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  1. Timing chain noise

    These things should be genuine or OEM parts. Same appearance cheap stuff bring funny results. Also the workmanship should be intact for better results.
  2. Engine Life span

    Refer this link. http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/g121/million-mile-club-the-worlds-longest-lived-cars/ Apart from these, there are many vehicles reported beyond one million miles mark. I believe timely monitoring , proper maintenance & driving habits had led to long prolongation.
  3. Burning of gas

    I think you are providing misleading information in this regard and now you are saying a petrol smell inside the car. While you say a petrol burning and now an inside petrol smell , which are not related. It is better to have a look at the Petrol Pump area for this car, which is located underneath of the rear seat cushion. Check for any leaks/smell of petrol . If intact, please follow instructions given by members earlier & provide the existing fuel consumption figures as stated by Crosswind.
  4. Burning of gas

    Since this car employs an electronic control for engine management, no adjustments to the fuel richness etc. Please make a cleaning of injectors and check the spark plugs and associated ignition system. If not improved, seek a professional approach. Make sure that no 'Check Light' indication. The Normal fuel consumption for this car is around 8 to 9 Km in city run and 12 to 14 Km/l in outside urban run with AC.
  5. Mazda BJ5p - vvt engine - RS

    This is a most common fault on Mazda BJ. Probably due to filling of incorrect ATF fluid /poor maintenance etc. and sometimes need a replacement of the gear box.
  6. Viva Elite AC

    AC is working statement has no limits and no professional sense or approach. Try to get a high and low lines pressure anaysing test which reveals the most of the problems associated with auto ACs (in your case at the instance when the AC is not properly functions)
  7. White smoke at cold start

    Wear in Valve Stem Seals is another possibility for this.
  8. Japanese Car News

    Yes, His efforts are still prevailing at Mazda, in 2020s RX-9 , yet to come with Wankel engine. Also contributed to secure the victory at Le Mans in 1991 for the Mazda 787B racing Car .
  9. Nissan QG15 Engine issue

    The Oil filler Cap is also a sealing component for the upper Engine's Head cover. What is the purpose for the open the same when the Engine is running ?.
  10. Mazda Demio AC Compressor Noise

    Rattling sound from the AC Compressor or from the engine? If it is from the AC Compressor ,get the AC System/Compressor serviced. The Scroll (non piston) types Compressors used in Mazdas exhibit some form of noise if not correctly maintained/serviced at stipulated intervals.
  11. Heavy Rains

    What I here mentioned was approximations and examples. Yes ,whatever the speed limits, I have never seen that drivers in transport buses accelerate more than 30Km/h in disciplined countries. May be not in this particular case, we have seen many cases that speeds of bus drivers were responsible for many fatal accidents in Sri Lanka. Merely , our Police has no precautions and concerns about this factor. My massage was , if they are unable , legislators must come forward and postulate necessary rules even at our cost (Tax and fines) as they entertain at present .
  12. Heavy Rains

  13. Heavy Rains

    A Srilankan (Private+SLTB) bus instead of Fixed & Moving Barriers to be selected for NHTSA's Safety Ratings program. A new standard for the next budget. !!.
  14. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    This vehicle (1,2L ,Turbo) was selling around 10 mil before the budget. What changes were caused to reduction of 2.5 mil after the budget ?
  15. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Yes, When we watch Sirasa TV everyday, your idea wins. Criticizing everywhere, every party. Are they negative.!