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  1. Wish All Auto Lanka Fans a Very Happy New Year 2019!! On behalf of Team Autolanka, I would like to thank our Top Contributors, Senior Members, Moderators and all Members for their contribution and support throughout the year. 2018 Top Ranking Contributors are as follows.. @Crosswind @Davy @matroska @iRage 2018 Top Ranking Bloggers 1) Project R by @Komisiripala [Click Here] 2) Project Refina by @PreseaLover . [Click Here] In year 2019 we aim to work closely with our top loyal contributors and make quality motoring contents for general public. We invite all of you to come and enjoy all facilities provided by autolanka.com
  2. MADZ

    Merry Christmas To All

    Wishing you a happy holiday season and thanks for all your support throughout the year. Have a blissful Christmas! - Madz
  3. MADZ

    Breaking News: PreseaLover has bought a car

    ohh finally he found what he was looking Congrats PreseaLover for the new ride !! Would be great if you make use of AL blog section for your past and future projects as it will be easy for us to keep track.
  4. MADZ

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Congratulations mate...very nice car!!
  5. MADZ

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    All sub forums under "Ask an expert" section in AL forums are designed to show the popular answers as determined by the community to appear at the top and worse or incorrect answers being pushed down. However you can still sort answers by date if you prefer but the default is sorted by number of votes. We should use it only to answer the question by OP and not to discuss in between.
  6. MADZ

    Mobitel Drag Championship 2018 Round II

    Autolanka.com coverage of the Mobitel Drag Championship 2018 - Round II took place at the Katukurunda Racetrack on 12 August. This event was organised in collaboration with the Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC), Drag Racing Association of Sri Lanka (DRASL) and the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF).
  7. Hi Madz,,who is Honda EK3 active Expert at the moment ?..bit of urgent need some advices..many thanks

    1. MADZ


      Hi @ChanDK unfortunately I wont be able to assist you with that. If you post your question under relevant forum then one of our members will reply to it when they get free time. Cheers!


    2. ChanDK


      Hi @MADZ...i already posted a thread under Honda..yet to receive an answer. anyway thanks..:)

  8. Im so sorry for that..That wont gonna happen again...But did I mention that Im gonna put a condemned car on road????


    1. MADZ


      It was just an advice.

  9. MADZ

    Eva! My Journey With An E36

    Mmmmmm...Yes Yes!! same time pls fix missing photo links you may!
  10. MADZ

    Eva! My Journey With An E36

    @Octanehead Powerful you have become, The dark side I sense in you. AL bloggers club join you?
  11. MADZ

    Project R

    Okayy...had to do little bit of cleaning as it's going OT. @Komisiripala since you going to summarise all things how about do it under AL Blog section? you can have your own blog to describe your car projects and future plans. I would highly encourage other members to make use of "AL Blog section" & "AL Photo Gallery". Later will give more details about some promotional activities which we hoping to start this year...*Hint $$*
  12. It's been a great year for all of us, especially with the new updates and resources added to AutoLanka Forum. We are committed to keep moving forward to ensure that we provide a platform to discuss and find all things related to motoring free of charge. On behalf of Team Autolanka I would like to thank our senior members, moderators and new members for their utmost contribution and support throughout the year. I would like to make this an opportunity to appreciate the hard work done by following senior members @iRage @Davy @Crosswind @Rumesh88 who have gone extra steps during the time of need by helping out our fellow members and earned top 4 ranks in Autolanka Leaderboard for the year 2017! Here's to 2018 and all the adventures it brings. Wish All Auto Lankans A Very Happy New Year 2018!! Enjoy & Drive Safe!!
  13. MADZ

    SMSC DRAGS 2017

    The Nilwala SMSC Drag Race 2017 was organized jointly by Nilwala Lions Club, the Southern Motor Sports Club (SMSC), the Young Southern Motor Sports Club (YSMSC) in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit.‘ Over 140 fast cars and 60 motorcycles were in action at the Nilwala SMSC Drag Race 2017.
  14. *IMPORTANT INFORMATION - NILWALA LIONS SMSC DRAGS*To all competitors please find below the CURRENT CLASSIFIED entry list for the Nilwala Lions SMSC Drags: This list is not final and will be changed as Late Entries are being accepted. Please get in touch with us immediately if your entry is not below and you have submitted it already.Please note that the late entry fee is Rs.7500/- until Friday. You may place a final late entry on Saturday at the track for Rs.10,000/-.Cars upto 1000cc N/A1 Clive Bowles - Nissan March K112 Cheshan Janesha - Daihatsu Charade3 Saman Kumara - Austin Mini4 Deelaka Fernando - Nissan March K10119 Dilupa Palliyataguru - Nissan March k10120 Chamika Ranathunga - Nissan March k10Cars 1001cc to 1300cc N/A: 5 Imraz Fayroze - Daihatsu Charade6 Devinda Fernando - Mini7 Imran Yakoob - Mazda 3238 Anusha Perera - Suzuki Cultus9 Sithara Peiris - VW Polo10 Manura Wanniatchi - Austin Clubman11 Rohan Fernando - Ford Laser121 N Aracchige Janitha - Mazda 323Cars 1301cc to 1500cc N/A: 12 Mathan Subramaniam - Honda CRX13 Chamith Fonseka - Honda Civic EG814 Roshan Hettiarachichi - Honda EV215 Tharindu Geeganage - Honda Civic EG816 Jude Shehan - Honda Civic EG817 Lakith Jinadasa - Mazda 32318 Jardi De Silva - Honda Del SolCars 1501cc to 1600cc N/A: 19 Diluk Perera - Honda Civic EG620 Andrew Choksy - Honda Civic EG6 SiR21 Kyle Crosland - Honda Civic EK422 Salutha Dissanayake - Honda CRX23 Chathura Samarasinghe - Honda Civic EK424 Kaushalya Samarasinghe - Honda Civic EK425 Gihan Dheerasekara - Honda Civic EG626 Hashen Peiris - Honda Civic EK481 Rumesh Rajakulendran - Honda Civic EK428 Thiwanka Wijesekara - Honda Civic EK929 Sameera Jayasinghe - Honda Civic EG630 Glenn Jayasekara - Honda Civic EK431 Nuwan Randika- Mitsubishi Lancer122 Shan Ashintha - Honda EG6Cars 1801cc upto 2500cc N/A: 32 Suneth Rajawasan - Honda DB8 Integra Type F33 Oshan Diyagama - Honda DC5 Integra Type R34 Janaka Mayakaduwa - Honda Civic EK4 Mugen35 Chulanka Dissanayake - Honda Del Sol36 Randika Niroshan - Honda Integra DC2 Type RCars Electric/Hybrid upto 120kw: 37 Dhanushka Hettiarachchi - Mazda Axela 38 Rehan Rishafy - Honda CRZ39 Imraan Ismail - Honda CRZ40 Sharique Hussain - Toyota Aqua118 Mohomed Suraif - Toyota AquaCars upto 1600cc Turbo Open: 41 Malith Abeysundara - Mini Cooper S42 Binara Panduwawala - Mini Cooper S43 Sanjeewa Wijewardena - Toyota Glanza S44 Ravi Bhagya - Toyota Starlet GT45 Damitha Guneratne - Toyota AE81 Turbo46 Ushan Karunathilake - Corolla EE8047 Viran Jesudian - Mazda 32348 R Laknath - Toyota Starlet GT49 Chulanka Dissanayake - Toyota Glanza S50 Tyronne Hendawithana - Toyota Starlet51 Sampath Amarasinghe - Toyota StarletCars Starlet GT One Make: 52 Nalin Hewage - Toyota Starlet GT53 Parami Illukpitiya - Toyota Starlet GT54 Himash Pathberiya - Toyota Starlet GT55 Fasly Munawwar - Toyota Starlet GT56 Niran Peiris - Toyota Starlet GT57 Arunasalam Duvaragesh - Toyota Starlet GT58 Andrew Moses - Toyota Starlet GT59 Andrew Perera - Toyota Starlet GT60 Chathura Perera - Toyota Starlet GT61 Chamara Irugalratna - Toyota Starlet GT62 Inshaff Iqbal - Toyota Starlet GT63 Dileepa Perera - Toyota Starlet GTCars 2WD Open: 64 Jaikishen Jayasingha - Porsche Boxster S65 Gihan Dheerasekara - Honda Civic EG666 Sacha Peiris - Toyota Starlet GT67 Randika Niroshan - Honda DC2 Integra Type R68 Chulanka Dissanayake - Toyota Glanza S69 Saby Salam - Nissan Skyline R3270 Tyronne Hendavithara - Toyota Starlet GT71 Sampath Amarasinghe - Toyota EP82117 Chathura Samarasinghe - Porsche Panamera S123 Janaka Mayakaduwa - Honda Civic EK4 MugenCars 4WD Open: 72 Chathuranga Meewadana - Subaru STi 973 Akila Silva - Mitsubishi Evolution 6.5 Tommi Makinnen74 Janith Wickramaratne - Mitsubishi Evolution 975 Hiran Kevetiyagala - Mitsubishi Evolution 976 Jihan Akbar - Mitsubishi Evolution 3124 Manish Goonetillake - Mitsubishi Evolution 4 RSCars upto 2000cc AWD Stock Turbo: 77 Riyaz Razick - Mitsubishi Evolution 378 Dushan Silva - Mitsubishi Evolution 879 Sachith Gamage - Subaru Impreza WRX80 Manas Mawroof - Mitsubishi Evolution 727 Ahamed Ashard - Subaru WRX 882 Amila Kalugampitiya - Mitsubishi Evolution 483 Kaushalya Samarasinghe - Mitsubishi Evolution 9 MR84 Akila Silva - Mitsubishi Evolution 6.5 85 Yamani Yoosuf - Mitsubishi Evolution 786 Madan Subramaniam - Mitsubishi Evolution 487 Azaad Mujahid - Subaru WRX 788 Kaushalya Prabuddha - Subaru GC8 WRX89 S D Manoj - Mitsubishi Evolution 490 NK Dehigaspitiyage - Mitsubishi Evolution 491 Shaminda Herat - Mitsubishi Evolution 692 Anuruddha Pathirage - Subaru Impreza STi 393 Hiran Perera - Subaru Impreza STi 5125 Manish Goonetillake - Mitsubishi Evolution 7Trucks & Jeep Open: 94 Senesh Kumarage - Land Rover Discovery 495 Hiran Kevetiyagala - Porsche Macan96 Asanka Dissanayake - Subaru Forester97 Sandun Kulasiri - Subaru ForesterBMW Club One Make: 98 Shiran Peiris - E3699 Thilina Thusantha - E30100 Jeewan Sachintha - E36101 Arshard Kaleel - E36102 Dushantha Sandaruwan - E30103 Kanishka Mendis - E36104 Lasitha Gunawardena - E90105 Dominic Alles - E36106 Akila De Silva - E36107 Sumedha Panawennage - E361400cc Lancer Club One Make: 108 Dilshan Peiris Lancer109 Sasindu Jayandika Lancer110 Shehan Dias Lancer111 Nath Dharmasena Lancer112 Hasitha Jayaweera Lancer113 Chan Sameera Lancer114 Chathuranga Fonseka Lancer115 Harshana Jayamanne Lancer116 Lakmina Priyadarshana Lancer
  15. MADZ

    Honda Insight & Honda Fit (Ge6)

    haha that's a good one @iRage . . . . closing the thread...