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  1. i am glad you went that way. I bet it was that whole "player" image huh?....j/k just get a good PPI done, esp on the chassis crack.
  2. time for pros and cons list (some of these are personal experiences from test driving and borrowed driving and others are what i have heard from friends and read on the internets) For M3 - higher purchase price for same mileage + lower depreciation rate +enthusiasts will still want one with 70-80K miles when you wanna sell + peak power available at low gears + SMG (better compared to Auto) - SMG means possible redlined engine - possible SMG pump/clutch replacement + slightly better handling + many upgrades on interior from regular E46 (some awesome color combinations) - interior is cramped esp back seats - Insurance is higher - image of a single /player/ young professional who is a weekend racer For C55 + Lower purchase price - higher depreciation rate - not many people looking for a C55 with 70-80K miles (not enthusiasts) - real power doesn't come in until higher gears/speeds - autotragic + hard to redline engine (i think) - tranny is a weak point with all that power - slightly softer handling compared to M3 - minor interior upgrades from regular C - interior is cramped but i think the C55 has split rear folding seats for runs to Home depot + insurance is lower + image of a more mature (read boring) stable (usually WHITE) man who gets someone else to do his landscaping if you have any plans for a baby seat in the near future then i would NOT consider the E39 M5 too big. I have had a few friends' car seats in the E39 and it makes the front seats a lil cramped (and I am only 6ft tall). Either one of the cars you're considering would be impractical as a baby hauler. The E39 M5 is just too expensive (BRAKE$) to maintain as a DD, also not having a spare wheel can be a hassle. again, i am not trying to steer you in any (BMW) direction but this is just my 2 cents... hope it helps
  3. this is a tough decision....... if I was given the option, it would definitely be the E46 M3. but then i wouldn't DD it or consider it as a family car (esp in OH with all that nasty weather, you will need winter tires - i used to live in Cinci). The M3 is much more fun to drive IMO. I think the M's are going for low 20s with plenty of CPO left. On the E46, have a PPI for vanos, sub frame cracks, coolant reservoir leaks, fan clutch, etc. I am hoping you have driven both of them and considered the true cost of owning both of them. I DIY most of the stuff (on E39), but the maintenance (brakes, belts, pulleys, tensioners, etc.) can be costly and repairs (clutch, SMG pump, etc.) will be staggering. If you DIY, both engine bays are cramped full of all sorts of goodies, but is a bitch to work in. Good Luck with the search and have fun test driving cars. Watch out for douche bag salesmen at BMW store and Merc steelership
  4. you turn off the OD when you're going down a hill (to stay in a lower gear) so you can maintain a controlled speed without using the breaks. IF you don't then the vehicle would be in perpetual acceleration and you would have to use your brakes to maintain speed. It is also safe to drive with OD off when roads are very slippery (ie iced up here in the US). This way, all you have to do is take the foot off the car and the vehicle will immediately start to decelerate. This is esp. helpful on RWD vehicles. The last thing you want to do is tap the brakes when you have little to no traction and start sliding and get sideways.
  5. I don't agree with their E30 M position either. Its no Zonda F but it deserves better...
  6. dhp

    Bmw 760li V12

    no, that's a 790 rice rice baby! but for each their own...
  7. yeah. me thinks the same. If not, commandatori will be turning in his grave. The expensive suped up SU/AV market is already pretty well saturated with the Cayenne S and the up coming X5M and X6M. IMHO these combo sports car/ utility vehicles that are suppose to be the "best of both worlds" are actually good at neither.
  8. I would say one that is parked or going down hill sorry, couldn't help it but you might wanna narrow your criteria a bit. Its not a fair comparison to put luxury SUVs with 3rows of seats to a purpose built SUV or a smaller Suzuki type SUV. If you plan on spending 2-7 mil on an SUV you probably have more requirements than simply their fuel economy (seating capacity, ride quality, ruggedness, IMAGE, etc). The guys here are pretty good at pointing you in the right direction if you can give a lil bit more info Good luck with your search
  9. congrats with the baby. I hope you also showed him some car pics so he can get a well rounded education. be careful with the claws man. our cat has scratched two kids in the face. We might have to increase our liability insc. if this keeps up. I was in gaithersburg last month, also made a stop at spice lanka on the way and stocked up on some essentials.
  10. cool pics. I was just thinking about the Veyron...LA to miami =2750 miles, @10mpg(conservative driving) that's 275 gallons of gas. that's 10 fuel stops (26gal tank) I guess they had one of these in the race too
  11. I have a 99 maxima and I have heard of a similar issue from other owners. This could be due to the front-02 sensors going bad. From what I know, a bad intake-02 sensor(s) play a vital role in adjusting the fuel mixture and RPMs to stall the engine. I personally have a failing rear-02 sensor and haven't caused any issues yet, but that just fine-tunes the mixture to get lower emissions but the front 02 sensors will actually effect your engine operation.
  12. dhp

    Mahendra Scorpio Bodykit

    that vehicle has Subaru, Pontiac , F1, F2 and Greyhound stickers....WTF? did someone just randomly put brand names and letters. Reminds me of this old sticker on a 3-wheeler in SL saying "4WD" I have the same reaction the guy in the 1st pic has...literal face-palm
  13. 1.if steel is being exposed then it will rust 2.you apply primer on top of the putty (body filler) alternately until you're happy with the finish and then you apply the paint. Paint should go on primer and no putty. The curing time really depends on the paint, number of coats, temperature and humidity. In most cases you wet-sand the primer, wash it off, let it completely dry and then paint..in practicality it ends up being the next day
  14. Nice Ride Chamal. a lot of my ME buddies ended up at Cummins. I went to UK and lived in KY for 7 yrs.. I am sure its quite different from Cali sssshhh! dont ask questions, he has mafia connections man....
  15. dhp

    Bbq Grill

    sorry about the confusion.... there are some nice portable grills out there. If you're making one with barrels, try to get a flat bottom made for the charcoal tank or you will have uneven heat and wasted coal. Thanks, I'll be waiting for the pics
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