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  1. Correct me if I wrong. Isn't the engine of Nissan note e-power acts as a generator to charge the battery and drive train is an electric drive train. So motors drive the car not the engine. So the load for the engine should be lower than the similar capacity gasoline car. So I think it is better to do the services in 10000km or 1 year interval since OP is using synthetic oil.
  2. If I have ops budget, definitely go for the Accord with 3 year warranty
  3. It seems carbon tax is not included in revenue license fee when you renew it online. Is there a way to pay the carbon tax online? There is no point of the online service if we need to go and pay the carbon tax manually right.
  4. Ford Ecosport is also a good option. I think it is better than Raize. You can check with Ford agent Future Automobiles and will be able to get it brand new below 6M. as I remember it has 5 years Ford warranty.
  5. I also have a Ford with wet timing belt and recommended is ACEA A5/B5 similar to FK6. So agents use Castrol Edge Pro or Castrol Magnatec Professional, both are ACEA A5/B5 certified
  6. 1.5-2.0 M range you will be able to get a Viva elite and the performance of the Viva in Kandy will be similar to Picanto I mentioned above or little bit higher than Picanto. According to the reviews Viva will be a good car. I mentioned above because you said you were disappointed with the fuel economy of the Wagon R, So non-hybrid 1000cc cars will give give max10-11 km/l fuel economy in Kandy hills and the in the usual traffic. One of my friend has a 2018 Toyta Vitz and it also gives 10-11 km/l economy in Kandy. I thought wagon R gives a good fuel economy since it is mild hybrid
  7. Well we have a Kia Picanto, a similar car to Viva elite and we mainly drive it in Kandy. It gives around 10km/l in Kandy and if you go Kandy-Colombo-Kandy, the average is around 13 km/l. I think the fuel economy of Viva also same or very slightly higher than Picanto due to the weight difference. 1000 CC engine is sufficient for the Kandy hills with 4 adults. When you need to overtake sometimes you need to stand on the accelerator so this might be same as Viva. Hope this will give you an idea how a small 1000cc car with 4 speed auto gear box performs in Kandy
  8. Is it 6 speed automatic gearbox? If it is 1.5, then most probably it has a conventional gear box but better to check with the agent This is not given in owners manual, I have Ford Focus and I got this information from https://www.etis.ford.com however now you cannot register or view information in above etis site due to GDPR requirements
  9. Agent imported Fords with 1l ecoboost engines come with 6 speed torque converter gear box. They do not offer power shift DCT to Sri Lanka. If it is a grey imported one from the UK, it can have DCT
  10. 1-2. As I remember MG ZS has 6 speed conventional auto transmission and it does not have a dual clutch transmission 3. Yes, you need to pump 95 octane since it is a turbo charged GDI engine
  11. Does it have one pedal only?, I heard this somewhere. If so is it easy to drive in our stop and go traffic
  12. Yeah, my wife is also using Picanto since 2017. Service is OK but recently we had problems when making appointments on Saturdays in Kurunegala service station. If there is only one appointment, they reject it and ask to come in a week day. This is a big problem when they have only two service centers in Colombo and Kurunegala. We both do not have time to to visit Colombo or Kurnegala only to service this basic vehicle. They should appoint authorized service agents around the country if they want to become a mainstream brand in Sri Lanka. As I remember they have appointed Automiraj as authorized service partner earlier but now they do not have this partnership. Last time, I said I don't have time to come to Kurunegala in a weekday only for the service and demanded at least do the oil change in Saturday and they agreed. So did the oil change, air filter and cabin air filter and stamped the warranty book.
  13. Their web site is out dated. This info was there when I purchase my car from them in 2018. They heavily use their facebook page for marketing instead of the website. Just give them a call. I visited them for the service in last week and did not see any Focus sedans in the showroom. They may bring down another lot soon. The phone number given in website is correct
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