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  1. i'm here where it matters how goes it boys? been very low key cos work and other interests have taken their toll on me so i quite frankly haven't had as much time to visit the forum as i used to... looking forward to seeing you guys at the next AL meet though!
  2. hello everyone! thank you all for the wishes and i'm terribly sorry i've been elusive as i've been terribly tied up with work amongst other things and am hardly ever online... i do keep tabs on the forums but am unable to login and respond... and i haven't forgotten any of you either if i don't see you much on the forums i'm sure to see you at the next AL event take care all! sharkster
  3. sharkster

    Congrats Madz

    wait a minute... didn't your wife give birth a few months ago?? i swore i wished you then... congrats anyway machan
  4. i've only ever seen you drink Lion count me in although i'd be a tad late...
  5. Name- Shakir Jamaldeen Age- 25 Home Town- Colombo School- Wycherley International College- Kingston Uni, Surrey Occupation- Project Engineer, Aircraft Cargo Restraints - AmSafe Bridport although i took up the aerospace industry i've always been an avid fan of cars... didn't see much of a scope in the auto industry (relatively of course) hence why cars remain a hobby... i'm feeling lazy to post pics so the FB profile should suffice FB Profile
  6. sad to say certain agents don't see the value of thermostats either... i found mine online and in addition to shipping it cost less than the agent's price but it was still the genuine part... you might have to part with extra cash to avoid trouble later dude... good luck with your search...
  7. had a lot of bends on one of my alloys when i bought the car... amila did it for 3.5k... but it all depends on how bad your rim is... problem is the paint would probably peel off your rim like it did on mine cos of the heat used so you'll have to repaint it...
  8. great stuff andrew... everyone was on their best behaviour although some wanted to make a noisy exit... shame there were lotsa STi's and WRX's missing...
  9. argghhhh!!! would it be too late to send an entry? the car's not super but it's ok
  10. do you have any idea if these alarms have remote starts for manual cars? i had a korean alarm sometime ago which had a neutral sensor but i paid sun lanka a visit once and they said theirs was only for auto cars...
  11. D_Z i only know of the Carrera 4, 4S and 911 turbo being AWD... at least from their recent line up (starting from the 993)... i'm sure i've missed something but that's off the top of my head...
  12. machan if i can't afford the car let alone a ride in it i settle for official merchandise... it's the closest you can get to owning a part of the brand someday i will trot around displaying the keys to my own porsche/lambo or at least keys with a porsche/lambo keytag...
  13. MG sorry if i've missed it but what made you shift to the trans-am? was it the age of the camaro or something technical?
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