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Status Updates posted by MADZ

  1. I’ll be doing some new changes to AL main site and the AL forum in few days time…so stay tuned for the new and improved AL 2016 !!

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    2. Uditha88


      cool. when getting fed up with looks...

    3. MADZ


      Sorry guys we had to shift the forum upgrade process to next week. Will update once it's all done.

    4. Davy


      Sorry to hear that. Just noticed that all posts made by me after the 30th June are missing. Actually, I think it's posts by everyone?

  2. Talented Article Writers Needed For Autolanka

  3. can you guys pls check whether that posting error happening in this site - http://forum.autolanka.com ? It's hosted in a different server.

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    2. The Stig

      The Stig

      i got a posting issue today also, basically i have 2 problems. When i quote someone it doesn't load so i have to keep refreshing and the other issue is that after pressing the post button it doesn't post

    3. MADZ


      hay Stig is it on the new forum ?

    4. The Stig

      The Stig

      the old one, the new one is fine so far

  4. There will be server maintenance sheduled today..may experience up to 60 minutes down time. we appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

    1. Reckless


      hope you are going to put the old forum version back :)

    2. Nirosha


      I don't think so. :P

    3. Reckless


      I tried all the browsers but got the same issues :(

  5. had a tuff time migrating the site to a new host and upgrading the forum...

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