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  1. Depend on the engine size, smaller engines got less value for 1cc. Usually changes every other budget. we’ve got lot of funny going on here. Come, have fun.
  2. Chevrolet Cruz Engine Mount (Gel)

    I know, I’ve sourced & changed mine from A*W, couple of years back though.
  3. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    Wrong. They have 2017 facelift model which is the latest. Oh with new tax system it cost over 17 mil so they don’t expect any sales hence no ex-stock.
  4. What did you findout about Premium? I have a JDM model so no reason for me to check with A*W but I’ll help to compare 2 models. when I bought mine (05/2017) A*W did not import this model but if they had I’d defiantly buy from them, just FYI.
  5. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    Are you referring to average fuel economy Gayan? Mine is 10.2 km/l, never reset so far. How about the fuel economy report as in this picture? I usually get about 10 km/l in CMB city even in heavy traffic. Outstation (non highway) about 14 & highway about 18. Definitely it does better than my previous Chevy Cruze which did about 8 average. recently my brother borrowed my xtrail as his Premio met with an accident. His itinerary is pretty routine traveling to same places on same time of the day. At the end of the week his fuel cost was exactly double than what he usually spent on his premio. I didn’t ask the mileage but that’s a pretty decent comparison I guess.
  6. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    According to a car importer CH-R Petrol version will be about 7.5 mil.
  7. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Land cruiser tax up by over 12 million and so will the politicians vehicle permits😛
  8. Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

  9. 7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    I’m using a Xtrail and average Colombo city consumption is about 10 km/l. Best was 19.5 km/l, from Malabe to Matale via Kurunegala at late night. Sometimes consumption is only 3.5 km/l for city/short driving + idle running when my toddler is sleeping in the car while I’m doing grocery shopping. Colleague of mine got 22 km/l as best on his Xtrail. Point is there are too many variables and judging consumption without setting them is not fair for any Vehicle isn’t it?
  10. Toyota SUVs

    Nwe CR-V with small (1.5 Ltr??) turbo engine? Slightly above 10 mil though.
  11. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Your opinions or facts? Proven how? Where in the world (literally) you get consistent wind speeds? not all solar panels available in SL are substandard and do you know brand considered #1 in the world (domestic installations) also available in SL?
  12. Car Battery

    Once I’ve replaced 45Ah batter with 70Ah. Nothing happened and I’ve used that battery for 5 yrs and 4 months. Globel SMF on a FB 15.
  13. Car Hibernation ... ???

    or drain all the fluids, remove all tyres (literally Kota uda) and go. In any case you'all need a new battery connected or disconnected so I'll leave the battery connected but obliviously ensure no one is attempting to start the car. best is if someone drive the car at least every fortnight for few hours but finding that someone is lot harder than you might think. i have to leave my car every 3 months for 2-3 months but it used to be for longer periods, up to 10 months in the past so I've done some studying about this. Good luck with your car and your endeavor!