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  1. Wow interesting story.....
  2. OH yeah Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hay........I can't upload Avatar's what seems to be the problem?.....
  4. good infor thanks machan
  5. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tks Z
  6. Conversions, Racing Products & Tuning Tharidu - 0777700555
  7. Where are you from machan?
  8. Dilesh....he is asking 5.6m for the car. Car looks neat.
  9. Nuwan B4

    Known Sti's In Sl

    Yes machan it was owned by Rohan De silva and now he is using Nigel's STi 7.....I know Rohan very well and he used to tell me its STi 5.
  10. Nuwan B4

    Known Sti's In Sl

    Machan its brownish now....i cant remember that number...but i will update you......
  11. i dont like the looks of it too....great mechine though
  12. Gihan nice pics and admirable car man
  13. Nuwan B4

    Known Sti's In Sl

    Devinda STi 3 RA...you are refering is very much alive and running.....
  14. Nuwan B4

    Porsche 944

    It is getting restored Andrew....and soon it will be in the road...
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