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  1. AMG

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    I can do it Mani but can't post it on the forum ..lol..
  2. According to the news the penalty for not wearing the seat belt would be a first conviction fine of not less than Rs.1,000 and not more than Rs.2,000, second conviction fine of not less than Rs.2,000 and not more than Rs.3000 and the third conviction fine of not less than Rs.3,500 and the cancellation of the driving licence. Cancellation of driving licence? is it permanently? Also my question here is how will they justify the second and the third convictions? assuming the cop cars are not fully linked and computerized. I know that they still can do it by the papers but wouldn't it be a complicated task?
  3. AFAIK, Extra Premium is 91 octane and which comes with friction busters along with other additives like some detergent chemicals to keep your injectors and the environment clean. (they say!) I remember IOC had all three different petrol such as Octane 90, Xtra Premium(octane 91) and Octane 95.
  4. AMG

    Happy Birthday Mrm

    Many More Happy Returns MRM! Happy Birthday!!
  5. The sad part is, The poor seem to be getting poorer too ne?
  6. It is even on Top Gear. The value is £2.8 million. Crazy...
  7. I kinda agree with you. The Bentley Continental GT is on UK plates. The registration is still active in the UK. If it is a permanent export then it will be marked on the registry in the UK. I guess the car is taken to Sri Lanka for a temporary use or something. In that case the car can be used with the same plates for up to an year right? I remember there was a law in SL saying that you can bring a car to SL from abroad and use it up to an an year (ie: long holiday) but by the end of 12 months the car has to be taken out of the Island. Correct me guys if I am wrong!
  8. If the mechanic says there is no problem in the CV joint and also the EPS system then why still there is a problem when you turn the wheel? You better take it to another mechanic and see what he says. Don't think all kind of problems will be indicated even though it is Electronic Power Steering. If it was me I would have been happier if the problem is a broken CV joint boot as if there is any problem in the Electronic Power steering system it would be more complicated and expensive to repair. I would suggest you check the car in another joint and see what they say. Thank you for the wishes mate
  9. Thanks Kavvz and The Don for the wishes
  10. Both the Rx7 and the Rx8 are hot. Thanks for the share machan!
  11. Yes machan. Here I am now again. I managed to catch Big Boss on the email id which you gave me. Thanks Peri! Much Appreciated!!
  12. Thank you for opening up this thread for me machan!
  13. Thank You Very Very Much Guys for All Your Lovely Birthday Wishes! You Guys Made My Day!! Much Appreciated Boys. Honestly I don't even know personally some of the members who wished me..It means a lot Boys..Trust me.. Thanks Again Guys. Have Fun.
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  15. It sounds like CV joint to me. Check both the CV joint boots for any visible cracks. You can check it
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