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  1. Swift beetle fuel consumption

    Thank you very much for the update. yes this does only 8-9 Kmpl and recently i clean the manifold coz had lot of carbon and EGR valve too. then installed new iridium plugs . now it does 8 -9 from 6-7. not a fuel economical car. but it really good with pulling power.
  2. Swift ZC11 2004

    Dear friends, I got my swift few months back and few things need to clear. 1. There is sticker on the passenger side of the window - Security alarm but i still cannot find the alarm , or it may have disabled. no alarm switch on the dash board. but i can see one blue color wire connector there and i believe it may have disabled by removing the alarm switch. may be that connector is belongs to some other. 2. on the information panel (temperature and fuel consumption panel) one red light there and never seen it flashing or on . and do not know the purpose of that. 3. There is one sensor or indicator on top of the dash board (very closed to windscreen from inside) and no idea what was that if you guys got same model of swift , can you please advise me on above Thank you sira
  3. used bumper bracket . they have charged 8000 for this from my insurance company but installed broken one!! another issue was , the new paint and old paint colors are miss matched!
  4. Dear friends. think again when you want to get a paint job from MR.P. they are not professionals. see attached pic. i had to send my car for 2 more time to fix the dent issue. they do not care much. see the issues below 1. they supposed to replace the bumper bracket but they have fixed the broken one.agreed to replace it later. do not know when! 2. first time they did not fixed the dent but just paint it. 3.The lacquer mist is every where. 3. Bad cataloy paste work. 4. when i collect the car , one fuse had burned. the dash board lights was not coming on when the ignition on. how ever i personally attend to this and fixed it with my own be careful !
  5. Swift 2004 ATF Oil

    Yes, i have changed with mobile 3309 now i can see big difference with the puling power Thanks
  6. Swift 2004 ATF Oil

    Dear Friends I'm looking for the equivalent AFT oil brand for my Swift. on the dip stick it says 3317 or equivalent. The original Suzuki Oil cost will be 4500/- and few of them said if not CVT or Triptonic normal ATF is compatible. can you please advise me on this https://www.google.lk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwih59Stp7rVAhWJu48KHYaFCIYQFggkMAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ipdusa.com%2Ffiles%2Fproduct%2F509%2FAISIN%20ATF%20OE%20INTERCHANGE.PDF&usg=AFQjCNHCsxtiDEAjKUFVCijnAm3QjHa7ow Thank you sira
  7. Swift beetle fuel consumption

    Dear Friends will you please advise me average fuel consumption of Swift 2004-2007 cars. i got 2004 one and it dose 8 Km/l in Colombo and 10-12 out station thanks Sira
  8. Swift 2004

    Hi Rumesh Not really, couldn't see any issue. how easy to change them with studs? originally it comes with bolts. see the attachment
  9. Swift 2004

    Tried, that . no luck
  10. Swift 2004

    Dear Friends Y'day i managed to do a tuneup this car by my self got a help form friend. I removed and cleaned all injectors. but i was not be able to remove the throttle body , all 4 screws were very very tight . only managed to unscrew one , And second screw gone wrong and i think it got damaged. it was not about to unscrew. only turning and now not able to tight too. so i thought it will gonna be a mess if i try to remove other 2 screws. just park that task and just apply form injector cleaning on throttle body. my question is why this throttle body screws are that much of tight and how remove this in future Sira
  11. Swift 2004

  12. Swift 2004

    Dear Friends I brought 2004 Swift car last week and i really love this car. it got very good pulling power , I do not know this got CVT or Normal AT gear box . I can see a yellow circle on the dash board and one my tech said this has CVT, 1. how do in know the exact model of gear box this has. if CVT then need more attention and how often should i change Oil ? 2. The previous owner has changed the EPS Rack . I have heard this model of Swift gives Rack issue. how to prevent this Rack failing in future? 3. Left lower arm bush has broken. is it freely are available ? where can i buy them ? or need to replace the whole arm ? 4. I can see security alarm sticker on the glass and it seems no alarm. only remote lock and unlock. no beacon too. 5 Any other preventive maintenance required? Let me have your valuable advice on this please Thank you
  13. Swift beetle 2004

    No, it only for the scanner