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  1. Thusha


    welcome bro!!! i think i know u already
  2. anyway where do he live? maharagama ?
  3. i didn't see the accident even in TV, can anyone send the pics for me [email protected] very sad news, sympathies to their families
  4. guys there is serious claim that micro trend is not assemble in SL as same as this new SUV... any ideas?
  5. thats funny ... i think everybody has bad impression of cops, can't u understand that they really lve us?
  6. Thusha

    Need Help On A/c

    mmm ... yeh @Pericles - looks like have to change the paint...!!!
  7. my bro had 2 fine to clear and i went to traffic cop and asked wat should need to settle first? he looked at the fine sheet, then look at the car. he noticed the silencer 'cause last fine was for high speed guys the funny thing is he said "MA ARA KAGAHAGEN YANA CARR NEDA KIYALA" i think wat they think is if the car sounds loud means its moving fast ...
  8. Thusha

    Need Help On A/c

    mmm.. i think then, all dark colors vehicles experience this prob ?
  9. Thusha

    Need Help On A/c

    yep ur right its really freezing at night, do u think its 'cause of black color? actually ticking noise when ac is on and only at idle. not the a/c clutch
  10. Thusha

    Need Help On A/c

    Ohh... thanks for the info, other than compressor i have replaced all... and the a/c guy told me, compressor is OK. but there is a ticking noise when a/c is switched ON. is it some indication of prob wit compressor?
  11. Thusha

    Need Help On A/c

    thanks speeddemon200 guys i feel like my car a/c is not enough at day time, how abt a/c on ur cars? is it 'cause of hot temperature in these days or something wrong wit ma a/c?
  12. Thusha

    Need Help On A/c

    @Devinda - thanks for the info, i'll check that out ... @neXGen - i couldn't search , it gives an error ... may be admin should check this out, don't know prob wit my browser :-(
  13. Thusha

    Need Help On A/c

    Guys can anyone recomend gud guy who doing auto A/C electrical, pls!!!
  14. true, according to the spec .. its 4800,
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