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  1. Batteries

    Entering To The Car Gang

    Don't worry about the 150000km. For a Jap car that is nothing if the owner has taken car of it.I drove 110 for 3 years.Only had running repairs & nothing major.It's also first good car to have.
  2. Batteries

    Kia Sorento 2012

    Why do you say it is not possible to have AWD at high speed.If a vehicle is AWD it is full time AWD. It will not switch to RWD & AWD automatically. 4WD lock only works at low speeds.After certain speeds 4WD lock releases atomically.
  3. Batteries

    Just For Curiosity

    Go to garage & see if the rack ends that gets worn out.If so replaced.Then think about getting your tires replaced. Good Luck
  4. Batteries

    Just For Curiosity

    One question, Is any of your tire's older than others.vibration could be due to this.You can all so see if the tires has expired.If so better to replace it.
  5. Batteries

    Thieves Removing Side Mirrors On Vezel

    German Sheppard.Rottweiler need to much commitment.
  6. Batteries

    What Does Everyone Looks Like

    Ohh yes. His good old stories & his Chinese cars. I thought he was well over 80’s.
  7. Batteries

    Traffic In Rajagiriya

    I agree.If you straighten the rail track(Currently like a snake) & remove some of the unwanted station's ride would be much faster.
  8. Batteries

    Thieves Removing Side Mirrors On Vezel

    You guys should think of all age deterrent, Dog. There was some brake inn’s near my house. All the houses around me were broken in to systematically. But not mine. As a additional Bones it will take care of your Rat’s, Cat’s & monitor lizards problems free of charge.
  9. Batteries

    Any Idea About New Hybrid Tax ?

    I don't think this will work.Simple because we don't have great transport system.Which in a country like Singapore's exist.But good thing is we are working on achieving this with the help of Japan.Hope this will take of from plan's.Big hope.
  10. Batteries

    Any Idea About New Hybrid Tax ?

    I think taxes will go up substantially. Specially for Hybrid cars. If you look at all the business reports it status trade gap has increased. The main reason is Car imports. So government will try restrict car imports. Only way to do this Increase Taxes.
  11. Batteries

    Auction Sheet Translation

    I' don't why you are checking in the form if you have made up you mind & trust your friend will not screw you up. Isn't this questioning is redundant.
  12. Batteries

    Insurance Claim Rejection

    My friend is the guy who went through this process.Insurance company either can accept or reject Ombudsman decision. If they reject you have to go to Courts.
  13. Batteries

    Express-Way Updates

    Does this Top up has an Expire date.Do you know?
  14. Batteries

    Insurance Claim Rejection

    Insurance company do not have to honor the Ombudsman verdict.As per my friend.Only thing he can do is to go to courts.I know guy who has the same problem.When the Insurance company did not honor the agreement given by the Ombudsman he was asked to go to courts.
  15. Batteries

    Kobe Shock Absorbers

    It's advice to replace both shocks at once.Not one.