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  1. Logged in after 5 Years. Whats happening here people! Any old timers around? Madz?

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    2. pug306xsi


      Welcome back Mini ace.! do you still have the E34? or was it a E30?

    3. miniace


      Pug306xsi. No mate 30 & 34 sold. But continuing my EU love with other makes and poor stable is full of them. ☺️ 

    4. pug306xsi


      Good to hear and hope we can see it here! also missing the aerial photography :) 

  2. McLaren apologises for flying Mexican flag with MARIJUANA leaf at US Grand Prix McLaren have issued a public apology to the Mexican government after Mexican flags bearing a marijuana leaf flew above one of the team merchandising stalls at the US Grand Prix. The former champions ordered the flags to be taken down after a complaint to F1 organisers from the local Mexican consulate. McLaren this week announced Sergio Perez, one of two Mexican drivers in F1, will not be retained next season. “It was a regrettable incident and embarrassing for us,” said team boss Martin Whitmarsh. “The flag was not an official McLaren product as you might imagine. “It was a third party sub-contractor from an agent so it was some distant from us. “A mistake was made. It caused some embarrassment, we withdrew the products from the stands. “We don’t run the stands but we nevertheless went out and did so.” Whitmarsh refused to confirm the identity of the supplier, thought to be British with F1 links. Quote-Mirror Sports http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/formula-1/mclaren-flies-mexican-flag-marijuana-2801197 MINIACE
  3. To me the nose is like a 'Dick' now....sometimes an inverted 'Bird'
  4. miniace

    406 Coupe

    Remember a G series red one up for sale early last year. Molested and raped. 406 Coupe was Pininfarina design I guess MINIACE
  5. Awesome price. Just bagged one . MINIACE
  6. Mine is a Petrol C200. There are plenty here and C200 powered by the M111 engine is the most wanted model. There are very few C200 Kompressors (powered by KM111) here as well. Diesel C200s are rare here in SL. MINIACE
  7. 1 Buy Diesel or petrol after considering fuel, Spare parts, Built quality and after sales mkt. Petrol models are low on initial cost. Diesels are expensive. Spares are with D*MO and Avinda in stock. Dont question about Mercedes built quality. 2 Auto or Manual Im a three pedal fan. Auto if you want extra comfort over fuel consumption and ride. 3 What is the highest great and what is meant by W202,W201. Is there any relation with above model. Thats Model number. Browse Wiki. 4 what is the current mkt value for each and ever car. What??? 5 What is the fuel consumption on each. Answered 6 What are specific areas of buying 2nd hand above car (Such as known issues on each model) Dont worry too much. Please note that I am not interested on W124 model. W124s are also good but big in size falls in power. Guess you are happy with answers.Need more? MINIACE
  8. Hi Devinda_Z, Talking about pulling power...Awesome I should say. C200 got Usain Bolt DNA init. MINIACE
  9. Advance Dehiwala used to repair wheels. Check with them +94 77 313 9000 + 94 773 990 900. MINIACE
  10. LoL ...This is what happens when the Father is a FJ Cruiser and Mother Evoque are given erotic vacations. Yuk Sorry extreme OT. MINIACE
  11. Just ordred one Magnogrip from bargainlocator. MINIACE
  12. Thats a cool and handy thing I always wanted to have. Thanks for sharing XBeat. The coolest deal of Magnogrip I found is this one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MagnoGrip-311-090-Magnetic-Wristband-Brand-NEW-Free-Shipping-/261301452396?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cd6c7be6c This option is also attractive (From UK) http://www.ebay.com/itm/MagnoGrip-311-090-Magnetic-Wristband-/111184799465?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item19e32166e9 MINIACE
  13. Hey Janakasr and my pal Devinda_Z, Im back here after 6+ months Merc W202 is a lovely vehicle. My 97 C200 Manual has completed well over 200K (yes 200K) and still running strong. Fuel consumption is 12+Km/l city limits and outstation I have recorded an average 15km/l most of the time. C180 auto does around 10km/l. Nearly all W202s I have seen are in good shape. A wonderful car I should say and thats my daily drive. Need more info? MINIACE
  14. This assembly plant stories are proved just crowd pleasing bed time stories and especially if published in Lake house papers. I recall ,In 2011 there was a story about a Volkswagen assembly plant coming up in Hambantota. Read the link http://www.dailynews.lk/2011/08/08/bus01.asp MINIACE
  15. THANKS! Thanks ash for the topic, Thanks....komi,jaga,Madz,bogzy,H.C,pug306xsi,Peri,Schiffer,Supra,nexus,jaliya48,sachinwick,sampath,maheshw,Davy,Mazdaspeed! Surely I had a great birthday .sorry was away most of the time and im back for good...surely you can see me during morning rush hour (if you look up ) ! (and at AL forum too) Cheers! MINIACE
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