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  1. Dear Friends I'm hoping to buy this car and did the condition test. see the attached, will some one advice me how is the battery condition . this is 2011 Fid hybrit one SOC - 72% usable IMA battery capacity - 25%
  2. Thank you for the update. i was not aware of 2013 model issue.
  3. Dear friends Since last month i was looking for a car . I gone thro with Honda GE 6 YOM 2007 to 2009. and most of them are good and expensive too. So then searched the spare parts and it looks this is very uncommon car and very difficult to find used spares. very nice car. Then i thought pay more and get a good one, good fuel economical and bit a new one. Then i searched Honda GP1 2011-2013 and looks bit a common car and spare parts are easily available even Hybrid Battery pack cost around 120K and Engine + gear box around 140K (at vikasaitha homagama) got few comments from few of them and they said hybrid battery will last for 8-10 years and then you need to replace them. some of said this model got engine oil burn issue and repair cost go around 100k. so far I have had honda and swift and they were nice. what i'm looking for is If its below 3 M 10-12 kmpl city and 15 or above in outstation. IF its below 3.4 M Prefer Hybrid with low mileage please let me know your valuable ideas Thank you sira
  4. GD1 and GE6

    Dear Friends I'm looking for GD1 or GE6 which above YOM of 2006. how good is it? 1. Fuel consumption 2. Spare parts 3. Known issue 4 . Any other current market price Thank you Sira
  5. ES 8

    Dear Friends Looking for a ES8 and some of them said ES8 VTi with Multimatic will give you a very good fuel economy. 10Kmpl in colombo and 12-15 out station. but multimatic gear box you need to maintain well ES8 Exi is not very good with fuel economy how true is this? sira
  6. Engine Life span

    Thank you very much for the update. This comment was said by famous engineer and i doubt that too. so that's why i asked the question Thank you all Sira
  7. Hi This could result due to wrong caster angle. please check it first . "car care - wellawatta" they can check it manually. the front wheels must comeback to straight position when you release the steering wheel after turning, this force will generated with the caster angle while driving. like the wheels on " super market trolley", it's adjust to the direction Other thing is due to incorrect camber angle the caster force may not be generated. so result would be the same.the camber angle may differ due to shock absorber damage. also check type pressure. first do the proper wheel alignment then start repair. Sira
  8. Engine Life span

    Dear Friends,Dear Friends. what is the life span of below mechanical areas of motor car. Life span of Engine - i heard after 100,000 km the car engines will decrees the performance and fuel consumption . Some of said, toyota is good long life span . and honda can be 300,000 - 500,000 with carefully maintained. how true of these comments? life span of electronic sensors? map, airflow O2....etc Life span of the gear box Let me have your valuable idea Sira
  9. Swift 2004 carbon soot on the exhaust

    Thanks Ranadeewa. this is 2004 beetle model and yes MA13 Engine. Hope no carbon on the tail pipe Thank you
  10. Dear Friends I need your advise on this. I brought this car 6, 7 month back and i realized the fuel consumption is very bad. some times it is 6 Kmpl. also noticed that the exhaust is dark. So I taken my car to 2 different mechanics and they did almost every thing. then consumption became 7-8 kmpl . but the issue is exhaust pipe got carbon soot and plugs look bit a dark . No MIL indication and no error on engine scan Emission test was passed see my tuneup details. Tuneup 1 - mechanic 1 clean all injectors replaced the Air filter Unable to remove throttle body due to bad bolt. Applied injector cleaner in to that Same issue Tuneup 2 - mechanic 2 Clean all injectors Removed the manifold and cleaned all of them Cleaned the EGR Valve Cleaned Throttle body - by removing it from manifold and cleanned all sensors Replaced the Spark plugs - iridium Same issue Tuneup 3 - mechanic 2 Replaced all 4 injectors. Cleaned the Throttle body replaced the air filter doesn't seems fixed the issue. Now the same mechanic saying , replace oxygen sensor 2 next to catalytic converter. I have spent hell of money on this issue and bit a reluctant to spend more rather not knowing exact fault. I went to Anuradhapura on week end and it dose only 12 Kmpl. so i think it should do more than that. Do you think this is normal? . Can this be a Oxygen sensor issue ?cannot see the error on the scan . The same mechanic said, some occasions sensors may not get 100% faulty but the reading may get degraded. but i'm not convinced with that. Hope you understand the this and waiting for your valuable comments thank you
  11. Swift beetle fuel consumption

    Thank you very much for the update. yes this does only 8-9 Kmpl and recently i clean the manifold coz had lot of carbon and EGR valve too. then installed new iridium plugs . now it does 8 -9 from 6-7. not a fuel economical car. but it really good with pulling power.
  12. Swift ZC11 2004

    Dear friends, I got my swift few months back and few things need to clear. 1. There is sticker on the passenger side of the window - Security alarm but i still cannot find the alarm , or it may have disabled. no alarm switch on the dash board. but i can see one blue color wire connector there and i believe it may have disabled by removing the alarm switch. may be that connector is belongs to some other. 2. on the information panel (temperature and fuel consumption panel) one red light there and never seen it flashing or on . and do not know the purpose of that. 3. There is one sensor or indicator on top of the dash board (very closed to windscreen from inside) and no idea what was that if you guys got same model of swift , can you please advise me on above Thank you sira
  13. used bumper bracket . they have charged 8000 for this from my insurance company but installed broken one!! another issue was , the new paint and old paint colors are miss matched!
  14. Dear friends. think again when you want to get a paint job from MR.P. they are not professionals. see attached pic. i had to send my car for 2 more time to fix the dent issue. they do not care much. see the issues below 1. they supposed to replace the bumper bracket but they have fixed the broken one.agreed to replace it later. do not know when! 2. first time they did not fixed the dent but just paint it. 3.The lacquer mist is every where. 3. Bad cataloy paste work. 4. when i collect the car , one fuse had burned. the dash board lights was not coming on when the ignition on. how ever i personally attend to this and fixed it with my own be careful !
  15. Swift 2004 ATF Oil

    Yes, i have changed with mobile 3309 now i can see big difference with the puling power Thanks