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  1. sira

    Honda Fit GP1 fuel meter issue

    Does it fixed?
  2. sira

    GP 1 performance issue

    No i don't see any Engine oil burn smell and oil were up to the limit.
  3. sira

    Honda Fit GP1 fuel meter issue

    Hi I had a slimier issue with my GP1 2011 and finaly realized that if its very low on the tank you need to fill at least 10-15 liters to get rid of Waring. I used to fill the tank with 1500 LKR to get rid of the Waring and now it is 1700 LKR. so try to fill another 5 liters and see if its reset
  4. Dear Honda FIT GP 1 Users. Please note FIT GP1 AC evaporator coil can be removed without dismantling the dash board. you need to remove blower unit by separating the air intake door assembly and motor assembly then can access the cooler coil side. remove 2 door motors ,then remove all the screws of the evaporator cover. just one screw is hardest part which is hidden on the firewall side. I went to 2 places and both then said need to dismantle the dash board. but i did it with my self with advice from Honda expert. sira
  5. sira

    Honda FIT GP1 - Engine Oil Burning

    http://recallsearch4.honda.co.jp/sqs/r001/R00101.do?pn=R00101&wn=0&syadai_no1=&syadai_no2=&fn=English Your frame number GP1 - xxxxxxxx [Search Result] The frame number of the vehicle you input is not "subject to the vehicle search" because it has been exported outside the country. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Just went thro with your details. you can get an idea with the chassis number it will affect the number series below. I got 2011 and number is GP1-1089012 which should be ok with this issue. i guess. if you are willing to buy a GP-1 Please make sure the avoid below series GP1-1200002 to GP1-1242186 GP1-8000002 to GP1-8000091
  6. sira

    GP 1 performance issue

    Dear friends Few things i realized on this GP 1 after using it for 2 months time. the said issue is happening when the hybrid battery is low. i believe then engine will try to charge it then performance go down. please correct if this wrong Thanks
  7. sira

    GP 1 performance issue

    Yes , he has but not clearly said that he replace the gear box. So my intention is to show my car to same person and get it checked Anyway thank you for highlighting it sira
  8. sira

    GP 1 performance issue

    Dear Friends this is the issue i'm referring . and this user has submit tend the issue in another place. please see them https://mechanics.stackexchange.com/questions/18437/honda-fit-gp1-hybrid-2011-knock
  9. sira

    GP 1 performance issue

    Thank you for the update. last week end i went to Delkanda to fix my folding mirror issue and met a same GP1 owner at the shop and he said if EV mode is off it very hard for ramp and he also not using EV mode. so then i tried it so i can feel the deference. sira
  10. sira

    Honda GP 1 Hybrid -

    I just switch off the ev mode and seems ok now
  11. sira

    GP 1 performance issue

    Just for update i did switch off the EV mode and all seems fine now
  12. Hi I asked this question from other forum( see below ) how ever looking for an advice from Honda section. i believe one of GP 1 user help me on this. This is GP1 2011 and 65,000. battery is 25% Gear oil has changed in 40K and never done a engine tune up still the original spark plugs. got it checked before buy it from Stafford and no any issue and no oil burn problem too. when i'm start using i felt some thing wrong in this. morning it was awesome!! very good pulling power. After around 1 hour time behavior will changed as below it seem very lazy to move and i had to give more gas to get the required power and then engine RPM go around 3000-5000. some times when i press i apply the break engine RPM go 1500 and then cut off. normally it will shut down smoothly . this happens during heavy traffic and moving 1m per second . it looks applying breaks every second and accelerate if the car lazy mode and give more gas, car got small knock, or wobbling or bucking. i really need to get this checked and one person in stafford said this is normal for hybrid and do a Engine tune up and see. is there any place i can get this checked thoroughly ? please let me know your idea Thank you sira
  13. sira

    Honda GP 1 Hybrid -

    Thank you and appriciate you advice. how ever i need to get this checked by a proper person. I showed to Stafford and they said do a tune up and see. not sure how will effect this issue. do you know any one who can thoroughly check this issue? sira