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  1. Silicon Axle Boots

    eBay have plenty of these. but you should ensure the correct fitment, unless a waste of money, The correct fitment is correct internal diameters of Shaft & CV body sides ,Overall length, shape of the belly. 1 or 2mm difference brings it unusable. This is a tedious job. Be careful when order.
  2. Silicon Axle Boots

    May be long lived. Black silicon boots were seen in steering rack boots in certain applications even in 1980's. Gave good long life cycles than rubber,
  3. Yes , This is correct. This is most probably done by SriLankans stationed in Japan , not by Japanese people. Some of the certificates like JEVIC can be checked for authentication through the local representatives positioned in Sri Lanka. I know some sales people prepare duplicate Jaai and other certificates , misleading RMV/Customs officials too. When you buy a vehicle, please ask for genuine certificate relevant to the vehicle to see and get a copy of that to check. Don't believe on their photo copies. At the registration they (car sale people) do this fraud, while they do the registration, You will never notice.
  4. Paint Care, Car Liquid Ceramic coating

    Google search ' Go Nano Lanka' . Hope that they have some products you intend.
  5. Import used Hybrid car directly

    For the Taxes , It will be more than 11 million or more for Hybrids Engine capacity exceeds 1800 cc. Best way is to buy already imported vehicle before this tax calculation imposed from latter part of 2016 . Anyhow little effect for hybrids with less than 1500cc. Ex: Toyota Axio Hybrid.
  6. Mazda Axela

    Yes , you are correct in terms of BL5FP. What i meant(some) was, 20C & 20E JDM BLs with SkyActiv engines probably not imported to SL due to High engine capacity duty barriers had no CVT gear boxes. The following is from Mazda news release on June 11th 2009. Body type Model Drive Engine Transmission Price (incl. sales tax) Tax reduction Sedan (4-door) 15C FWD 1.5L DOHC CVT 1,660,000 yen 50% 20C 2.0L DOHC DISI (i-stop) 5-speed EC-AT 1,890,000 yen 75% 20E 2,050,000 yen 75% 20E (4WD) 4WD 2.0L DOHC 4-speed EC-AT 2,100,000 yen -
  7. Mazda Axela

    Yes, Some of non-SkyActiv JDM BL (15C.15S) had CVT , but not Incorporated in BM (2013 onward) 15C & 15S , There may be some apparent reasons for that for Mazda.
  8. Mazda Axela

    Mazda does not use CVTs in Axela/3 , other than current JDM Mazda Axela Hybrid which is also an anti-Mazda move derived from Toyota. All other cars including SkyActiv, the conventional Automatic transmissions have been used by Mazda with some modified features.
  9. Import Volkswagen Golf GTI

    Excise Duty on Capacity (CC) only comes to Rs: 11,904,000/- (6000x1984) or 225% , without other Taxes/levies. Correct me, if wrong. May be which figure is minimum. Customs code : 8703.32 ( for 2017 which is called as RK edition)
  10. Import Volkswagen Golf GTI

    What is the Engine capacity of the intended Golf model ?
  11. I hope you must specify a model you prefer.
  12. Peugeot 504 GL vs L

    504s were manufactured from years 1968 to 1983. Your dashboards show earlier and new versions. Hope that the below photo is from the later manufactured model , say close to 1980. Probably the registration numbers reveal that, 6-8 SRI vs 11-13 SRI etc.
  13. In Japan or in England we cannot see these models on the roads even without options. Here we can see everywhere ! Anybody knows Why ??
  14. Mazda BJ5p - vvt engine - RS

    MAF can be easily cleaned with an electronic cleaning aerosol fluid, It is a delicate,but a simple job. If replace, should only be replaced with a genuine one. How about throttle body cleaning !, You have to check that also. Your car fault attributes so many other factors too, such as the ignition system & spark plugs etc.
  15. Negative Camber

    Not sure. However you may try places like AutoMir*j or Formul* world Seeduwa