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  1. I bought my prius with the help of kotmale traders. but i don't think they are doing business anymore and frankly i'm not recommending them as well. Auction site that i have used is http://singaporemotors.net/
  2. I have used V!P,OnTheSp0t and Motor+ Which one has the best service - all three was fairly ok to deal with Which one gives you the lowest rate - lowest was the OnTheSp0t and then Motor+. V!P was bit expensive Which one gives you the hassle free claim process - V!P and OnTheSp0t was better than Motor+ You can get few qutoations before you buy anything by requesting qutoation by an email. Most of them do reply immediatly. or you can find a insurance agent, then they get you the best rates + hassle free claims.
  3. na.. more than 1 year I guess. Saw the 1st Aqua for sale in AL on April 2012.
  4. If you are thinking about resale value, fuel economy, engine capacity, and leg space then it'll be Toyota Aqua it is.
  5. I have a vitz 2008 model. I was about to buy a passo at that time and changed my mind after getting in to a one. I think IST and FIT build quality and durability is much higher than a passo. Better to go for a 1.3cc than a 1.0cc according to my experience.
  6. Model: Toyota Prius Manufactured year: 2010/10 Engine Capacity : 1800cc Fuel type : Petrol (95) Transmission Type : Automatic Economy : City limits - 16-18 km/l (Power Mode:ON) Out stations 20-22 km/l (Power Mode:ON)
  7. mine does 11-12 in colombo and 13-14 outstation. but as a 1000cc vitz owner, i feel like 1300cc would do a better job than 1000cc. anyway it's all depending on your budget. shoot anything that you want to know about 1000cc vitz (not too tech stuff, geranal things ), glad to help.
  8. Hi Guys, Since you are talking about KP Jaela, How about the CP Jaela which is inside the reality plaza car park. any comment on that. Coz i'm searching for a good place too... Thanks Shihan
  9. Never tried... getting ages to pick-up... so I planned to stick to the power mode.
  10. Hi Guys, Sorry for the long silence... Got it end March, now I have used it nearly 5months. Fuel consumption is 18-19 in the city and 20-21 in the long run in "Power Mode". I have nearly done 5000KM for the past 5months. Pretty satisfied with the comfort and the fuel consumption.
  11. Still on the way... It might take another 2-3weeks...
  12. Thanks rover! Lucky USD is bit low these days. I'm doing the payment tomorrow. Will see how it goes... Thanks Californikan! Will do for sure...
  13. Thanks guys, really appreciate your inputs... So I decided to go for the Toyota Prius... Today Morning I bought a "Toyota Prius S TOURING SELECTION 2010/09" from a Japaneses auction... Will let you know the pros and cons in few weeks time...
  14. Any inputs from insight owners...? I saw some banners + few latest insight models in one of their showroom (near baseline road; near welikada prison)... seems like they are launching it officially...
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