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  1. Nice joke peri! Its like going to wanni with a water pistol! Knowing you will loose going there with a slower car! So I understand now..the sponsers just wanna promote their never version of the car..no intention with them to make Dinesh win! :D
  2. Congrads to Visal! I have a question about Dinesh & his new EVO-X. I was rather surprised to see him not run in his first race! So much for the remarkable piece of machinery(evo x) what went wrong? I felt very sad also disappointed to watch! Is this because of the new technology is too advanced and the car malfunctioned? Or something else? Or Dinesh was not very use to the new car? I think it couldn't have been anything wrong with the car, since if it was he wouldn't have come to katu..in the first place..even the second race the car performed very badly as I think.
  3. Some guys wanna prove to the world that they are fast! Some prefer not to! I think proving needs to be for a worthy purpose!much much more.. than proving to the world that you are quickest in a roundabout airbase strip! I am sure thats what Gihan meant
  4. But its the same upgrade done to many!
  5. Muchung By experience I am telling most of the foreign wine has very high percentage of alc. some 34% they are very strong than our "gal arrukku"! Can you belive it!
  6. priya


    Totally wrong! If driven under 2000rpm does 13-14kmpl. Under heavy boost still it'll do 8-10kmpl. I dont think you can compare these figure with any car in SL! Nothing add about 130BHP. Even the stock EP82 1300 non turbo has 100BHP. Now thats add! In the GT you gain 35BHP from the CT9 Turbo. What you missed is the cars weight. The EP82 GT Turbo is only 860Kg.!Thats the secret.
  7. Both drivers involved have been highly skilled and creative!
  8. Firstly I assume you checked for all these indicators before you bought it..and assume all were working at that time. If so you are encountering one of the following problems with it. As far as I know ABS was a standard function on all FB15's. But I am not sure about eco..! Somebody please correct me if I am wrong. 1)Sensor cable disconnected.(Reconnect cables) 2)Dust or any other foreign body blocking sensor pickup.(Clean engine and sensor) 3)Electronically malfunctioning sensor.(Replace sensor) 4)Fuse burnt(Replace fuse) Better to do a diagnostic check. Since indicators better to check error codes!
  9. Made me go through Colombo Fort last week, and since cause of the heavy traffic had to stop in front of (just before car gills building). I was wondering why?? Such a heavy traffic...Holy shit!!! Take a look why!!!!
  10. Just buying a Cobra detector and fixing it will not work hear in SL. You got to check the open frequency of it..if I have not mistaken. Unless that matches you will detect nothing! Oh yes and cops will detect you. Halt!
  11. Even I had this idea..later changed my mind...One thing is for sure..Glow dials are dangerous! Think a bit and you may understand why!
  12. Mate..why didnt you say soo..But stilll I disagree..My Starlet has same legroom (front)as my MAZDA Familia..(your story is true with march and other small cars) though its hatch..the problem comes only to the passenger seats! IN that case go for a never 1997-1998 Mazda. You could get an English plated car for this price with F/O, obviously it donet hold that kinda second hand market of a toyota but still all car market prices in general expand..if you are lucky could get a MAZDA which has done less than 100,000km. so whatever you buy I am sure you can sell it for at least a rupee more the day after..hope you get what I mean!
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