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  1. My mechanic is doing an overhaul of a Toyota 122 engine ( it was burning a lot of engine oil ). The engine parts (head, sump) have a lot of varnish deposited. Can you please let me know a good way or solution to get rid of this varnish/sludge ? I thought of getting the 3m carburetor cleaner but I dont know where I can buy it here in Sri Lanka ? This is similar to how the engine parts look (although not the engine that Im overhauling)
  2. If anyones looing to bring down bulbs - https://www.powerbulbs.com/ Osram points to this site. Also they do free worldwide delivery.
  3. Thanks, Im going to get the lights looked into by an electrician before buying the bulbs. Isn't there a guy near Alexander Place in Dehiwala who looks into headlights ? Or else can someone recommend a good place / electrician to get the lights checked ? I cant remember the bulb type exactly. It was some "D2R Osram XENARC" something.
  4. Yes I found a few sources (from UK) on eBay who would ship Osram bulbs, but I'd like to know would they deliver the bulbs to Sri Lanka without any damage ? Is there any reliable place in Sri Lanka that I can buy Osram / Philips or any other reputed branded Xenon HID bulbs ? I thought the bulbs from Delkanda were used/second hand OEM bulbs and not Chinese ones, or are they ?
  5. I thought the light output being low was partly due to the shield on the lamp (they are not projection lamps). It looks pretty dim. The OEM ones cost a fortune and I would like to know if they would make a difference in the brightness. I was led to believe that bulbs from Delkanda were used OEM bulbs, or are they Chinese branded ones ?
  6. Hi, I just want to know if the second hand / used Xenon bulbs sold in shops in Delkanda are good for use and will give adequate output ? OR should I go replace with original bulbs from manufacturer ? My question is based on light output - that is are both bulbs giving the same volume of light and differ only by how long they can be used ? I jus want a bulb that give enough light. Currently both sides of the car has used / second hand Xenon bulbs from Delkanda and the light output is really low despite being HID Xenon. And the car is factory fitted with Xenon and the shield on the lamp. Looking forward to some helpful advice. timmy
  7. Guys apologies for taking time to reply to this. When my car was at Tyt Lnk, they looked up the parts and said that the car originally came without Xenon headlights. I find it a little hard to believe cos I have seen the same "double lights" on several other 121's. Coud this be a light set that was developed specifically for later Toyota models ? Anyway the bad news to me is that the socket that the levelling device fits is loose and due to this the light on the driver side is aimed far too low on the road. The loose socket is also the reason for the flicker/blink. I was told to replace the light set. But I dont know where I can find a similar set of lights in good condition. My knowledge on lights is limited. I previously thought that the Xenons that came in the HID with the lenses and the Xenons found in cars such as mine with the reflector, were two different kinds of bulbs. They use the same Xenon bulbs dont they ? with ballast and ignitor and all ? When I was referring to HIDs in my OP above I was referring to the lights with the lenses which look really powerful and have a sharp and precise beam pattern. Supposing that my car was converted to Xenon, I would like to know what it means ? Does it mean that I could possibly fit a lens based HID kit too onto a Toyota Luxel such as mine. Now that would sound interesting Please help me get to the bottom of this. I really donno if the lights are genuninely Xenon or just halogen lights. Only thing I can say by looking from the outside is that there is a reflector. And I couldn't find a ballast or any thing out of the ordinary leading to the lights. In any case I wouldn't buying bubls from tyt. I know a place in Srnkr Mwth, Dehiwala, where they sell good brands of Xenon lights such as Osram, Philips. IS it possible that I can get the light set repaired ? thanks all. timms.
  8. Hi All, My car is a Toyota Luxel manufactured in 2002 and it has come with factory fitted Xenon headlights with user adjustable levelling. One thing I have noticed since I bought it 2 years ago is that the headlights are really dim. It is more so because the beam from these xenon headlights are soft violet and they are not as bright as some of the lights you see on cars today (I am not referring to HIDs here). This causes undue strain while driving at night. The lights, when cold started has a nice blue beam and gradually turns soft violet in 5-10 seconds after starting. Lately the driver side bulb blinks/filckers while driving. I would like the lights to stay blue all throughout as that light is much easier to see. When asked from Tyt Lnka, they asked me to replace the bulbs which will cost 35k each. I want to know, if buying original bulbs will improve visibility ? Or should I go for an after market bulb ? Tyt Lanka has only one type of xenon bulb. I would prefer to select a nice blue light and this is why Im wondering if I should go for an after market bulb. thanks, timms.
  9. Thanks for all your input, I jus need to know, is it possible to change the JDM head unit in a Luxel to an aftermarket one ? I jus realised that the head unit is mostly in Jap and the radio is of not much use here in SL. I'm a great fan of driving with my music on and for that I turn on the radio and do some channel hopping. Pls let me know of any remedies. Timmy.
  10. Can someone tell me the benefits of going for a 121 facelift Corolla manufacutred in and after 2004 over a Corolla G or Luxel of the 2001-2003 era ? I know nothing about this car only that it is equipped with a 1.5 engine and 1.6 in LX Limited. But considering the G grade of this car, does it have a CVT gear box ? Does it do well on fuel ? Perform as good as or better than the old gen Corolla G ? What options does it come with (like auto wiper, auto light dimmer etc ) ? Should I consider the facelift model ? and if so why ? thanks, hope you can help me with these queries.
  11. I've also thought about the facelift G model, but it occured to me that what it only offered was a slight facelift after all. Are there any benefits of going for this facelift model other than for the better looks of the car ? Yes that is TRUE. Compared to my previous car, which was a 97 Lancer CK2 MX Extra ( a jap domestic model ) which I sold off at 1.5 million, I really dont see much of a difference in the Corolla for it to command such a huge price. After all the 121 model is damn bloody old. Its only marketing hype that makes it so popular.
  12. Yes I've read in this forum that it has great pullin power. In fact Ive bin in one when it was pulling like a beast. The car had 5 adults and still managed to pull like a monster. But altho it pulls like a storm it aint gud in handling or so Ive heard. But I dont care much about performance. What I really care about is getting a good car (of the 121 type) at a good price, so that I cud use it like a daily runner. This is the reason I looked to Luxel grade. But I'm not sure if the owner wud like to negotiate below 3.1 although it is in JE-**** series. I think he doesnt know much about car market and he hasnt even advertised on AL which is one reason the car is still available for sale. And I am not aware of any imminent problems that a Luxel car is generally known with. For instance the CVT gearbox cud be givn trbl. Maybe the suspension need rework. The suspension I cud bear with but engine and CVT need to have been maintained well. So need to look into all these when negotiating for a price.
  13. Hi I am in the lookout for a sedan type car, preferably Toyota and I came across this Luxel ( a Corolla 122 ). It is Black in colour beige interior run for 70,000km manufactured late 2003 one owner got plenty of sensors like auto wiper, auto light dimming, tyre pressure etc got DVD, reverse camera, Xenon headlights The owner calls it a fully loaded car and wants 3.2 million. I kinda like the options listed above, best of all the colour being black. Just wanted to know the market price of a Luxel for a spec like that. Cos I've read in many threads here that although it's a good car ( fuel economy, luxury and performance wise ) it is difficult to sell at a good price. I need a good daily runner and I plan to use for quite some time. But I want good resale value. So can somebody with insight tell me how much is the maximum I must negotiate on the above car ?
  14. Forgot to add, I did test ride that bike - the Maruishi from the local enthusiast who is selling it off. Damn I gotta tell you I was completely hooked from the moment I rode it. The alloy frame and the full suspension makes it look like you are gliding over the ground. Changed my perspectives on cycling altogether. I used to have a hardened Kenstar 21 speed MTB that was only good for the looks, back about 8 or 10years back which I gave away. Riding this Jap one ( although made in China ) felt so far away from that experience I had in mind. He also had a Chevrolet bike which was slightly smaller but looked gud with full suspension and index gears. But that had a steel frame and dint come with disk brakes. It however did have a sticker which said something like "It's an American thing" which was kinda cheesy. He also had a Hummer which was in topping condition but which was not for sale. If you guys wanna contact him it's 0772 240027. I hope it's not advertising, jus wanted to help ppl who're like me on the lookout for entusiast level MTBs.
  15. I went in search in Seeduwa, found a few places (Onajo Lanka and Sugath Cycles) where they sell Japanese used bikes. But like mentioned almost all those Jap bikes are made in China. Sugath Cycles in Seeduwa said they'll be gettin a container load of bikes in around 15th. So waiting for that. I have also another deal on a good Maruishi bike from a local enthusiaist who is selling it off at 20k. What I'm looking for is a bike with full alloy frame front and rear disk brakes front and rear suspension shimano index gear shifters. and also bike in good condition with nice paint (color) and stripes/stickers The deal for 20k was something like that but since Maruishi is not a name recognized in MTB rallying I thought Id wait for the shipment on 15th to see what Sugath Cycles has to offer. If you guys are interested you can contact them on 112231559. I'm also thinking of coming to Kurunegala to find these Jap used bikes. How easy is it to find dealers of used Jap bikes once you get to Kurunegala ? Do u know of any reputed dealers there ? Can I get there phone numbers ? thanks a lot guys for the replies so far.
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