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  1. 17 hours ago, tilvin said:

    Hi Moderators,

            Why you are removing my comments? I noticed several of my comments are removed without any proper reasons from different posts. This is not nice guys...🤔.



    Sometimes moderators/admins remove comments when we feel it's out of the topic or it may cause unnecessary fights between members. If we find that member keep repeating the same mistake then we will give warning. Sometime we may not have time to give reasons for each post we remove as most of the posts we remove falls into the two categories which I have mentioned above.


  2. On 3/24/2020 at 7:12 PM, Davy said:


     @MADZ, what are our options here? Can we deactivate @Sir Lancerlot and rename @Hyaenidae to be @Sir Lancerlot

    Ane manda bung... You and your fancy names. At least now I don't have to look at your username every time I mention you to make sure I've spelt it correctly. 

    @Davy yep I can do that.

    Always encourage to have one user account rather than having multiple accounts with different user names.Therefore rename the existing user name is much better. 


  3. 2 hours ago, Davy said:

    I understand what you mean. The blogs section feels like it lacks engagement between the original poster and responses as it's a separate section from the forums. Thanks for the feedback.

    @MADZ what can we do about this? Maybe the Forums home page can have a blogs section alongside "General Automotive", "DIY" etc?


    @alpha17 @Davy I added a new sub forum under Autolanka Forums as BLOGS and redirected to blog section. It should redirect forum users to blog section. Further I will also try to create a new section for AL blog posts in the AL home page.


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  4. Wish All Auto Lanka Fans a Very Happy New Year 2019!! On behalf of Team Autolanka, I would like to thank our Top Contributors, Senior Members, Moderators and all Members for their contribution and support throughout the year. 

    2018 Top Ranking Contributors are as follows.. @Crosswind @Davy @matroska @iRage



    2018 Top Ranking Bloggers

    1) Project R by @Komisiripala   [Click Here]

    2) Project Refina by @PreseaLover . [Click Here]




    In year 2019 we aim to work closely with our top loyal contributors and make quality motoring contents for general public. We invite all of you to come and enjoy all facilities provided by autolanka.com




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  5. 4 hours ago, Davy said:

    In the "Ask an Expert" section of the forum, posts are sorted by the number of votes by default where posts that have the most number of votes are displayed first. There is an option at the top of the thread to sort it by date. 

    I'm not a fan of that as well. I wish it was sorted by date by default. I've brought this up with MADZ a few years ago, but I think IP Board doesn't have the option to change it. 



    9 hours ago, kmeeg said:

    Folks, am I the only one noticing the new posts are not at the end of the post?


    All sub forums under "Ask an expert" section in AL forums are designed to show the popular answers as determined by the community to appear at the top and worse or incorrect answers being pushed down. However you can still sort answers by date if you prefer but the default is sorted by number of votes. We should use it only to answer the question by OP and not to discuss in between.

  6. 25 minutes ago, Octanehead said:

    HAHAHAH! Good one :D

    Blood horsepower levels have definitely increased, but more importantly after a proper setting up the ride quality is amaze balls compared to before on the springs and the handling characteristics are just super! The increased stiffness has even improved feel in the steering and made braking much better. 

    I dont know if my car qualifies for Stancelyfe neither have I noticed any increased interest from women.... but that maybe because my woman is always in the passenger seat now :ph34r: 

    @Octanehead Powerful you have become, The dark side I sense in you. AL bloggers club join you? :action-smiley-043:


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  7. Okayy...had to do little bit of cleaning as it's going OT. @Komisiripala since you going to summarise all things how about do it under AL Blog section? you can have your own blog to describe your car projects and future plans. I would highly encourage other members to make use of "AL Blog section" & "AL Photo Gallery".  Later will give more details about some promotional activities which we hoping to start this year...*Hint $$* 







    It's been a great year for all of us, especially with the new updates and resources added to AutoLanka Forum. We are committed to keep moving forward to ensure that we provide a platform to discuss and find all things related to motoring free of charge.

    On behalf of Team Autolanka I would like to thank our senior members, moderators and new members for their utmost contribution and support throughout the year.

    I would like to make this an opportunity to appreciate the hard work done by following senior members @iRage @Davy @Crosswind @Rumesh88 who have gone extra steps during the time of need by helping out our fellow members and earned top 4 ranks in Autolanka Leaderboard for the year 2017!



    Here's to 2018 and all the adventures it brings.


    Wish All Auto Lankans A Very Happy New Year 2018!!

    Enjoy & Drive Safe!!



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  9. Ok, guys, let's get back to the original topic, shall we?

    Please be patient till a fellow member answer your post (IF IT'S NOT DISCUSSED BEFORE). We do not have time to deal with troublemakers ...simply you will get fully banned or else lucky enough to go away by getting only a warning.

  10. 9 hours ago, zeristo said:

    Thanks for the info guys. I have finally made my mind to consider buying the new 2017 Toyota Harrier. 

    So I was wondering if I could get the 2000cc petrol  or the 2490cc hybrid version. I had been inquiring around if it is possible to bring down a 2490cc hybrid on a permit but car dealers themselves arent sure since the car is above 2000cc but has tax concessions since its hybrid.




    P.S. I had inquired with several dealers I know and they themselves didnt sound sure about it, and thats why I'm asking here.



    @zeristo there's no need to type in ALL CAPS. It is rude. It is the equivalent of yelling. If you need answers try to be bit polite and respect forum rules.

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