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  1. low fuel consumption- fb15

    I owned a FB 15 for 10 years, from 2000 to 2010. you figures are OK, that's normal for FB 15.
  2. Honda Front Bumper Parts

    Tow eye cover / tow hook cover
  3. How To Jump Start A Car

    ..or get something like this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-80000mAh-Portable-Car-Jump-Starter-Power-Bank-Pack-Booster-Charger-Battery-/262418041051
  4. this is normal nothing to worry about. I assume your car is not equipped with 'hill-start assist' or any variant of hill-holder option. Just use your hand or foot break as of a manual car.
  5. How did they found Diesel is substandard? Did agent test the fuel quality or just by their wisdom? Any other cars affected?
  6. New Suzuki Wagon R FZ 2017

    Older wagon R models (S-ene charge) does not have EV mode and the hybrid battery capacity was 12V36Wh and new model (MH55) got EV mode (very limited, below 10 km/h AFAIK), full AC function during engine stops unlike previous 'cold box' system, higher capacity battery 12V120Wh etc are some of the changes I came across. new Stingray design is questionable to many including me but I like the front end of FZ model. (Photos Thanks to 'Suzuki WagonR - Hybrid Owners' Club' FB page)
  7. Chain Blocks

    Yes I know thing or two about chain blocks as they are being used very frequently where I work. Mind you, 2T safe working load capacity chain block could be quite big and heavy as it should be able to withstand max load of or minimum breaking load of 5 X, in this case 10 T. Do you really need 2T chain block for your work? What is the engine that you intend to rebuild? Also note all the fix and loose lifting gearing associated with this chain block must have a SWL of 2T minimum. If you google you'll find many suppliers in Colombo. Insist on a certificate for the chain block (or any lifting gear in that matter). Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. Best suv for around 5-6 million

    Tivoli? I know few owners and they are pretty happy.
  9. Solar Panels In Sl

    Go for a higher capacity inverter if you can. It'll be easier to upgrade your system in the future if your inverter is capable, just add more panels. I have 2.7 Kw panels with 4 Kw inverter and I'm thinking to add more panels soon. 2 kw system will barely produce enough units for 1 12000 BTU air conditioner, everyday/night time use. My advice is to decide how many units you per month you will need additionally considering size and use of your A/C, then ask companies for the cost of suitable system for you. In that way if the system is not producing enough units as intended, you could ask them to add more panels free of charge. Friend of mine got 2panels installed FoC after 1 year because his system failed to deliver what is in the agreement. My system is designed for 300 units per month and since 2014 it is delivering average about 320 units/month. What I see from advertisements nowadays inverters and panels are much more efficient and market is very competitive so go for the best deal with most efficient inverter/panels. In 2014 CEB was pretty sure they are not paying a penny for additional units but I get to carry forward my surplus up to 10 years, to any property in my name. However It never occurred to me as my import is always higher than exports. my advice is go for a reputed company who can honor the warranty for reasonable time. Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. SLT ADSL data limit on old Home package

    I've got my fiber connection installed by late 2014. I'm experiencing the same thing as your father. Connection is intermittent and I've had them over at my place for several times and found nothing wrong. Also the wifi signal strength is very weak and all my neighbors signal strength is stronger in my house than mine. One technician told me it's because of the router and there are lot of complaints about it but SLT does not have any other kind of fiber compatible routers.
  11. CRIB and Governemet servant Permit

    CRIB has nothing to do with your permit. But it'll be a different story in case you or your husband need a loan. Mind you, afaik record stays in the system for 24 (or so it 12) months even after clearing debts as well.
  12. Chinese Stereo Headunits

    Probably yes If the package is heavy and/or big. DHL/FedEx/TNT will pay taxes for you and you have to pay them when you're receiving it. If you choose EMS, or normal/Rgstd post, you have to go to the central mail exchange (if it's held at customs) at DR Wijewardhena rd and pay taxes personally. You can findout tax percentage from Customs web or call DHL and tell them about your intentions, they'll tell you approximate tax amount based on value of the item. Usually the customs officer will just ask you about the value and no docs will be necessary. My experience is that if the customs are very relaxed if they sense that the item is for your personal use and not for business. Good luck.
  13. Tax Change On Vehicles

    Not sure from where but hope this will help.
  14. Decent Internet Speed 1Mbps?

    It's good if they do that. Trust me despite my calling, emailing and little visiting campaign, still they are unable to swap the numbers. I even made friends with one kind and very good looking lady in the office. Finally she asked me to write a request for fee waiver for the old copper line and that is the solution for this issue at the moment. That also for 6months period and they expect you to propagate the new number so you can cancel the old number. Keeping an additional line is not a big problem anyway..
  15. Decent Internet Speed 1Mbps?

    Last Year they charged me 15000 for fiber connection (triple play), that is already half price during the promo period. Biggest difference with the fiber connection is that PeoTV is flow less esp when you watch past programmes. What they don't tell you is that you get a new telephone with new number (triple play) and until now they don't have a solution to swap your old number with the new number. So either you can cancel the old number or keep it together with the new number and pay for both.