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  1. Any good place to install a security system bought from ebay ?. Does any one know how much it cost to install a secirity system. I brought down a viper 1002 system and searching for a reliable place to get it installed
  2. Thanks for the Clarification.
  3. Is VIC still in use. Or is it only required for older registration books. ?
  4. Understood. Never thought it is going to be a such complex process. The actual intention was to get more security to the passengers considering the fact that i regulary use the highway these days. Anyway thanks all for your valuable comments..
  5. Thanks jsw for your prompt reply..
  6. My FB15 car is a basic model which does not have a factory fitted passenger side airbag. I am planing to attach a passenger side air bag to this car. An expert please help me on the following problems i have. 1) I wonder whether it is possible to do this ?(currently there is a dummy pannel covering the place where the passenger air bag should be) 2) Can we just buy a passenger side air bag and plug it ? What other modifications/ parts do i need to have other than providing power to the new air bag ?. Experts please help on this. ..Appriciate if any one could recommend a good place for this modification
  7. sbr

    Car Lease Of Hire Purchase

    Once the hire purchase is settled, Hire purchase bank will give a letter stating that the bank has no further interest of the car. Owner should take this letter+vehicle book to the RMV and get the vehicle transferred under your name. After that you do not need to carry a letter from the hire purchase bank since the vehicle is already transferred to your name. A person working in the hire purchase industry once told me that, once a vehicle owner pays 50% of the total hire-purchase amount,he gets more legal ownership to the vehicle than the bank. Not sure how far this is practical. But according to my experience hire purchase cost me much more than going for a lease(about 5 years back).
  8. sbr

    Brake Light Issue... Fb15

    There is a brake light on/off switch connected to the of the brake pedal. Originally this comes with a plastic connector. Usually when this plastic connector get damaged, the brake lights stays in on position. You can replace it with a simple bolt. Any auto electrician can do it ( Also if you are confident this is a DIY work)
  9. sbr

    Dashboard Indicators

    In some FB15 models specially FE models, this econ indicator doesn't come. But oil indicator should be there..
  10. Can some one explain the differences between the leasing scheme and the hire purchase scheme. Which one is better if some one plans to pay the full amount earlier than the years specified in the agreement. Which scheme is more beneficial to the customer ? .
  11. sbr

    Vic Document

    Can some body explain me the importance of the VIC document( which i think comes only for English number registrations). and if the VIC document is lost, is there a way which some one can apply and get it back from RMV. (About how much it will cost to get it back..) thanks
  12. sbr

    Engine Oil Leak

    Hi Guys, I am planing to buy a toyota Sprinter 99 model. And When i inspect the car i could notice that there is a oil leak (around the oil filter area). I am planing to take the car to a good mechanic around Nugegoda area. Can some body recommend me a good mechanic who could inspect the car and give me a state of the car engine. Do si... va motors do those stuff. Please help me. could this oil leak becomes a major trouble in .. expect your comments... thanks...
  13. sbr

    Efi System Of Nissan Presea R11

    Few days back same type of problem happened to my B15. I took it to a guy living in kelaniya. He first did the tuning and after tuning he carefully listened to the engine sounds and said that there is a problem in the ECU. So he removed ecu's circuit board to see what was going on. For my luck one of idle control IC has gone(actually bursted). The funny thing is there was no check engine light shown. But finally i could replace the ECU and now the car goes smoothly. and does very well in fuel.
  14. sbr

    Is This A Normal Behaviour

    sorry guys for late reply, I have another problem now. the thing is in my car there is no RPM meter . So in that case is there any technique to get the idea of the engine rpm ?
  15. Guys I have a question about a automatic car behavior, The thing is I have a automatic FB15, Before i took it for a tuning, when i put the gear to the D (drive position) the car didn't move forward until i press the accelerator, But after the tuning was done, the car tries to move forward when i put the gear to D ( and not giving any gas) . I really have to press the brake peddle very hard to stop it moving forward. And i have notices that when i put the geat to P or N now the engine rev very much than earlier. My question is is this a normal scenario after a tune, or has something gone wrong at the tuning process ? . Expect your valuable comments please.