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  1. thanks for the reply! I went there to see the facility today and had a look around the work they do. seems good... there was a gentleman name Michael, a kind of Workshop Manager, seems knowledgeable and concerned about quality. there was properly operating Paint Booth as well. Was this there at that time? Despite it does not look "posh" it seems they do a good job now.
  2. Hi, Planning to get a accident repair done from j********i Aotu Center at Hunupitiya, Colombo. Is this a good place for Paint Work? Any good or bad experiences? thanks in advance! https://www.google.lk/maps/place/j********i+Fulloption+Auto+Center/@6.9153821,79.8558453,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3ae2596c0c7560c7:0xd3fc41eaff43edf5!8m2!3d6.9153768!4d79.858034?hl=en
  3. useless investment... U hardly ever get the use of it. Even if you want to you have to pull over, stop and watch due to signal problem. Can we watch the TV at home if someone keep on rotating the antenna? I have spent on 65k for a head unit with TV, I can not even remember whether I have a TV on board after few days.
  4. I also got down a Axio with 24k millage and did the first service at TL. What U could do is to get a corolla 141 manual which is in English. There you'll find a table for Engine Maintenance, in which the Axio engine (1NZ-FE)is also there. There the maintenance intervals are vary clearly mentioned and separate tables are there for your driving condition (eg: dusty roads, melted snow,short drives such as police patrol etc). What I noticed was that the TL recommendations were more stringent than Toyota, which you really do not want.
  5. Karcher high pressure cleaners,one of the best in its kind, has only 70 hrs of life. Its a great water saver, but use with care only when and where you absolutely want it. (not to wash the by the side trees, pavements etc. etc while washing the car )
  6. dinran


    The details are mentioned separately for the 1NZ-FE engine....you know, the manuals are provided not just for one engine....but for few engine models.
  7. Hi, I used to stop the engine at "N" position (CVT gear system). Is this harmful? Appreciate your rational thoughts please. cheers
  8. dinran


    The engine and the CVT system came with the 141 corolla, which were imported "brand new" by permit holders and the engines come with the Axio, Alion 260 and Primo are the same. You will easily be able to find a user manual of the 141 Corolla, which is in English. All these engine maintenance info is there very clearly.. CVT oil change is in every 40k Later I understood that what I wrote above is wrong....the message to be corrected as... The spec/detail/maintenance of the engine 1NZ-FE (Axio, Premio, Alian etc) are mentioned in the manual came with 141 Corollas which are imported "brand new" and is in English. Where you will find all the engine maintenance details. I found it very useful. Just have one photo copied..
  9. try this.. http://toyota.epc-data.com/corolla_axio/nze141/ however I found this very useful, they reply for every query this supports not only Toyota but also few other makes... http://www.epc-data.com/
  10. its varying from 1% to 3%, higher the reputation, experience..higher the rate. some architects charge per sq feet. I was talking to one guy, who is charging Rs 30 per sq feet and Rs 2500 per visit. Note that above rates are for "full service"
  11. yes, it does 15.5 with my one (out stations) 13.5 at average 25kmph
  12. this is bu_l_s-it.. the prime duty of police is to make sure public safety while making sure the law and justice. I was reading an answer to a question "why both speed cameras and boards saying cameras ahead?" by one of their police chiefs, in an interview to a professional journal (IET, UK). The answer was "the purpose is to drive slow, it does not matter by what means". so their idea is not just to fine, but public safety. But what our d_nk_ys are doing is "hora police"..hiding behind a tree..let the poor driver on a risk and jump on to the road and fine! One classic and pathetic example is when they let the driver to cross the crossing while a pedestrian start crossing the road (on a zebra crossing) and try to get caught few yards ahead.. (you can see this happening at the crossing near the Silva Furniture Shop Wattala, I;m sure there are many other places) what really should happen is that these mo_k_ys should stand at the middle of the zebra crossing and should avoid the risk of both the driver and the pedestrian. The logic is same for the other road signs as well.. I feel if someone file a FR case properly on these cases..either the cops have to stay at police station of do their job for the purpose...but we need to have a CJ like we had few years back....
  13. Guys, Pressure is "force on unit area", it does not depend on the volume (size) of the container. Tyre pressure also the same. But bigger the vehicle, higher the tyre pressure to bear the load Normally for all cars it is around 30psi. Even slightly higher pressure would be ok If you are driving on Asphalt roads (carpet), but my experience above 30psi pressure tends to create vibration on normal tard roads. Remember, 30psi is cold pressure, meaning: you should not check pressure after a long drive, it gives wrong pressure, in fact higher pressure reading, but the actual pressure at "room temperature" would be a lower value.
  14. seems the EXE is corrupted, try downloading it again..
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