly "second hand owners and even some of the permit holder 1st owners cutting corners with maintenance." But based on how well the F10/F30 20d's with very high mileage (close to 100k) are faring (based on first hand feedback I get from fellow BMW owners I meet at the agents) it appears that similar problems wouldn't appear in latest generation cars if you maintain the vehicle on time with right experts. But no matter what, if don't do the basic services and various filter replacements right on agent recommended time intervals in a BMW then you may be into serious trouble.
  3. My goodness Kasun, you have been subjected to so many injustices here and I am sure if you were to put a human rights case then you'd win that. (Not that I encourage you to do so ?)
  4. http://www.motortraffic.gov.lk/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=93:luxuries-tax-&Itemid=126〈=en is quite clearly stating that even dual purpose vehicles are subject to luxuries tax but under a separate category called dual purpose semi luxury tax. Bdw Kasun was it this dual purpose category that you were subjected to in the end?
  5. Thanks for sharing Gayantha. Yes I heard doctors are trying to create a cartel to drive up permit prices. Personally I wouldn't buy the permit at 1.8 at all. Transfer tax of 300k should also be added to overall permit cost and then the "real" cost becomes 2.1. At such high prices the full duty paid price isn't too far off for a 25k USD CIF petrol car!
  6. It's a funny permit market that exists these days. Unit#d Mot#rs buying permits at higher prices earlier and a false rumour of Prado being offered for regular permits drove up the prices from 1.3 mn to 1.7 in few weeks. Now it is all but confirmed that Prado isn't allowed and Unit#d Mot#rs is buying at 1.3 only since last Thursday and Friday. Does anyone know how much a private individual can buy a permit for today?
  7. Confirmed yesterday that Tax for permit not going down although there was a strong rumor to the contrary even after the budget was announced. There's a slight advantage in depreciation table though.
  8. Does anyone know what the concession is for those vehicles that were taxed at 70 pct under the permit? I checked with a sales guy in prestiege but even he doesn't know yet.
  9. isurujosh

    Diesel Standards

    Clearly the new Diesel is much better and better still with a new Diesel filter. Easily on average 1kmpl improvement in efficiency.
  10. isurujosh

    Diesel Standards

    Clearly the new Diesel is much better and better still with a new Diesel filter. Easily on average 1kmpl improvement in efficiency.
  11. You might want to consider luxury tax too when buying a 2l or above petrol car
  12. isurujosh

    Diesel Standards

    Why is it advisable to replace the diesel filter (even a fairly new one) to go inline with this change in Super Diesel? Is it only to garner the real benefits of the new fuel or is there any other reason?
  13. Thanks GTAm for bringing up some really valid points. I understand that due to much superior handling characteristics Mazda3/Axela would be the faster car in Sri Lankan back roads, I never contest that notion. Handling aside what do you think about power delivery of Toyota's VVTi/CVT combination and it's effect on Mazda3 vs. Axio acceleration on smoother roads (especially under 100kph)?
  14. Now now you don't have to explain you know
  15. Nope I don't judge the quality of my life depending on what I drive as I have stated very clearly in my post. Yes as far as a car is concerned I will be content with a properly new 3Series. But I wonder how your Subaru Forester with scratches, dents and other unexplained markings is an upgrade from a BMW LOOSER!
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