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  1. I’ve replaced 2 old LG 12k units with latest model LGs last month. New units are made/assemble in India and due to some bilateral agreement with 2 countries Indian units are much cheaper they told me. Anyhow build quality is very good and I’m pleased with the performance. Outdoor units are very quite and without any vibration. They are with new R32 gas and I find them very economical, almost half the consumption compared to old units which were about 12 years old and with R22 gas.
  2. That’s not how it works in the industry as far as I know. You just give the car for a rate daily or monthly. Rest is driver’s business.
  3. If you are regularly remitting your salary from your employment to a bank, they are the best people to ask for a loan. Still it won’t be easy. Good luck! My experience is banks only like your hard earn foreign currency, that’s it.
  4. Lately I’ve seen lot of issues reported with belt auto tensioner in hybrid models. It’s a costly repair, new part about 70k but some establishments offer repair for 15k. However AFAIK A*W model does not have this issue due to different design more suitable for SL conditions.
  5. Talk to Damco as well, they are providing door to door solutions.
  6. Only if they are a charity.
  7. Only from the display indication, not bothered to go any further but from what is left on the tank after returning, I think it’s a fairly reasonable calculation.
  8. This is reasonable. I’ve got 27km/l from Malabe to Matale via Kurunegala and 28 km/l from Matale, both trips on early morning.
  9. Yes and you’ll be surprised by the skills of local artists. Just visit the pola next time, not to buy only looksy. anyway we are definitely not on the same page wrt paintings. Good luck with your search.
  10. You can buy genuine paintings from Kala pola (https://www.kalapola.lk/). unfortunatly you’ve missed the bus for 2018 but good luck with 2019.
  11. Depend on the engine size, smaller engines got less value for 1cc. Usually changes every other budget. we’ve got lot of funny going on here. Come, have fun.
  12. I know, I’ve sourced & changed mine from A*W, couple of years back though.
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