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  1. We had a Luxel back in the day with Family. Much nicer refined drive than average Corollas. It was always a pleasant to drive with more horses under it. Auto box is reliable and smooth, no judderings or whatsoever. As iRage mentioned car came with additional features like chrome trim accents like Gated shifter, chrome tail garnish etc. as for cons and niggles, look for Chain tensioner leakage at back of the engine. This is not going to stop unless tensioner replaced with redesigned part which Toyota Lanka has. Overall look for a better maintained car. These engines (including 1.5 1NZ-FE) tend to sludging if not for proper oil changes. As fo the 1300 Models, mostly were imported for Company fleets. some of them even didn't had ABS as standard. it should do more on fuel as its coupled with Manual transmission.
  2. Not sure latest version of J20A (this came with earlier version of Grand Vitara 2006-2008 models) would suit? If yes then do a search on quick site. Good Luck!
  3. I think it’s high time Government ban these “Mudalali Jokers” importing vehicles to the country and regulate the industry properly.
  4. As a User of a Previous Gen Vitara, new one doesn't even come close to the previous one (Was expecting some thing similar to Latest Jimny like vehicle but). but new one stands out from the rest of the CUVs like iRage said. bit sad we are not getting the 1.4 or 1.6 version here due to the insane tax structure.
  5. Talking about Detailing, Recently Kleen*** quoted 27k for My Brothers IST 2007? 😵 thats of course for the full detailing job.
  6. Personally i would stay with good ol Waxing (Stick to good brand like Meguirs). As iRage mentioned above it would be a mess once it started to show its age and start deteriorate.
  7. Corolla 141 Facelift 2010 onward s. That's a bulletproof AT box.
  8. Good stuff Mizzy, where can you get the BG frigi clean and the cost please. This looks like DIY evap coil clean.
  9. Ruslan

    VIN Number in Toyota CHR

    If It’s a JDM import there will be no VIN. Only export models will have a VIN (Aussie, UK, Or Brand new imports by agents).
  10. I Guess it's the prolonged humidity stuck in the evap coil (When you switch off the car) which makes the stinky odor. why don't you try an Active Carbon AC filter when you replacing one. i'm having fairly good results using one. got down from Aliexpress. hope it's not the rodents this time.
  11. AWD is useful even when the road is wet and slippery specially during down pouring. Vehicle feels stable and planted. this is a First hand experienced on Vitara AWD.
  12. Wow! Wow! Reminds me older build threads.. superb way to finish the year and Congratulations!! ☺️
  13. Ruslan

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    Superb writeup. Compared To mine and as your input. it’s a completely different class of vehicle than previous generation of Grand Vitara / Escudo.
  14. For me this is Too much sensors to fail. i like the simplicity of the Old Animal. not this Computer gizmodo. love the new Jimny Siera, oh well they thought other wise with the New Vitara, which doesn't even related to old Mule. Sad!.
  15. True, found out that Toyota T-IV ATF is nothing other than re-branded Mobil 3309. and Valvoline Zerex Asian Vehicle Coolant is the supplier of Toyota Pink SLLC (Super Long Life Coolant).
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