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  1. KaluZ

    Avon Tyres

    As a suggestion, try Yokohama/Advan. I have had a set on my car and even with a few track days, the grip is amazing, and the wear rate is acceptable. Very responsive and predictable handling. N
  2. KaluZ

    Wanna Be An Owner Of Mini

    I just got into the MINI ownership a few months ago. The biggest mistake I made was to buy an MPI version rather than a SPI or a carb. I say this because the ECU on the MPI is rather hard to tap into and the integrated immobilizer is a pain. That said, I love it. Here are the things to look for on a test drive. 1) On the newer ones, 2nd gear seems to start wearing out early. way more evident on a cold start. 2) Rust 3) Steering bushings. 4) Check the suspension to see if its the original rubber version, or converted. 5) Have fun!!! Its a blast to own. For a fun factor, i will give it a 9/10!
  3. KaluZ

    Bodykit Designer In Kandy......

    There is no better person to talk about Kandy and Body kits than good old Velocity. PM him.
  4. KaluZ

    Kit Cars

    I would love to get a Miata and then turn it into a Seven. I have a friend doing it in the US and even though there are some challenging areas, it mostly seems like fun. But Long time ago I know there were a couple of Westfields assembled in SL. Just wondering if one could bring in a new kit now with the current rules.
  5. KaluZ

    Kit Cars

    Whats the deal with getting a kit car? Ideally I would want to register it. And When i say kit car, I am thinking a Caterham or a Westfield kit. Would prefer to do the assembly myself. Can they be registered?
  6. KaluZ

    Which Sports Car?

    So i havent driven either a GTR or a 911 Turbo. But I am torn with the choice. For flat out fast laps I would take the GTR any day, but for a great sunday drive in the mountains, man that Flat 6 in the porsche sounds good. also for that price range you cant get a decent turbo. Now the car i would pick over both of those is a used GT3 .
  7. KaluZ

    Known Sti's In Sl

    Well Nishan's ex car is a dark Red, really nice color... I should know, have driven it a few times..must say the most boring STi to date. But i hear there is another in town.
  8. KaluZ

    Porsche Or Ferrari And Why?

    I Own a Carerra S. Absolutely Love it. After driving a 350Z, all sorts of Evo's and STI's..I still love it..and its my daily driver. Apart from a super loud exhaust, its as practical as my Z used to be. Maybe even more so as it can take more stuff. On the track its amazing, demands a little bit more restraint when driving as the nose is light, but powering out of corners never felt so great. That said, I havent driven a Ferrari, but I want one!!!!!!!! The Porsche is a great sports car...the Ferrari to me is an ICON... It does what its supposed to do...gives you goose bumps, and makes me feel like a kid. The Ferrari makes me desire a truly impractical object...even seeing a slower 308 on the road makes me want one... to me thats a true exotic!!!! If it can make you do something that doesn't all add up to common sense.... I voted Ferrari... but if i was doing more track days, please get me a GT3RS!!!!!
  9. KaluZ


    Nishan - 36.06s Darin - 36.6Xs DD - 36.8Xs Dont know the others...
  10. KaluZ


    Hey as much as I love the Z, I would hate to test it against a 4WD on Mahagastota. On both the hairpins the LSD will have to work overtime and still spin the outside wheel. Hope a record is broken this time.
  11. KaluZ

    Any Mistubishi Owners In The Forum?

    What the............ I have a monte with 200K miles on it and still running!!!! and you know what, unlike those POS EVO RS' types, one of my power windows still work!!!!
  12. But you gotta love the possible weight reduction!!!!!! This Fairlady will make my Fairlady seem like a fat and slow Lady!!!!!!
  13. KaluZ

    Katukurunda Circuit Meet 2008

    Shall try. Looking to get rid of it for something more practical.
  14. KaluZ

    Rare Evo X Vs Evo Ix Video

    I recommend Kodi the race engineer from Sri Lanka. bugger is great. you might end up with more components than what you started with too!!!!
  15. KaluZ

    Katukurunda Circuit Meet 2008

    lens was a Canon 70-200L IS F4. absolutely love the lens. And please, no more excuses about rain!!!! a good old poly bag works great!!!!!!