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  1. Rohnd

    DFSK 580

    No engine guards , less weight , less CC, Less price Tag. Check the CC of this vehicle Engine. No price differences in European, Japanese & Chinese vehicles. Manufactures should adapt new sales strategies , if CC duties are there. Tie Rods in pure Aluminum ???. Our clever legislators are in the safe house on the lake.
  2. Rohnd

    Suitable Octane for 660cc Cars

    Using fuels higher in Octane than the recommended sometimes lead to high carbon deposits in the engines which will harm the same. So we must not evaluate the relative performances as we feel. Most vise decision is to proceed with the manufacturers recommendation. Basically low compression ratio engines can run on 92 RON without problems. It is seen that nowadays some of the current JDM petrol cars with higher compression ratios (ex. Mazda SKYACTIV 2G , 14:1 ) can run on 92 , due to relative designs of exhaust manifolds. So we have many myths about these. In summary these are related to reductions of pinging or detonation and design variations time to time.
  3. Rohnd

    Budget 2019

    Since successive governments have had no policies on public transportation every time they touch duties on vehicles for every budgets. Their silly political agendas have led to this situation. The mad politicians should not use words like Bracelet, Free Wifi , Small cars for all etc. They must understand these words upset and harm the entire society. It is shame for a country that these people ride on Mercs S, BMW 7 , Land Cruses and order new fleets once in every two years, because of their poor mentality. When looking at their vehicles fleet it can be assumed that Sri Lanka is a very rich country without a single dollar loan free. Now they say medium size vehicles as Luxury to get duties.
  4. Rohnd

    Recommended fuel for Mazda Axela

    Fuel Requirements (MZR 1.6, SKYACTIV-G 1.5, SKYACTIV-G 2.0, SKYACTIV-G 2.5) Vehicles with catalytic converters or oxygen sensors must use ONLY UNLEADED FUEL, which will reduce exhaust emissions and keep spark plug fouling to a minimum. The vehicle will perform best with fuel listed in the table. Fuel Research Octane Number Country Premium unleaded fuel (Conforming to EN 228 and within E10)*1 95 or above Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Canary Islands, Austria, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, France, Ukraine, Czech, Faeroe, Iceland, Romania, The Netherlands, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Moldova, Martinique, F.Guiana, Guadeloupe, Cyprus, Malta, Ireland, UK, Tahiti, Vanuatu, UAE, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Madagascar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Brunei, Mauritius, South Africa, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, ST. Lucia, ST. Vincent, Antigua, Surinam, Guatemala, Bolivia, Uruguay, Honduras, Nicaragua, Aruba, Taiwan, Seychelles, St. Martin Regular unleaded fuel 92 or above Egypt, Myanmar 90 or above Vietnam, The Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Marshall Islands, Ustt*2, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Angola, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Trinidad and Tobago, Commonwealth of Dominica, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Colombia, Dominican Republic (LHD), Panama, Peru, B. Virgin, Curacao, Burundi, Gabon, Ghana, Tanzania, Mozambique This is what Mazda says for their current engines, However new Euro4 which is available in Sri Lanka would be better.
  5. Rohnd

    Wagon R Depreciation

    http://www.nasva.go.jp/mamoru/popup/uUjKAHMjC2U See JNCAP Rating for Wagon R
  6. Rohnd

    RPM vs speed

    Yes, The heading says 'RPM vs speed' Ted's query was relative to his experience on a road test and he was asking accuracy of his figures probably at 1:1 gear ratio. I hope he is within the range for most of the mid sized cars with 14" to 16" in tire sizes.He has also provided a RPM range for a particular speed. What I meant were deviation factors for his figures.
  7. Rohnd

    RPM vs speed

    No common equation.Slightly vary when the road is wet and slippery. Also a function of Tyre thread,air pressure and formula(Aspect ratio) etc.
  8. Rohnd

    2014/15 Mazda Axela Hybrid

    This Hybrid car is a very good car with no known common issues.Fitted patented Toyota's Synergy drive with Mazda Skyactiv 2000CC engine which tuned at reduced power, gives a very high composite pulling power compared to Toyota Prius. Due to the CC duty structure prevailing in Sri Lanka, 2017/18 models are very expensive and local Car sales people are reluctant to import. Yes , Some people(worldwide) are able to change the parameters, languages etc. However there are rumors that Mazda has blocked the changeability (after certain versions) to prevent the meddling of the Infotainment with third party software applications, since the system has roots to the vehicle management CAN bus.
  9. Rohnd

    Disposing used engine oil

    This a hazardous factor and many countries have proper methods to recycling . One liter of oil can contaminate one million liters of water. In Sri Lanka a neglected factor. I
  10. Rohnd

    Tropicalisation - German Brands

    As a measure lot of German firms source necessary spares from China. This will down the manufacturer costs and also relative low price differences against Japanese counter makes. Big problem for the Japanese Car makers. Our C/C Duty rates make the problem for worse. So the Mercs ,BMW become common people's vehicles. In future there will be no problem for this tropicalisation problem thanks to Chinese sourced parts. To avoid said common people's vehicles our politicians airlifts specially blended BMW and Mercs vehicles, which are not available with local BMW/Mercs dealers. No problem for them too. Japan will not provide aids to Sri Lanka other than commercial loans. Again no problem for our politicians !
  11. Rohnd

    Mazda demio or Nissan Tiida

    How about the Tiida's fuel performance ?.
  12. Rohnd

    Carmart, Peugeot

    You are exactly correct Yes, Sales people don't know. Mechanics don't know best practices, Spare parts people do not know any thing. Completely inefficient. Carm**t entertains these practices for decades. Somebody told me that family circle business like that. No discerning steps to go ahead with a business. They have screwed up many premium brands.I do not know why? I hope that the reasons are mentioned above in 2nd row.. .
  13. Rohnd

    Carmart, Peugeot

    We don't know Red Carpets. Carm**t is well known for mismanagement. That is why they lost distributorship of many leading car makes over the years. Overall picture is that their staff are less knowledgeable on what they do.
  14. Rohnd

    Wagan R or Yaris

    Acceptable. Even in earlier days too Toyotas showed early ageing than other Japanese cars due to facts you explained. However real case was different than the pictured. Easiness to Maka bass and mass sales through brokers in those days made Toyota high. But lagging in Technology & many factors. So the people still have old images in mind.
  15. Please note that the Politicos here are BMW & Mercs promoters. Their common vehicles !. That is why Japanese manufacturers nowadays produce 1000cc Turbos. Strange is Politico's Budgets are now smelling & seeking to stop 1000 cc turbo's too. Go for 660cc !. A Japanese person once told me that Sri Lanka is a No1 Human right violator. When they produce a Mazda 3 at rate of USD 28,000 your government earns as much as USD70,000 as duties. What happens to the Megapolis LTR System ?. Common people are now expecting a good train system without cars. in Other countries PMs & Presidents use this transportation. Why not here.?? . A colorful sunrise for such a day........