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  1. I'm planning to buy a used Crossover with a factory bodykit installed. However, I want to safely remove the bodykit parts to gain more ground clearance. Any recommendation for a good place?
  2. Does anyone have a comment on Outlander 2.4L (YOM 2014)? I was thinking of going forward with a Harrier 240G or Outlander raw engine model. Appreciate your input.
  3. Thanks for your honest opinion. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3010 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  4. @tiv I saw you decided not to buy a MS a while back according to this thread - What has changed your mind?
  5. Hello folks, This might be an odd question, but I would like to know if there is a way we can run a police record check before buying a car in Sri Lanka. Because there could be a chance of some vehicles are involved in criminal activities.
  6. hmm... I own a GP5 with nearly 70,000KM. But I never replaced any parts apart from regular services. My main interest over buying a RAW engine is to get rid of hybrid-related maintenance. But hybrid maintenance cost is not that high compared to a RAW engine it seems.
  7. @iRage Do you have an opinion about KIA Sorento? Is it better than others at least from the comfort? Because I know the selling price would not be that grt compared to Toyotas and not reliable as Japanese vehicles.
  8. @tiv I saw someone mentioned in this forum about a brake pad issue in MS which caused him to replace brake pads every 10,000KM. According to him, it was not random as it happened to 2 monteros they owned. In addition, I saw an ad to sell 2011 MS with 86,000KM ODO which he replaced a considerable list of items as attached. So I was thinking of giving up on MS
  9. Thanks a lot for the comprehensive answer big brother. Yes I'm not a serious off-roader, and will use the vehicle for daily rides more. So the comfortability is somewhat important also. I think Harrier would be a good choice. Thanks again. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3010 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  10. Hello Folks, I'm planning to buy an SUV which I expected to be reliable, has less maintenance cost, fewer problems and has a suspension system which provides a smoother ride. My budget is around 7 million. In addition, I will do some casual offroading once in a while and it's better if the resell value is good. Following are my contenders. 1. Fortuner 2012 2. MonteroSport 2012 3. Harrier 240G 2008/2009 (Crossover) 4. Lexus RX350 (Crossover) Your suggestions are highly appreciated.