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  1. Faz


    Ya i can speak to him and see first. so it would be great if you can mail me his contact details
  2. Faz

    Mini Front And Rear Bumpers Needed

    You might wanna try Eranda. The last time i was there he had a couple in good shape for sale
  3. Faz


    [email protected] does the guy specialize in mini's cheers mate
  4. Faz


    Not too bad really though i would like to check areas which i cant access is it possible to gimme the contacts and locations via email?
  5. Faz


    Hi all Where is the best place to get a full bodyshell retoration for the mini? to get it into great condition without rust. email me on [email protected] please Thanks
  6. Faz

    Alloy Wheels

    Thanks guys for you help. yep i meant wheel fabrication. Any place or website doing custom wheels where i can import from? I am after some mini wheels 10 x 7 to be precise.
  7. Faz

    Alloy Wheels

    Hi Just like to know if there are any places in Sri Lanka that do custom alloy wheels and tyres?
  8. Faz


    Thanks magnom I'll think about it. you've been of great help. any other suggestions/advice would be much appreciated cheers faz
  9. Faz


    Thanx guys I am thinkin 0f deep dish 10's (6x10) i like them but how are tens on Sri lankan roads with alot of rough roads and pot holes will it damage the car?
  10. Faz


    I've got 10's already thank you very much, I'm looking to upgrade and need advice which size is best for sl roads thanks again
  11. Faz


    Dear all can anyone tell me what wheel size (through experience) most suit srilankan roads.. 10's 12's or 13's cos i'm thinkin of upgrading. I'm not a racer but would like to have a miglia look on my car. I prefer 10's but need some advice ..... cheers Faz
  12. Faz


    Hi Can anybody tell me where I can get a new dash board for the mini and how much would it cost roughly Thanks
  13. Faz

    New Guages For Mini

    Thanks bro, Will send you a mail shortly
  14. Faz

    New Guages For Mini

    Cheers ace Any idea where I can check this out.... I myt need some contacts and m aware that it cannot be done here Is it possible to get your email address as I have quite alot of questions( If I may ask you) since my mini is in bad shape and I need some advice. appreciate yer help Faz
  15. Hi All I am new to the mini scene aswell as to this forum. Recently I bought a 1961 Austin mini which was in a pretty bad condition and I am in the process of restoring and modifying it. I wanna know if I could put in new type guages (electrical) with backlit display etc. I am thinkin of tacho, speedo, volt meter and oil pressure Pls let me know if this is possible cheers Faz