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  1. How to do that Davy, Do I need to remove the entire dashboard?
  2. Guys, My Vezel's LED low beam light indicator is not showing in the dashboard suddenly. It was parked at outside yesterday and it rained heavily. Can it be a fuse issue, but all the other indicators are working as expected. Note that, all the indicators are lighting up when I turn on the engine, but not that one. Not even when I turned on the LED low beam lights.
  3. Guys, Accident has happened 2 month ago, and then and there I called the Insurance company and filled up the form given by assessor at the scene. But did not do the repair yet. My insurance expired end of last month, and can I still claim for it?
  4. Vezel comes down by 50K Now only Excise duty, no more VAT, Custom duty, NBT etc.. http://www.ceylontoday.lk/51-76391-news-detail-vehicle-prices-drop-by-rs-80000-to-12m.html
  5. well, not every one I just edited the post, is it ok now?
  6. yeah I saw they have deleted my previous posts also, no worries. Hope you are satisfied Supra. I have no intention of advertising here, even the mods and others can search the previous posts I have made and check whether I have advertised before. I just wanted to highlight how to validate the auction vehicle with the actual vehicle they got.
  7. Multifunction comes with Z grade, Navi package offers Z grade options + the wide angle rear camera + Audio control switches + 2 additional speakers + separate wiring harness for the sound system - so you don't have to cut and fix if you are planning to fix another Amp or so.
  8. No, but yes in X and X.L Hybrid grades dude, Hybrid X comes with FF and 4WD, and Hybrid X.L comes only with 4WD but with more options when comparing with Hybrid X. And Gasoline G comes with FF and 4WD
  9. I have already replied to your pm. yeah dude, it looks like I'm advertising myself here, xxxxxx Edit: You ARE advertising and it is NOT allowed!
  10. I think they will increase the vehicle import tax, and will reduce some tax from essential goods. So they can hit the majority saying "podi minihata sahanayak dunna"
  11. It's actually 4.9 - 5.3m 5.3m - Z Grade Navi package at the current Yen rate, and the Yen is rising again, hence it may go up in another 100K in next week.
  12. yeah it can be, adding so many options affects the fuel figures.
  13. yeah it was not there, since 2006. But now they gonna market Vezel as HR-V there. It's the 2016 HR-V for them (not even close to previous HR-V though, so this has broken down the hearts of fellow HR-V fans there) http://automobiles.honda.com/hr-v/
  14. Well, you need to look for the chassis code not the grade to decide whether it's AWD or FWD. RU4 is the AWD one. Both X and Z grades are coming under FWD, and also in RU3 chassis, it may come under RU4 also. So the fuel figures are same within the same chassis. Z grade is the highest grade where you can get all the set of options. Vezel is being called as HR-V in USA and they have targeted it for urban areas so it goes as Urban SUV. http://automobiles.honda.com/hr-v/
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