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  1. Ruslan

    Honda Civic 2018

    How much did it cost for the Hood PDR? there's a Dent on the roof in my Vitara which i wanted to do PDR. issue is this panel not reachable from under.
  2. Ruslan

    Brake system failure

    It's Not ABS System Resetting (Resetting and ABS Auto Bleeding is 2 Different Things). it's called "ABS System Auto Bleed". only Advanced Scanners (Launch Creed or OEM Scanners) would support this feature. General Scanning would not detect Air in the ABS Unit.
  3. Ruslan

    Brake system failure

    Have you Done the ABS unit bleeding using a scanner? i strongly advise do a better diagnostic before throwing cash to replace parts blindly.
  4. Ruslan

    Is the Grand Vitara worth it?

    Interesting, i don't see any issues if the conversion is done properly.
  5. Ruslan

    Is the Grand Vitara worth it?

    Hmm, isn't R2 is from Mazda? i know some times Manufactures use, different Manufactures engines for Diesel Variants, for example 3rd Gen Vitara uses Renault F9Q Engine in Diesel Variant. but check whether 1st Gen Vitara uses Suzuki Diesel or something else.
  6. Ruslan

    Brake system failure

    Adding to what Davey said, there's a Method to get rid of the Air in ABS Module using a scanner called "Auto Air Bleeding ABS Module". this will require a fully fledged scanner like launch creed or you might need to consult the the Agents. below link contains how it has been done. once this is done, air trapped inside the Module will enter the brake lines and you should follow the normal bleeding process (Pedal Pump or Vacuum Machine method) to get rid of the trapped air in the lines. you can do this in manual way by Slamming the brakes on a gravel road or ground (where there's no traffic) to activate the ABS and activate all the solenoids in the ABS module, but doubt the success.
  7. Ruslan

    CHR 1200cc colombo city Fuel consumption per liter

    I'm getting the similar figures (6.5-7.0 kml) on my Vitara which is a 2.0L AWD on similar route (Wijerama - Dematagoda OrionCity). i thought it was a gas guzzler. 😸
  8. Ruslan

    Honda Civic 2018

    Yes, Recently bought Leather Balm and Cleaner Kit. they are Authentic.
  9. try partsouq.com, megazip.net or amayama.com. partsouq contains the part catalog, when you enter your VIN.
  10. As Far As i know, there were no 2 Break Lamps in one housing. one is a Rear Fog Lamp (Most of them were rewire to act as a Brake Lamp by locals). could be a aftermarket tail lamp.
  11. Ruslan

    Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    This is common in My AWD Vitara as well. It has to be the same psi on all 4 corners.
  12. Ruslan

    Engine issues with 2007 Toyota Vitz

    ^^Above Nilwala Motors!.
  13. Ruslan

    My New Ride : Mistubishi Lancer CS1 GLX (A/T) YOM 2007

    Wow!, Sampath did you remove the wheel cylinders and check for any rust? and check the washers. when i got the Vitara, recently overhauled the brakes and for my surprise, both rear wheel cylinder washers were leaking, Front left side Piston is corroded but not leaking, since agents didn't carry the parts, i have ordered them online. looks like the previous owner didn't even care to change the brake fluid and hence the consequences. and That Brake fluid can very similar to Seiken Brake fluid, perhaps Seiken is the Supplier for Mitsubishi?
  14. Ruslan

    Japanese Car News

    Wow! Interesting indeed!.. (Not For Thel Higannas I Guess :P) looking forward for the GT. it's about some time Toyota introducing something interesting and get rid of the Boring.