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  1. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    This vehicle (1,2L ,Turbo) was selling around 10 mil before the budget. What changes were caused to reduction of 2.5 mil after the budget ?
  2. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Yes, When we watch Sirasa TV everyday, your idea wins. Criticizing everywhere, every party. Are they negative.!
  3. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Yes, Beer for every one instead of sweet soft drinks including ladies and children may be another vision. When Bangaladesh having electric threewhlers already , exporting old three Wheelers to that country is another vision. That vision forgotten to include a bundle of Solar panels to that 10% or Banks 90% , when we produce electricity on fossil fuels . Every ex-FMs specially after 2010 had no vision. They suicide d themselves.
  4. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    I hope Sri Lanka is not equipped at this for more electric vehicles at present.The Infrastructure for Electricity generation is not sufficient. We saw several power cuts during the drought season. Very few charging stations are not sufficient if they introduce electric three Wheeler too. Inland revenue Commissioner has an advantage to open more Tax files , since the utility bills for increase amounts can monitor on his desktop . The Time plan utilization of Electricity introduced by CEB may be a solution for hiding from the same commissioner. Also we may see three wheel malli is in the Inland revenue net. For so called friends can construct more Hydro power Stations by cutting forest reserves,drying waterfalls to cater the generation of electricity for millions of Electric vehicles in this country. The Government should stop this. It seems that government aim is to replace all existing three wheels with electric three wheels , that is why they say Bangaladesh story. I suggest that Government proposals are short sighted except all Electric buses and additional tax over 2500 cc. For my view , only promoting of Hybrid vehicles (Except all new Nissan X-Trail Hybrid) would bring some solution for this problem.
  5. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    No advantage of being a Hybrid. The Petrol only similar vehicles compete these figures. May be poor R & D at the manufacturer.
  6. AC vacuume pump and gauges

    I agree with the Davy and Twin Turbo , that the cost is not justifiable . I did this DIY work for my old car for the transformation of R12 to R134A two years ago. The investment was around 35K for the necessary equipment and tools plus another 45K for the Compressor, Condenser, Filter , Expansion Valve , Evaporator, lines & Gas etc. The work is hard under the dash and lower engine bay. Also need some skill for jointing lines etc. The welding works for lines done at a local a service provider, The project was successful, still prevailing with much cool.
  7. AC vacuume pump and gauges

    There are many shops in Union Place at the Nawaloka Hospital end to buy these stuff .
  8. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    If these charts are correct, It shows, 1. Authorities have no clear policies on duties of vehicles. 2. Government has immediate plans to build at least two electricity Generation Plants equivalent to Norechcholei. 3. Make Chinese build Solar Panels factories in proposed Hambanthota FTZ , immediately without any delay. 4. No public transport developments in near future.( Megapolis Monorail is nothing) We will see how the government reacts.
  9. Japanese Car News

    Probably New Mazda 3 for 2018/19 leaked through a Belgian site before the Tokyo Motor show . The very first car to be incorporated Mazda's Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) SkyActiv-X engine.
  10. Honda Vezel Or Mazda Axela SkyAtive ?

    Many differences and many similarities. Many Engines and options. All depend on how the very first owner order it and also country dependent.
  11. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    This concept on Hybrids below 1500cc is technically wrong , while Hybrids above 1500cc give more performance. I think it comes from Luxury/Super Luxury concepts of a still 3rd world country driven by elected politicians with no technical ability..
  12. Borgward Born Again !

    Germany manufactured Borgward Isabella, once well known in Sri lanka, as a very comfortable sedan in late 1950s went for end of production due to bankruptcy in 1961 . The new faced same company has started producing vehicles again with their show case in Frankfurt Motor show this year. For details please refer, https://www.borgward.com/models/ https://www.borgward.com/company/history/ A return of a legend as they say.
  13. CV joint life time

    With regards to Life Time of a CV Joint, there are evidences that it can last probably the life time of the car (say 25 years or more), if the owner does correct maintenance of the same. i e. Replacing the Boot (ensure the correct boot) before breaking at definite intervals, Re-grease the joint on time , Fitting the Boot/Joint in correct manner (against Maka Bas) etc. That is not valid for most of the after market Boots & CV Joints in the local market, which are low in quality . The use of OEM/Genuine parts are obvious,
  14. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Not only current dudes,earlier King dudes have made Helicopters all-all Tax free (2017 Customs HS Code: 88.02), still prevailing. What is the purpose of Helicopters,other than the sound pollution to us ?. We are alive & awaiting to see Sky -Train or Metro Trains at least in Colombo and it's suburb. !!!.
  15. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Yes, It is same for the current trend.