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    Road To N'eliya

    Yes, avoid Colombo-Peradeniya-Gampola-N'eliya road, the traffic at Gelioya usually 30 min to 1hr these days you can avoid Gelioya and go to Gampola via Galaha road (the road via Peradeniya university but again the road from Colombo to Peradeniya filled with traffic
  2. Nice!! Love the color.
  3. tbird

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Nice, congratulations!. Good to see another Focus owner with the same model in AL. Yes, the hatchback is more practical than the sedan version I have.
  4. tbird

    Honda Gp1 hybrid.

    Please go through the above threads, this issue is not available in all GP1s, there are range of VIN numbers with this issue and later this was fixed by Honda. I remember this detail is in one of above threads. If you are looking for a GP1, get the VIN no (Chassis no) and check whether it is within the range.
  5. tbird

    Honda Gp1 hybrid.

    Yes, the first cleaning was done around 48000 km, and if I did not sell it, I have to do it around 100,000 km if it do not show symptoms earlier, otherwise have to do the piston change
  6. tbird

    Honda Gp1 hybrid.

    I've also used Fit GP1 2012 model for 4 years (2014-2018) and I agree with matroska for all his comments. I loved the car and traveled around the country and it did not give any issue except the oil burning issue. I spent 30K to clean the sludge after dismantling the engine then serviced the car in 5000 kms or 6 months intervals and I did not get this issue afterwards. I also had 75% of usable capacity of the hybrid battery when selling it. It took 3 days for me to sell the car after advertising it.
  7. Well if you go to Kia picanto, you will be able to find a good specimen with company warranty. Kia Picanto 2016 has 5 years or 150000km company warranty however rear leg space is not good for adults over 5' 5". Since the car has company warranty, you can expect all the services are done in time.
  8. tbird

    Honda Civic 2018

    I have a Ford Focus 1l ecoboost similar to your Civic engine. Ford recommends Castrol 0W 20 complies with the A5/B5. Local agent did the oil change using Castrol Edge Professional full synthetic 5W 20 which complies with A5/B5. I guess you may be able to find Castrol Edge Pro 5W 20 as well from the local Castrol agent or any other oil store who has high end oils. My engine use 4.6l liters so had to purchase 5 1l cans. The total cost was 14850/- and have to change in 6 months intervals according to our extreme driving conditions.
  9. tbird

    Renault duster

    Can you buy Duster in Sri Lanka?, haven't seen any in Sri Lanka and it is not listed in A*W web page as well
  10. tbird

    Civic 2018 Tire Valve Stem Caps

    try AliExpress, I purchased 20 caps for RS 80, not same as the original ones but can be installed since the screw is universal. You need to have a closer look to see the difference. I'm talking about the black plastic caps came with my car though it is not a Civic and the caps can be installed in any car
  11. tbird

    Kia picanto 2018 vs Hyundai grand i10

    Welcome to the forum. Kia Picanto and grand i10 shares the same engine, chassis and gear box. The Picanto is made in Korea and i10 made in India. For me, the build quality in Picanton is better than i10. and fuel economy will be similar in both models. (10-12 km/l in City).As I remember there are lot of threads for these two vehicles and if you search the forum you will be able to get lot of information about these two cars. My wife has a Picanto 2016 model (the 2017 model has the same engine and transmission) and it gives average 11 km/l in the City and long distance averages 13.5 km/l. (have driven only Kandy-Colombo-Kandy round trips including Colombo city and usual traffic situations in Kandy-Colombo road) It has comfortable front seats and rear seats are not very comfortable for long distance drive for adults. It has stiff steering and suspension and has good handling and sporty feeling. Ride is comfortable in carpet roads but other roads, it is not much comfortable due to stiff suspensions. The best thing is to book a test drive and try both cars and select the one you like.
  12. tbird


    If you can find the VIN number of the Ford Fiesta, go to Ford ETIS site and create an account. Then enter the VIN and you can find lot of technical details including the type of the transmission. If the transmission is 6F15, it is the conventional auto transmission. If the name starts with DP something, it is the DCT.
  13. tbird

    Honda Civic 2018

    Seems the system is very smart because in our extreme driving condition, 5000km or 6 months oil change is recommended by most manufacturers and the system showed same value
  14. tbird


    Ford focus comes with two transmissions, 6 speed automatic (conventional auto tranny) and a dual clutch transmission with dry clutches. If you select Ford Focus, check whether it has r 6 speed automatic transmission (conventional auto tranny). This conventional auto tranny is really good and no issues. However, the Poweshift dual clutch transmission may give some troubles in our hot condition since it has dry clutch transmission. If the ford focus 2015, has 1l ecoboost engine, it should have normal torque converter 6 speed automatic transmission but double check it.
  15. tbird

    Buy car which have low fuel consumption

    Yes, seems like marketing campaign. I saw he has posted about Mira fuel consumption in lot of old threads related to small cars
  16. tbird

    Toyota C-HR 1.2L vs Audi Q2 1L

    95 Octane since it has a turbo charged engine
  17. tbird

    Cheapest car with cruise control.

    I think the Kia Picanto you find in Sri Lanka doesn’t have cruise control
  18. tbird

    Cheapest car with cruise control.

    The Ford Fiesta has Ford MyKey option and you can program one key with a speed limit, let’s say 70. Then you cannot exceed that speed when you use this key. I guess this is the best option for you since you are planning to use cruise control in a non motorway and which is bit risky since other vehicles are not running in constant speed
  19. tbird

    Honda Fit Gp5 - Car Service

    I also had a GP1 and faced in to this problem and changed the 12v battery and purchased Panasonic maintenance free battery with same spec and it did not give any trouble
  20. tbird

    Which octane suitable for car?

    Well it is a 1.3 naturally aspirated engine, so you can pump 92 octane without an issue
  21. tbird

    Which octane suitable for car?

    What is your car Manufacturer ? Model? Manufactured year? The information you have added shown in many global car models and can be applicable where ethanol fuel 9 is available. However you should have similar text for petrol octane rating in same page or earlier or next page
  22. tbird

    Perodua Axia is it a good car to Buy ?

    My wife is using Kia Picanto 2016 model, it is a good car in general and build quality is good compared to the other cars you have mentioned (not comparing Picanto with Aqua). We also short listed Picanto and Axia from the list we prepared and finally decided to go for Picato for below reason. 1. Build quality is better than the Axia 2. Warranty is 5 years or 150,0000 km 3. At that time it was cheaper than similar spec Axia 4. My wife loved Picanto and she was able to pick the color she want. Fuel economy is between 10-11 km/l in the city. 2017 Picanto looks better than 2016 model. And it has some additional options like touch screen infotainment system but try to pick the model with ABS if you go for the Picanto. We did not go to Alto automatic and Celerio automatic due to safety issues and bad build quality. Rejected Grand i10. It was very expensive 3.49M at that time for the model with ABS (and it had driver air bag only). The Picanto and Grand i10 shares same engine, gear box and chassis. Hope this helps.
  23. tbird

    Budget 2019

    I saw a newspaper article today, some financial specialists have done a research on current vehicle market and they found that there are unregistered vehicles available in vehicle importers yards which can full fill the next five year vehicle demand. This is including cars, three wheelers and motor bikes. They state that bringing down such amount of vehicles in a short period is a main reason for the foreign currency crisis
  24. tbird

    KIA PICANTO white smoke

    Kia gives 5 year or 150,000 km warranty for Kia Picanto, if you faced in to this issue when you reach to 60,000 km (you have another 44000 km) take it to the agent, if it is a manufacturing fault they will fix it for you. One thing, you need to maintain the Picanto at agents (Malabe or Kurunegala service centers) to maintain the warranty. If you purchased this Picanto from the 1st owner, ask him to transfer the warranty under your name. My wife has Picanto 2016 purchased in March 2017, it has 5 year warranty and I'm also in Kia Picanto club Facebook group and not one has reported this kind of issue or rumor.
  25. tbird

    Tire Pressure - Vitz KSP130

    If you convert above figures to 'psi' which is the main unit used in our fuel station air pumps, Front 250 kPa = 36 psi Rear 240 kPa = 34 psi