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  1. In case the matter is not sorted yet.... Check the hinges that attach the bonnet to the car as well. With time these may wear off and can end up with a slight play. Try lifting the bonnet near both hinges with minimum force so that you'll only test and not try to break it. I once came across a similar experience... cleaned up and put in the correct rivets ..... fairly simple fix finally...
  2. 1- Too early to believe it's improved. we'll need a few more to take the plunge and give feedback. 2- Quite possible. That also implies Carmart has recruited fellows who can actually understand customers who know Peugeots! 3- Probably the real reason I do hope things have actually gone for better... for decades the idiots didn't understand what they were loosing in the market
  3. seeker

    Are Hybrid Cars Prone To Fire?

    In those movies, only the big black jeeps from FBI goes over the bridge and blow up on impact, ne? So I think OP should not worry about buying his Hybrid...
  4. seeker

    Ebay Good Or Bad?

    Yes, This is the exact experience I've had with them. Endless delays, several visits, nonsense promises etc... and finally when I got the product, there were damages and they had the balls to tell me I'll be given the product at a slight discount only. I got the refund and told them to keep the bloody thing. They've come up with a great concept but seems to be rather interested in chasing away the customers.
  5. seeker

    Corolla 141

    Yes, safety is the reason. But when setting up the rules, the Japs assumed the mechanics here will have the same level of honesty and focus as the ones over there. After a few problems similar to ones mentioned in the topic, I now insist on standing by the vehicle or doing frequent visits to the shop floor; and tell off anybody who'll try to push me out. A bit of noise, sadly, is the way to get things done in most places in SL.
  6. seeker

    Best Car For 5 Million (2012-2013)

    If you want the Allion go and buy the bloody thing... your money, not ours..... you are good enough to find 5mn bucks; so can't be dumb enough to believe that a sales guy decides the tax policies of this country?
  7. seeker

    Rules Against Odo Meter Rollback?

    Do what JDnet mentioned... if you go to the agents with the true story, chances are the warranty will be made void... In any case, guess You've learned the lesson to verify maintenance records and general condition of a vehicle, rather than buy into "low mileage" stories.. 40,000 will never come this way
  8. seeker

    Suv For The Permit

    Yep. We got ours (2l version offered in SL) delivered for around 6Mn this month. Too new to comment much. But the fuel figures are identical to yours. Yet to push hard due to the run-in period, but love the ride. Done only Colombo running and no complains so far about pickup and handling. Feels quieter than the previous version, but that can be a perception matter. Extra money will be someone hoping to make an additional buck... I came across a car sale fellow close to Kohuwala who was trying to sell a 2.4 JDM for 9.5Mn, when you can buy a permit and bring the same for about 7-7.5! Some people simply don't get it.....
  9. seeker

    Suv For The Permit

    What you are looking for doesn't seem to require any off road capabilities and seems You've already decided on the choice by the time the topic was started If it's otherwise, as someone suggested, the Vitara and X-trail comes about one or two million cheaper. The CRV, a quiter petrol engine is about 500k less and from what I heard, is a bit more efficient (fuel wise) than predecessors..... It's upto the individual to figure out what options they really need and whether they should pay for options that will suit the next owner..
  10. seeker

    What's The Better Option..

    You'll be amazed to know there are a number of people who'd recommend a 15 year old Toyota over a five year old Jap of a different brand, simply because they think the Toyota's never breakdown The few I know who've used this are a quite happy with the car in terms of economy and reliability. As for knowledge, I don't think there are many who'd have an indepth technical knowledge about the car they drive. But we all get along, don't we?
  11. seeker

    What's The Better Option..

    Just a suggestion..... why not a Mitsubushi Lancer CS1? you can get a newer car and a value for money deal. A well maintained Lancer is better than a badly maintained vios anyday... and yes, it can climb mountains, mechanics can repair lancers and parts are available.. as for reselling, any car can be sold if it's priced right.
  12. seeker

    Honda Civic Import Help

    Nope. Both FD1 and FD4 came from Japan. As far as I know, the hybrids (FD3), brought down as used cars were from UK.
  13. seeker

    Looking To Buy Axio / 141

    There really isn't much of a difference between Axio's basic X, the special edition X and G grades in terms of the utility values, IMHO... For a daily drive I'll not necessarily pay extra for auto A/C, an intelligent key or some plastics referred to as teak.... The HIDs can be a bit of a helpful option though...
  14. seeker

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Well it says the engine is 1300 isn't it? Don't think the minor made it beyond the 800 & 1000 lots.... The guy must have dug a hole and put the VW engine infront to solve your prob...
  15. seeker

    Used Tyres

    Wouldn't that be kind of a social service? takes off a shit seller and a shittly maintained vehicle off the grid.....