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  1. GP5 all the way. Have an Aqua as well. I like the 2015 aqua than the older one, it looks more neater. I drive both soemtimes, and the Aqua is alright but looks and sounds dull, and not necessarily great, I don't think there will be a huge difference in resale as now there are plenty of Hondas in the street, and they are extremely good looking.
  2. so what do i do???? When should I do my next oil change, did my last oil change june 2015 and I put havoline ow20, said 6 months or 5000KM? I did 2000KM since June. Any ideas? can you postpone the next oil change? etc. Thanks for ur wonderful replies which I don't understand.
  3. Thank you for everyone's comments. I know this had been discussed before. But what I am asking is a tad different. Stafford maybe super in service, but is Auto Miraj that bad? how come they sustain there business for so long if they are so bad. My next question is about the engine oil, engine oil for 0w20 is 5000KM or every 6 months, can you prolong to change your engine oil maybe slightly late, perhaps say 8 months? I don't run very much, perhaps 2000-3000KM every 3-4 months, what's your personal advice, on changing the engine oil and services rendered? Thank you soooo much.
  4. If I asked Stafford now, I wouldn't ask anyone else right?! Your excused Sir from answering my question, next person please?!
  5. Hi peeps I like my question marks, thank you very much, exclamation marks are for your attention only. Anyhow, Stafford Vs Auto Miraj, there isn't any difference right?! And why isn't anyone answering my question. So lets say you put ow20 Havoline, and they say you can run up to 5000KM, do some people run more than 5000KM, and is it an necessitate even if you don't run up to 5000, that you change the oil every 6 months, whats your input Please?!
  6. Hi Guys and Girls I have a question and general as it is. I have an Honda Fit Gp5, 1500 engine? My last service was in June this year, and I have only run 2,000KM since this is my second vehicle and run only twice/thrice a week. The service center had put 0W20 from Havoline, and wondering if that's indeed good, and they told me I can run up to 5,000 KM, but I should change it every 6 months, what's your input, and how do you manage to get around your Oil Change/Maintenance procedures, is it really necessary to change it at these intervals, can you drive it maybe a bit more, Thanks again.
  7. Thanks a lot. I put the Havoline 0w20 synethtic oil Said will last 6 months or 5000KM. I have to go to Auto Miraj to do the service. Since the Oil was important to change, changed it and next is service. Thanks again!
  8. My friend has a leaf, and eventhrough he runs 10-15km a day, he has to charge it every week. The car is good, and silent. But what's annoying is the charging part, sometimes charging points are occupied by another customer, sometimes 2, and you need around 35-40 minutes to charge and to pay and etc. Charging at home takes 8 hours with his charger, and sometimes it doesn't draw the correct charge amount. Eventhrough he's 2013 leaf is supposed to do 170KM, it only does 110KM according to his driving style.
  9. My friend has an Nissan Leaf. The car looks great and works just like a hybrid in silent mode. However charging it is such an hassle. He sometimes has to make short trips between, and he tried to charge it for 1.30 mins, but it only could give him 5-10KM of distance, in the end we took the TUK. (he has a charge station at home, and needs to charge it for 7-8 Hours to gain 110-130KM of running power) Additionally when we sometimes get to the charging station (Not many) there might be 2-3 cars, and we would have to wait an hour, the earliest time we got out once was when there wasn't any cars, but still took 35Mins to pump juice into it. I think it's better to stay clear right now, Unless you rarely take your car out, and travel 10-15km a day, and you could charge it every 3-4 day's without having the hassle to keeping it always on charge. It's like my phone, needs charging everyday in the night, and takes 2 hours, and it frequently needs juice, sometimes having an dead battery in the middle of the day is such an hassle.
  10. Hi all I am wondering when should I first service my car. It was bought almost brand new from Japan 4 months ago. (10KM on the meter) And the service agent said to bring it when it reaches 2000KM. I'm about 3-4 weeks away from reaching 2k KM. Would that be the recommended cycle? The car details are Honda Fit GP5.
  11. My friend has one. She said with the AC on it only does between 90-100km. She says the hardest part is charging it, as it is time consuming.
  12. That's too far, isn't there a good place in Colombo.. How is Arabian Motors?
  13. Bump! Can someone please give me an suggestion, I have gotten the paint, how do I make it look like the way it was?
  14. for basic minor bumper paintings and stuff, which place is the most recommended and would do a good job?
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